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Protest for the uncovering of the Downing Street Memo

Protest for the uncovering of the Downing Street Memo. Location: The Oregonian. When: Mo 6/6/05 7:30am

Please join us Monday June 6th 2005 at 7:30 am for a peaceful protest at the Oregonian Building, in downtown Portland at 1320 S.W. Broadway (map). Our request is that this is taken seriously: dress as you would at a funeral. This is not a party, this is no cause for a dance. Please leave any other organizations' propaganda at home. Let's focus, be heard, and let the media and/or anyone else covering this or seeing this take us seriously. We are citizens, we have a First Amendment Right, let us not squander it. No facemasks, no jeans... funeral attire.

The Downing Street Memo is proof that the 'Coalition' was lied to. A fabrication of facts has allowed the US and its partners to illegally invade Iraq and destabilize a region. Thousands of US lives have been lost, and estimates upward in the tens of thousands of US lives have been ruined due to psychological and/or physical trauma due to massive human suffering due to war. This is not mentioning that an Iraqi life is equal to an American life, and best estimates are in the hundreds of thousands of casualties of innocent (and insurgent, of course) citizens.

All over what? 'Mission Accomplished?' What good has come from the US Armed Forces' involvement? Where is the honor? Who is profiting from this war?

There is an underground outcry to bring this issue to the forefront. But many do not know about it. Why? Mainstream media has failed us. The Oregonian is our local paper. They have failed us. This is the basis for our protest.

Let's take this one issue at a time. Let us unite and show a united front.

homepage: homepage: http://www.progressivevalues.us/Downing_memo
address: address: 1330 SW Broadway

YES! 03.Jun.2005 21:32


This is great. Ill be there! Sadly i have finals that i CANNOT miss starting at 8:30 so i cannot stay as long as i would like, ill be there for as long as possible.

Time of protest 04.Jun.2005 01:33


How come all the protests that I want to attend are while I'm at work, damnit schedule @ 6:00pm, or on the weekend, the attendees numbers may be greater.

Sure, but... 04.Jun.2005 02:48


Why the funeral attire? What does that have to do with the issue?
It just adds unnecessary inconvenience to many folks who would like to show up but for whom it would be impractical to run around town in a "costume" all day.

Ok, then what? 04.Jun.2005 03:26

No Class

So neverminding the absurd scheduling and ridiculous dress code. Assuming that anyone actually shows up to this thing, what will you do when they do not respond to you? Not buy their worthless paper? That's really going to change their minds.

I'm not trying to shoot down the intention, but the premise is ill-concieved, 'if we dress nicely, and ask politly they'll take us seriously'. No, they wont take you seriously because you wont do anything, they know that as well as I do. You'll go there and hold a sign, and then go home. If you want them to take you seriously, take yourself and your convictions seriously, start taking action. Be as peaceful as they are to you, but at least inconvienence them, make their property suffer, squat their hallways and offices, do something of merit.

Changing your clothes, and holding a sign? Without action your complaints are impotent. Oh wait, you probably voted, so I guess that makes up for all your inaction.

SACRIFICE YOUR TIME 04.Jun.2005 10:18


i will skip sex for this, it is that big,, and the best time to do this is durring the peek buzz hours

Hmm 04.Jun.2005 10:58


Maybe we can do this thing in the morning then in the afternoon/evening (6 like said above) we can have a sit-in or something more direct than standing around to educate people about the issue. IT will serve the double purpose of educating the people on the street and showing the oregonian what we think of them. Maybe we can do this all over the city at the studios of all the major networks.

A Serious Business 06.Jun.2005 17:45


The author is absolutely correct. This necessary defense of the Constitution is serious adult business, not day care for wannabe anarchists or bored teenagers. Try to inagine a protest where 30,000 citizens, dressed in black, show up and stand quietly for an hour...not one word spoken, not one step danced. If I were part of the power elite, that would be truly frightening. JP

Take extra action 06.Jun.2005 18:46


If you are going to complain this effort is futile, then get off your ass and do something better. People taking action on their convictions is better than armchair bitch-blogging.