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Cuba Has WMD's Washington Claims

Et tu Cuba?
The same John Bolton - Ambass to UN candidate - whose lies below were stated with the same "undeniability" as Colin Powell's declaration to the UN that Saddam's kites were the equivalent of the US's own chemical warfare delivery platforms, stealthy or otherwise, that possibly would allow him to attack the US via the flotilla of rubber dinghys and hand-flown kites, surely not to be shot out of the water by the time they reached the Azores, frightening no end of bible-reading, red-blooded, Bush-voting, God-fearing, pud-pounding pontificators who surely, therefore, will utter the familiar "liberation" lies and bomb the undeserving into the hereafter, in order that armageddon will separate the deserving from the unholy, lifting the beneficiaries into bliss and blisser. A perfect ending to intelligent design!

When Washington's hit men speak, the world trembles. In this case we have the leading attackers of Cuban sovereignty and the financiers of numerous terrorist activities against the Cuban nation accusing the victim of ill intentions. Were it not so frighteningly portentous it would deserve a resounding guffaw. Needless to say when the hit men with a mission utter their dismissive proclamations - no evidence required - it is time to take note and prepare for the evil waiting to unfold. And, thanks to the US propaganda media and its submissive reporters no hard questions will be asked of the world's leading terrorist nation that regularly, in true Orwellian fashion, depicts its intended victims as being the terrorists that must be eliminated.

Cuba has WMD program, U.S. claims.
The Bush administration believes Cuba is developing biological weapons and collaborating with pariah states that have their own germ warfare programs, State Department arms control chief John R. Bolton said yesterday.

Bolton, who offered no details when questioned, called on Cuba to stop delivering equipment and expertise that could be used for biological warfare by "rogue states." He said Cuba should honor its commitment to the Biological Weapons Convention, which prohibits the development and use of germ weapons.

The State Department considers Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism, and U.S. officials have long expressed fears that Fidel Castro's regime could use its sophisticated capabilities to manufacture toxins designed to kill. But this administration is the first to level an explicit charge.

The Cuban government made no official response to the allegation yesterday and attempts to reach officials at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington were unsuccessful. The Dallas Morning News quoted Cuban spokesman Luis Mariano Fernandez as calling Bolton's statement "ridiculous, absurd and a downright lie."

President Bush and members of his administration have taken a strong line against Castro, who has been in power for 43 years despite a U.S. economic embargo and strenuous attempts to isolate him. The administration is conducting a review of tools available to undercut Castro and foster democracy in Cuba, even as sentiment increases on Capitol Hill for greater engagement with Cuba toward the same goal.

In a speech to the Heritage Foundation, a Washington think tank, Bolton said Cuba's threat to U.S. security "often has been underplayed." He noted that then-Defense Secretary William S. Cohen warned in 1998 of Cuba's potential to produce biological agents. Bolton also said that Castro visited Iran, Syria and Libya last year. All appear on the U.S. list of terrorism sponsors.

Some administration officials, persuaded that Cuba has an active germ warfare program, have been pressing to make the evidence public, but guardians of the information have worried that its release would compromise U.S. intelligence sources, according to more than one official.

The public statement followed extensive debate within the administration, these sources said, and "represents the considered judgment of this administration that there is a serious problem." Another official called the evidence of Cuban collaboration on biological weapons programs "incontrovertible."

As it happens, Bolton was not the first official to make a public statement on the subject. Carl W. Ford Jr., assistant secretary of state for intelligence and research, used identical language in March 19 congressional testimony that largely went unnoticed.

HAVANA - Cuba responded for the first time Thursday to a U.S. charge that it is trying to develop biological weapons, calling the accusation "loathsome." U.S. State Department undersecretary John Bolton charged Monday that Cuba wants to transfer the germ weapons expertise to countries hostile to the United States.

A short note published in the Cuban Communist party newspaper Granma was the first official response to the allegations delivered to a gathering at the right-wing Heritage Foundation in Washington.

"There will be an answer for Mr. John Bolton" on state television's daily "round table" program Friday evening, the note said.

It said an "appropriate and complete" response would be offered to the "loathsome accusations against Cuba."

Cuba's government in the past has accused the United States of using biological means to destroy crops and livestock on the island.

Bolton's statements marked the first time the United States had raised the possibility of Cuban involvement in weapons of mass destruction. Bolton, the State Department's top official dealing with proliferation of mass-destruction weapons, said transfers to what he described as "rogue states" involve biotechnology that can have legitimate uses as well.

The allegations appeared to add to the U.S. administration's rationale for keeping Cuba on a list of countries accused of engaging in international terrorism.

Bolton did not identify countries with which he alleged Cuba has been sharing biotechnology but noted last year President Fidel Castro visited Iran, Syria and Libya. The U.S. State Department names all of them, with Cuba, on its annual list of terrorism sponsors.

Cuba's ability to threaten U.S. security has received less attention in recent years with Castro apparently halting support for independence movements and revolutions in other countries.

Last year, the U.S. administration said it was examining whether Cuba could engage in computer-network attacks that could disrupt U.S. military movements.

Also last year, Castro dismissed concerns about Cuban cyberterrorism against the United States as "craziness," saying his country doesn't have the technology to launch such attacks, even if it wanted to.
nice 04.Jun.2005 06:23

smash tyranny

How about we finish one job(does anyone remember Osama?), before we half-ass do another one, or how about we stick with our other "miscalculation" in Iraq, isn't it enough bush is the laughing stock of the world already?

Why did we give elian back to the terrorists? Maybe we should go back and rescue him.

yes, we'll land on the shores and demand Elian's freedom from that island threat. But they have the best cigars, do we really have to?

Very interesting 04.Jun.2005 17:55

TH oc4sure@hotmail.com

It seems recently Cuban bankers have been buying up America's national debt, as China and Japan lay off it.
They own almost 120 Billion of it, and the number is growing.
Any chance these Cuban bankers, are using this for leverage, to bring our troops in and "fight terrorism"? Become the 51st State?
Imagine how much Cuba would prosper, if there was open and free trade with the US? Or rich Americans vacationed in Cuba and unloaded their hard earned dough in the process?
120 billion is a lot of leverage, think about how much power they have!
As soon as I read about the bankers, in last months National debt numbers, I knew something was up. It's just what I figured.
Another question is how these bankers have 120 billion in spare cash?
If they got money to invest, it seems China's currency would be a much safer bet, some people put China's currency at 30% undervalued and it seems they are ready to tweak it a bit to raise it.

Just more questions and no answers, seems like the norm these days.

Thoroughly Discredited 05.Jun.2005 08:24


Bush Administration figures are so thorougly discredited by their previous gross distortions, I doubt if they themselves believe their own statements.