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the use of tasers in protests: passive resistance as distinguished from the intent to engage in physical resistance..a somewhat fine line
any confusion that you may have about the 50,000 volt tasers being used by ppb in a protest may be addressed by familiarizing yourself with knowledge of the ppb levels of control and approved uses of force. the approved uses of force for strictly passive resistance include 1. presence and/or 2. verbal requests, questioning, orders and/or 3. control holds, pressure point control. that is all.
however, once an intent to engage in physical resistance has been indicated, the following types of force are approved: 4. aerosol restraint and/or 5. taser: touch stun and/or taser probes.
the actor's intent (you) will be interpreted by the officer at the time the decision to use a level of force is made. intent to engage in physical resistance can include the tightening of neck muscles, the narrowing of eyes, drawing back the arm as if preparing to strike, tightening/narrowing lips, verbal threats to escalate, veins "popping", intent to kick, moving forward after being ordered back, etc. in other words, small indicators may be used to articulate the intent to engage in physical resistance and will be described in the use of force report by the officer. should the officer "misinterpret" the true intent behind the perceived intent, doubt will likely go to the officer's benefit.
hopefully this will clear up any misperceptions of when and how tasers may lawfully be used in protest situations. of course, anything moving further up the levels of control into aggressive behaviors or intent will be dealt with at a higher level of force which i will not address here.
ha you know what,,, 05.Jun.2005 18:22


We shoud start an arm the citizenry fund, we could collectivly pay for armor and equipment for us to demonstrate that constitutional are not just pie in the sky concepts. We would have riot shields and armor, gas masks... just some thoughts

YES 06.Jun.2005 19:55


hey prolet. sounds good to me. I've already started to put together some makeshift anti-taser armor out of my hockey pads and a gas mask. I don;t know if we can buy sheilds but we can sure as hell make them. We can form our own protestor riot corps and have people in body armour with the shields on the front lines, in case the police get violent. With gasmaks, teargas and pepperspray won't work.. With armor taser will be ineffective...and with numbers they cant beat and arrest all of us. It will be excellent. The one thing we can't do is have things like our own tasers/perpperspray/battons. We will be a defensive organization.

Re: YES 17.Jun.2005 16:21


Just food for thought. If you manage to incite any officer to attempt to employ a taser on you and it fails, there are other less lethal means to get you to comply. Most common being bean bags (12 gauge, will take you down even if wearing kevlar body armor). I assure you you don't want to get to that point. Peaceful protest is the way to go buddy. Don't give them a reason or need to escalate the use of force or control.