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police beating, may 28

downtown i witnessed a police beating of a man not resisting arrest, the night of may 28th, saturday.
three officers holding down one man
three officers holding down one man
police beating non-resisting man
police beating non-resisting man
police beating non-resisting man
police beating non-resisting man
Downtown, I witnessed a police beating of a man not resisting arrest, the night of may 28th, saturday.

The man was being arrested and dragged out of a club for unknown reasons by three officers. The officers pushed him face down onto the back of the police car and appeared to be talking to him. Suddenly, in some kind of violent rage, all three officers started beating the man with their fists. The man called out, "Beat me you bastards!" as they continued beating him. The officers ordered him to put his face down on the back of the police car. He asked, "Why? I'm not resisting you!" as they beat him some more.

Did anyone else see this happen? What charges does the man face? Aren't there laws against hitting an arrested person when they aren't resisting? Any additional info?

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hmm ok 02.Jun.2005 12:25


they want Revolution as badly as we do apparently...

This ain't no party... 02.Jun.2005 13:28


Vernon Allen was shot dead in the street by the Portland pigs in broad daylight; the television news types summed up their take on the importance of his life with the phrase, "A drug pipe was found next to the body."

Negative press coverage seeks to create a learned sense of dislike for the poor by much of the general public. The problem is that much of the general public readily accepts the corporate media's content as a matter of fact and not fiction.

If people expect positive support for the poor from the press, whether it's printed or on the air, it shows that people aren't ready for what's around the corner. Around the proverbial corner, of course, are the mass arrests and sweeps which will manifestly begin a sort of police state in our city.

•By virtue of its stated goals, Subvertical will take to the streets to do battle with the corporate media and the police.

•Subvertistas will appeal to the poor in the sense that we'll show how fighting the fascist cops and media shills is the great leap forward from reformism to revolution.

•This as an empowering and liberating endeavor to be shared with people who are frustrated with the way things are presently.

•Our operational processes are quite non-hierarchical and decentralized, thus we'll be difficult to pin down and/or catch.

•We seek to mobilise communities with the sense that it's up to them to determine their respective needs, and that to meet them squarely with whatever actions are necessary to achieve autonomy is our only recourse in these times.

So there it is then: tune in, turn on, and throw down.

If ya know me, get in touch.
If ya don't know me, ya should start.


Revolution 02.Jun.2005 22:21

Never Won

Revolution never won
it's just another form of gun
to do again what they have done
to all our brothers' youngest sons.

-Mike Pinder, Lost in a Lost World
Moody Blues, Seventh Sojourn

it's in reading reports such as this 04.Jun.2005 19:23

that I

find myself wanting so much to walk up to a fucking PoPig and spit in his face!