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Streetsounds LIVE @ High Dive (Seattle)

dRED.i (Moorpehus and Han Solo) is what happens when an emcee from Seattle's [historically black] Central District partners with an emcee from South Central L.A.,...it goes all the way down! Watch for new cd singles from dRED.i, Han Solo, and Moorpheus. Go www.cdbaby.com/dredi to order your copy of "Revolutionary Crunk Muzik".
dRED.i: "There is no religion more relevant than reality."
Wednesday, June 8th. 9pm.
Streetsounds LIVE @ High Dive!

feat. DJ Roc'phella, dRED.i, Key (of Central
Intelligence), Cyphalliance, B.K., and Liquid City.

Hosted by Redskin (Blockburners/KEXP 90.3 FM

High Dive 513 N. 36th (in Fremont) 21+ over.
www.highdiveseattle.com for directions
$7 before 11; $10 after

Show up, get up,...and shake it, Shake it, SHAKE IT!

dRED.i 206.600.1307.  dredimusic@yahoo.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.myspace.com/dredimovement
phone: phone: 206.600.1307