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Audio from Mike Ruppert presentation on Peak Oil

Listen to last night's talk with Mike Ruppert here!
Last night at the Northwest Neighborhood Cultural Center, Mike Ruppert gave a lively presentation to a packed audience about peak oil, global domination and the "inevitable" crash of the American economy. The presentation went on for approximately 3 hrs and ended with a 30 minute Q&A session after a brief intermission. The last few minutes of the presentation is missing (sorry) because I ran out of tape.

Below is the original audio from the event.


Thanks 04.Jun.2005 00:19


Thank you for offering this....but for us without "giga-speed" it will not download......three times I've tried.....PLEASE provide something for us P2 users if only a transcript.

this is great 04.Jun.2005 01:08

Occidental Sylvan dweller

this is great, but can someone PLEASE convert it to a mp3 in a few days. We can burn CDs of it and pass it around.

mp3 04.Jun.2005 01:37


that .pls file linked above is a playlist, if you open it you will see that it has the direct link to the .mp3..

here is the direct link to the mp3:

hope that helps :)

Still Can't Listen 04.Jun.2005 15:25

Out of the Loop

Still same old problem with IMC Radio folks,you post at high KBPS that cause too much buffering and can't listen for most people with old computers & dial-up. If you don't believe me,read this article about Digital Divide is still with us in the USA:


Is video available? 04.Jun.2005 20:51

rebelcat1 rebelcat1@yahoo.com

Hey, this is wonderful! I am going to make a tape of this and play it to my friends! Does anybody know of a video of mr rupperts speech I can also show? I would gladly pay for the privilage of disseminating this information, but free would be cool too! Thanks!

give us a break...heeeeellllp! 04.Jun.2005 21:42


honest to god--can't we get some of you good folks to get a transcript out to we who are less privilaged? what the fuck is a torrent?

Whistling thru the grave yard 05.Jun.2005 00:55


A Torrent is much more dangerous than a Terrorist to the powers that be.
Just ask your local FBI. I'm sure they are doing much more to stop torrents
than they are terrorists. They gotta feed the monkey.

Please someone can you make a downloadable mp3 version 05.Jun.2005 02:53

a Mac user who wants to pass this to friends on CDs

This is a known problem under Mac OS X 10.2. BitTorrent currently does not support OS X 10.2, only 10.3 and newer.

Here's Something 05.Jun.2005 07:26

Better than nothing

I could not download or stream it in a useful way, got frustrated so listened to this one instead.
This is audio from the Ruppert/Geller interview on KBOO recently. Should help get your Ruppert fix. I

This is regular mp3 that everyone with any kind of a computer should be able to download and listen to. It was posted here a week or so ago


following up with people wanting more 05.Jun.2005 10:12

viva audioista

For folks having trouble listening to the audio, please go to the static audio page and read the suggestions way at the bottom of the page


For folks wanting to download it and wondering what torrents are, it is a file sharing program. It is the best way to download and share large audio and video files. Do not be afraid of torrents, it will change your life.

For folks wanting a transcript, I cannot do that at this time. I am a volunteer. If anyone else wants to transcribe, please feel free to do so, I will help you with whatever you need. However, I cannot transcribe at this time.

For folks wanting video, email me and I will connect you to the individuals that I know that were at the event taking video.


and lastly, for people wanting to get involved in the audio project, email me or



but viva audioista 05.Jun.2005 18:41

a mac user

but torrent is all great for the exclusive pc user but as they say "This is a known problem under Mac OS X 10.2. BitTorrent currently does not support OS X 10.2, only 10.3 and newer."

Can some one just please make mp3 version that can be uploaded and then downloaded for all including us mac users

if you're on a mac 05.Jun.2005 19:01

mac user

Get azureus. It's a better client anyway, not that I've had any trouble running bittorrent on mac.


10 questions for Mike Ruppert 07.Jun.2005 20:02

Dire Wolf

1) POPULATION REDUCTION: You are quoted as saying that you would like “to stop global population growth and to arrive at the best possible and most ethical program of population reduction.”

Question: Do you have a specific program in mind to achieve this goal? Who do you feel should be in charge of it – someone like the Rockefeller family, who has a history of such endeavors via their eugenics programs? In your opinion, how many people should be eliminated? And finally, what “ethical” criteria do you suggest using to determine who is eradicated?

2) PINNACLE QUEST INTERNATIONAL: In Daniel Hopsicker’s article, Cointelpro 9-11: Peak Oil & the Level Above Saudi, he writes about a company named Pinnacle Quest International, which was involved in banking scams, money laundering, wire & mail fraud, and tax evasion. Yet you admit to being the recipient of two all-expense paid trips by them, and are even quoted as saying, “I have great respect for Pinnacle Quest International.”

Question: Is your opinion of Pinnacle Quest International still the same today; and in the future do you plan on accepting any payments from them (or any other entity engaged in criminal activities)?

3) AMR IBRAHIM "TONY" ELGINDY: I am in the possession of e-mails between yourself and Tony Elgindy, a “short seller” who was arrested for running a racketeering ring using information obtained from corrupt FBI agents. He has also served time for, or been charged with, insurance fraud, bribery, illegal stock market manipulation, and extortion.

Question: Please explain your relationship with Mr. Elgindy (who now faces conspiracy and racketeering charges in a Brooklyn federal court), and also the circumstances revolving around your public apology to him in November, 2002.

4) MIKE VREELAND: Over the past few years, Delmar “Mike” Vreeland’s credibility as a witness and/or information source has been severely eroded by 9-11 researchers, law enforcement officials, judges, lawyers, radio personalities, and virtually every other individual who has ever come in contact with him.

Question: Since you devoted two entire chapters of Crossing the Rubicon to Mr. Vreeland, do you still place credence in him as a reliable source, and if so, please explain why?

5) ALAN GREENSPAN: On June 1, 2002 you relayed an incredible report to a Yahoo public forum where you stated that Mike Vreeland had been poisoned by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.

Question: At the time of that message, did you find it even remotely possible that Alan Greenspan would try to poison a career criminal and con-man with two bottles of delivered wine? If your answer is “no,” do you find the above post an example of “shoddy, error-prone” journalism?

6) LAWSUITS: After reading about your propensity to threaten detractors with lawsuits, a well-known 9-11 researcher/chronicler e-mailed the following to me: “I can assure you that at least 5-7 people came forward in the last two years telling me that Ruppert tried to take legal steps against them too. The last bizarre, almost public threat was against the writer of the play j’accuse Cheney two weeks ago.”

Multiple choice question: During the past five years, approximately how many people have you threatened to sue: (a) 1-50 (b) 50-100, or (c) over 100?

7) POISON PEN: Your attacks on detractors (and even colleagues) are legendary. Since Mike Ruppert Unmasked blazed across the Internet on October 1, 2004, I’ve received scores of reports from others who were also subjected to this type of onslaught. One such illustration originates from a woman who is well-known to 9-11 researchers. She wrote: “I have an example of Mike at his finest, exhibiting just those traits you describe so perfectly. He attempted to intimidate me on the 9-11 Truth Alliance list when I alerted people to his new stance on the Air Force stand-down and criticized his war games line back in June 2004. In response to this, he posted the following flames: per Ruppert, I am a “crazy woman,” I’m “stupid,” I’m a “fool,” I’m a “nuisance and distraction,” “I have an IQ under 50,” “I filter every piece of information through [my] psychological needs,” and I have put erroneous words and interpretations into his mouth – all this while I was quoting directly from his written work, and linking to a recording of him at a public gathering.”

Question: Why do you find it so necessary to continually lash out at fellow researchers; and in your opinion, is this pattern of behavior one that generally harbors positive or negative consequences? Secondly, do you make a habit of treating women this way all the time? If so, do you feel anybody should have any respect for you whatsoever after reacting in such a fashion?

8) PATRIOT FOR HIRE: In a response to Mike Ruppert Unmasked (October 4, 2004), you carefully avoided and/or ignored 99% of the content (36 pages worth), and instead boasted about how many books you were selling on Amazon (i.e. money money money).

Question: What is more important to you – the truth about what actually happened on the morning of September 11, 2001, or the revenue which can be generated from it. Also, how do you plan to dispel rumors that you’re a Patriot for Hire when revenue from your various activities seems to be of such prime importance?

9) MEDIA: You stated in an e-mail to me on September 1, 2004, “I will not now or ever be on your television show. There will be no discussion.”

Question: What criteria do you use to determine which media venues you will appear on, and have you ever compiled a J. Edgar Hoover-like “black list” such as the one your publicist mentioned to me over the telephone?

10) FLIP-FLOPPING: When my review of your Truth and Lies of 9-11 video first appeared in The New World Order Exposed, the people operating your From the Wilderness website were so pleased with it that they gave me a free one-year subscription to your newsletter. But then, just last month, you completely flip-flopped and denounced my research as sub-standard.

Question: How frequently do you undergo such dramatic, almost schizophrenic turnarounds, and do you foresee any other flip-flops in the near future when they become “convenient” for you (i.e. peak oil)?

standard mp3 files - here they are 08.Jun.2005 00:55


go here for them


the original recording was not high quality even though it was recorded at a high bit rate. I cut the bit rate down to make somewhat smaller files.