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Very Diverse Demonstrations in May

A total of 49 separate reports in May, the largest being - an estimated 40,000
marched in New York City to abolish nuclear weapons.
Again last month, many people protested against military recruitment centers
on and off of college campuses.

There was a large march in Houston against Halliburton during it's annual
stock holder's meeting. There was a large cow with the map of Iraq on it's side
that a figure of Cheney was milking.

The First Lady Laura Bush was met with protesters in the Middle East.

A group of 823 people associated with Michigan's Calvin College took out a
full-page newspaper ad protesting President Bush's planned commencement

A protest was held to tell CACI "You're Not Welcome in San Francisco" On Monday, May 16th. A protest was held to launch a campaign to get CACI International to leave San Francisco. Campaign organizers say that CACI employees were involved in the torture scandal, and that the company provided many interrogators who worked at the Abu-Ghraib prison.

A war resister was convicted by the Navy but given a light sentence.

A "Tom Delay Carnival" was held in Wash. DC.

Mike Oden intends to walk from San Bernadino, California, where he began a journey last September that he hopes will culminate in New York City in front of the Statue of Liberty on August 14, 2005.

New Hampshire's Senator Judd Greg's Concord office saw demonstrators.

Activists at the University of Hawaii held the administration building, to demand the University cease all work on a secret Navy research project, UARC. This secret research is for the development of space-based laser systems, surveillance technologies, and sea-based mines.
Around the world, dozens of cities saw large protests after the Newsweek article citing two year old
news of abuse of the Koran at Guantanamo Bay.

And the most unusual - Steve and Lana Jacobs, members of the St. Francis Catholic Worker community that shelters the homeless and runs a local soup kitchen were arrested today by University of MIssouri police for digging graves on the lawn of the university's ROTC building.

The entire month's protests can be accessed here: