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Celebration of NOAH CARDAMON'S LIFE TODAY, sunday the 5th.

Local cyclist NOAH CARDAMON, who was tragically killed while riding his bicycle on monday, will be honored at a wake/life celebration today at Biddy McGraw's tavern.
Noah Cardamon's life will be celebrated and honored today at 5:00. The event is at Biddy McGraw's, located at 6000 NE Glisan. It is at the corner of 60th and Glisan. Although for obvious reasons riding your bike there would be the most fitting form of transportation, the tavern is easy to get to by Trimet.
The 19 Glisan bus goes directly there. Also, the Max red Line can be taken as well: Get off at the 60th avenue stop, and walk .2 miles south to 60th and Glisan.
This will be a warm gathering of friends and family who have been touched by Noah's life. Bring memories, stories and friends.
Hope to see you there,
Brian Auker

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