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New Biscuit Camp Established! More Logging To Begin Soon!

(Editorial: Please leave this repost or recalssify the first one, as it wasn't posted to the "battle of the biscuit page"

The Siskiyou Summer push is on! Logging companies are gearing up to punch into several Biscuit old-growth sales as we type. Logging is imminent; we need your help!
Come join us at our community mobilization & education camp dedicated to protection of our public lands. Located right in the heart of what's at stake, forest defenders, community activists, and all who love wilderness are coming together again to organize. At the camp we will be going on hikes, teaching each other skills in areas such as: direct action, community organizing, climbing, and local ecology. Everyone is invited - come out for the day, a few days, or a week or more to help protect our endangered forests.

For those who have been involved in this movement already, it is important at this point to remember that there is MUCH left to save. We are still waiting for rulings on lawsuits that affect many of the impending timber sales. Stall time right now is really valuable - come help, have fun, and defend our forests!

What to bring: yourself, prepared to camp. We will have some food to share, but if you are able please bring some as well.

When: Now!

Directions: From the I-5, take the Merlin exit (It's north of the Grant's Pass exits, and south of Wolf Creek & Sunny Valley exits). Head west through the town of Merlin about 11 miles on Galice Rd. towards Galice, then turn left onto Briggs Rd. (also known as FS 25. It's about 2 miles after you cross the Rogue River). After turning onto Briggs Rd, go 10 1/2 miles to the detour turn, but instead of turning right, keep going straight for 1 more mile, then take a right onto FS 100. A few hundred yards down FS 100, take a right onto FS 600. Camp is at the end of FS 600!

(Please Note: This is a mobile camp, and the location may change depending on the needs of the forest. Updates will be posted at www.rogueimc.org, portland.indymedia.org, and www.cascadiarising.org. Or just give us a call.)

Contact us for more info!
Wild Siskiyou Action
(541) 659-2682

"Our" 02.Jun.2005 13:38


Becareful how you use that "our" word when you talk about the forests. That lingusitic fallacy reveals the essance of why humans are logging this area in the first place: they think that everything on earth is ownable, as if a forest can really belong to anyone. I know that some forest activists like bringing more "mainstream" people into this but the fucked up connotations involved with using the word "our" to speak of the forests isn't really worth it in order to get your uncle on board or something.

Keep it real

cya in da forests

In a sense... 02.Jun.2005 16:15


The forests of Cascadia are OURS to protect, to live WITH and amongst. The machines of the logging and resource extraction indudtries are OURS to sabotage and destroy. That's pretty much it, so there.


rock on!! 02.Jun.2005 19:46

Yur friends at MJS


The trees thank you.

From your friends at Mountain Justice Summer!

Save our Mountains--Stop Mountaintop Removal!

and if you need a ride.....Hop on the bus! 03.Jun.2005 08:25


The local forest defense group "Back2theWall" (formerly "Witness against lawless logging") has purchased a 36 passenger bus and will be heading down to the "Biscuit" on June 18th and will be meeting with other groups from Eugene and Ashland.

If you would like to get involved in helping to stop the destruction of our forests but have not been able to get down to Southern Oregon because of a lack of transportation, this is your chance!

Back2theWall is seeking donations from riders to cover the costs of bio-diesel and insurance and to cover the cost of the bus.

For more information....
Contact Joe at (503) 234-2613

Linguistic Fallacy Fallacy 03.Jun.2005 15:34

some kid

Umm, I have a partner. Co is my partner. I don't posess co. I have friends. They're my friends. I don't posess them. The siskiyous are home. They're my forest. I don't posess them.