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I have heard a rumor from a highly reliable person that Bush is coming to Portland on Monday, June 6.
Heard a rumor this morning from someone I've known for 17 years and whom I know would not make this up. He says that he knows of police that are being reassigned from routine duties to provide security for President Bush during Bush's visit to Portland on Monday, June 6.

This person did not know where Bush might be or when he might be there. I have shared with you all I know.

Please, everyone, keep your ears and snouts up for more info. I'd love to see the streets of Little Beirut filled with anti-Bush Protesters!

phone: phone: 503.228.6655
address: address: 838 SW 1st, Ste. 500, Portland OR 97204

asdf 03.Jun.2005 11:15


Just remember that the police force's main job is NOT only to protect the president, but to shelter him from emotional turmoil and embarrassment (though of course they will never admit that), so create the BIGGEST banners you can find and be as non-violently agressive as you can as well. Bush will NEVER go anywhere and feel completely welcomed. It's been the case since his first inauguration in D.C. where over 20,000 showed up to protest, vastly outnumbering his supporters.

Bush coming? Let's find out 03.Jun.2005 12:31


I can't find any evidence that Bush is coming. Maybe the Oregon GOP knows.

Phone number for Oregon Republican Party General Info: 503-587-9233

Leisha Adams, Membership Liaison, Events & Administrator

*  leisha@orgop.org
503-587-9233 x225

Shelley Ashenfelter, Finance Director

*  shelley@orgop.org
503-587-9233 x306

Amy Casterline, Executive Director

*  amy@orgop.org
503-587-9233 x223

Kevin Mannix, Chairman

*  kevin@orgop.org

Has anyone called the local hotel? 03.Jun.2005 12:37

not near a phone

If that monster is coming to Portland he has to stay somewhere. Benson. Hilton. That hotel by the airport....

Also I remember there's some way to check with the FAA to see if the president is flying to a certain destination. Something about the airspce being restricted. Does anyone remember how to find that information?

Any Secutity Preparations are Observable? 03.Jun.2005 12:56


Only if he stays overnight.
The date is so close, there should be already some visible, observable signs of security preparations.

Relax, everyone 03.Jun.2005 14:02


He'll be in Ft. Lauderdale on Monday to address the OAS General Assembly. The Blairs are in twon Tuesday, which will keep him busy for a couple of days.

CHENEY IN SEATTLE - MON 03.Jun.2005 16:42


From  http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/politics/2002297725_webcheneyvisit03.html :

"Vice President Dick Cheney will visit Seattle Monday to raise money for freshman Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Wash.

Cheney's office confirmed the visit late yesterday. Cheney, who also campaigned for Reichert last year, is scheduled to address a noon luncheon at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Seattle.

Lee Anne McBride, a spokeswoman for Cheney, said the vice president was looking forward to visiting Washington state.

"Congressman Reichert is an important member in the House, and we look forward to working with him on a number of issues," McBride said.

Reichert, who was elected to the Eastside district last fall, has been targeted by Democrats for 2006.

Reichert spokeswoman Heather Janik called Cheney's visit a sign of Reichert's effectiveness since becoming a member on Congress in January. "We're happy to see that recognized," she said."

IT'S CHENEY, NOT BUSH! 03.Jun.2005 17:20

stu sugarman quixote516@yahoo.com

In court this afternoon, a deputy district attorney reported to the court that many of her cases were entirely messed up because her cops were needed for CHENEY'S visit to Portland.

I suspect this information is more reliable than the initial info that Bush was coming. Especially since Cheney's also going to be in Seattle.

stu sugarman

unfortunately his presence will be in my town 03.Jun.2005 17:32


however, check in for details on the local events on  http://miami.staughton.indypgh.org/oas/index_center.php?page=home


Airspace Restrictions - Re:: Has anyone called teh local hotel? 03.Jun.2005 19:57

pchy pchy@pchy.net

Hey 'not near a phone'...
you asked how to find out the FAA info on restricted airspace...


Looks like someone 'important' is going to be in PDX 6/5-6/6 though - ?

I can't tell who/why or if they're even getting off the plane...

hope that helps though!