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This writer has had contact with the real perpetrators of the Yogurt Shop Murders in North Austin, Texas. This writer alleges that staged fatalities increase liability insurance rates.
STAGED FATALITIES: The Yogurt Shop Murders
By Russ Hallberg Jr.
This writer has been personally close to this case for several years. This is my analysis.

Information in this article is from www.texas-justice.com. The site is maintained by Robert Springsteen. He is the father of Robert Springs teen Jr. Robert Jr. was wrongfully convicted for the December 6, 1991 murders of of four teenage girls. The case is known as the Yogurt Shop Murders.

The following link shows Ausitn, Texas Det. Merrill with his gun in the "proximity" [Det. Merrill's description] of Michael Scott's head.  http://www.unsolvedcrimes.com/springsteen.html

Micahael Scott was freed. The other defendants, Michael Pierce, Forest Welborn, Robert Burns Springsteen, Jr were convicted. Michael Scott was not able to testify about coerced confessions at the trials of the other three defendants. Robert Springsteen Jr is convicted for fatally shooting Sarah Harbison, 15; Jennifer Harbison, 17; Eliza Thomas, 17; and Amy Ayers, 13.

Two of the girls were employees of the I Can't Believe It's Yogurt! store. One of the other two was a sister, another a friend. They were there to close the store, and go to a concert together.

The real killers were on the scene for forty-seven minutes. This was hardly a cheap armed robbery by high school dropouts. Even amateur criminals flee the scene of the crime ASAP.

The girls had been bound and gagged. An accelerant, probably gasoline, had been poured over the bodies and around the store. Fireman arrived to a full blown fire.

Three of the girls were found in a single pile of nude bodies. Amy Ayers had crawled away, to another part of the store. Autopsy reports of two of the girls indicated they had been sexually molested. Amy's autopsy showed massive bruises, but no sexual molestation. Apparently, she fought back against her assailants.

All four girls had been shot in the head with a .22 caliber pistol. The .22 bullet missed Amy' brain. She survived . Amy's autopsy report included that she had been strangled by a ligature. A pair of pantyhose had been wrapped around her neck. The cause of death was listed as another bullet. The damage to her skull and brain was consistent with a .38 caliber. A .38 caliber is standard police issue. This information is available at the Autopsy Reports link on the home page of ww.texas-justice.com.

Two other suspects had been arrested in the case. Two Mexican nationals had confessed to the murders. The suspects were released, because the confessions were coerced by police

The families of the girls received a 12 million dollar settlement in the case. This was an exceptionally high amount, even with the publicity surrounding the case .This information is available at the Timeline link at the www.texas-justic.com home page.

The holding company for the yogurt shop, Brice Foods, was also convicted in a massive swindling scheme. Within 24 hours of the 20 million dollar judgement, the four defendents. were arrested for the murders. More than a thousand days had elapsed since the murders.

The attorneys for the three young men who were convicted allege that the murders were staged to allow for the illegal transfer of funds from the holding company. This prevented the swindled stockholders of Brice Foods from receiving more than a fraction of their losses. This information is available at the Brice Foods Scandal link at www.texas-justice.com.

Another attorney, Eric Moebius, alleged that the murders were part of a massive money laundering scheme by mutual insurance companies. Mr Moebius had been a former Assistant Attorney General in Texas. Mr Moebius had previously been hired by League of United Latin American Citizens to investigate a series of staged accidents involving fatalities and other catastrophic injuries. Mr Moebius also alleged that these staged accidents serve to maintain artificially high automobile liability and other insurance rates. This information is available in the Other Documents section at www.texas-justic.com.

This writer knows that the Yogurt Shop Murders were the work of organized crime. The Yogurt Shop Murders were staged murders by organized crime. Law enforcement participated in the coverup. This writer has moved across the United States, observing evidence of staged accidents nationwide. The perpetrators have continually attempted to solicit my cooperation in their activities.

Staged accidents, murders and fatalities occur for many motives. These include insurance fraud, money laundering, Social Security Benefits, and perhaps snuff films. The Yogurt Shop Murders appear to have had such a motive. The four victims were exceptionally photogenic teenage girls.

Such an organized crime network would have direct impact on insurance rates. This write was told that the deaths were necessary to maintain a "quota."