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Dept of Peace / Kucinich weekend coming up / press release attached

attached press release in html
attached press release in html
Local Leaders Speak for Department of Peace, First Unitarian, Sun June 5th 02.Jun.2005 12:34

Heidi, Paul and Louise

Pete Sorenson, Lloyd Marbet, Gary Spanovich, and Dr. Anastasio (PSU) are among confirmed presenters in the 2-5pm Sunday event.
press release--non-standard column format
press release--non-standard column format
press release--non-standard column format
press release--non-standard column format
press release--Standard one column format
press release--Standard one column format

Kucinich kicks off Rural Organizing Project 6pm Mon June 6th 02.Jun.2005 12:42

see text

ROP Peace Walk Kick-Off Party
Rural Organizing Project / Kucinich Supporters/ Advocates and Volunteers
Monday June 6
5:00-7 PM
514 N Fremont
You are invited
to attend a potluck featuring food and informal conversation. Join with Visionary for Peace Dennis Kucinich and meet other progressives -- Learn more about the Department of Peace while you dine on a variety of healthy food and get your week off to an elevated start.

Dennis is meeting with us to kick off the Oregon Walk for Truth, Justice and Community this June 12th-18th. This week long mobilization will involve progressives from every region of Oregon as we walk from Salem to Portland (June 12-18) declaring a People's Sate of Emergency and the need for a Department of Peace and other innovative strategies.

Oregonians from all corners of the state will stand up, come together, and unite in a shared vision. We will march in response to the attacks to the democratic values we hold dear: Truth, Justice & Community . Come learn more about this historic event, how you can help and how it relates to the vision of Dennis Kucinch for world peace.

Home of Adam Porterfield
514 N Fremont (NOT Northeast!)
cross-street is Commercial - between Williams & Mississippi -- right before Fremont bends...
Call: 503 473 6554

What to bring - and other questions about the event contact Claire at 541 265-9647 / 503 901-1450 or  claire@coalitionofthemajority.org

For more information on ROP or joining the walk :
in Oregon
Marcy at (503) 543-8417  marcy@rop.org

On the Oregon coast
Ginger Gouveia (541) 563-2090  ginger@coalitionofthemajority.org

For more information on the Department of Peace
Oregon State Chair & Congressional District #1:
Heidi Henzel 503 503-0134  hdah@earthlink.net
Congressional District #2:
Jaelle Dragomir 541 301-6455  jaelledragomir@yahoo.com
Congressional District #3:
Ken Bryan 503 849-4115  kendbryan@yahoo.com
Congressional District #4:
Julie Reid 541 554-3662  jr@ibringyouhome.com
Congressional District #5:
Claire McGee 541 265-9647  djk2008@pcez.com

Sunday June 5th Kucinich Peace Campaign in normal portland.indmedia format 02.Jun.2005 12:54

don't know why html submission didn't work

June 1, 2005

Heidi Henzel, Oregon Congressional District Coordinator
Oregon Congressional District 1 Leader
The Peace Alliance - U.S. Department of Peace

Community Dialogue with Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D) Ohio and Oregon Leaders

Sunday June 5, 2pm ‑ 5pm, A Calling for Peace and Unity, Presentations from Community Leaders
Keynote Speaker: Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D) Ohio

First Unitarian Church, Main Street Sanctuary
1211 SW Main (SW 12th between Salmon and Main Streets)
Portland, OR

Sunday June 5, 7pm – 9pm, Civic Engagement / Public Action, Town Hall Meeting

First Unitarian Church, Main Street Sanctuary
1211 SW Main (SW 12th between Salmon and Main Streets)
Portland, OR

Monday, June 6, 1pm – 5pm, Probing Dynamics / Designing Solutions, Thought Leadership Meetings

Multnomah County Central Library
801 SW 10th Avenue
Portland, OR

Local and State Government Leaders, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, and invited Peace and Social Justice Community Representatives meet in small one-on-one dialogue groups to discuss and explore the dynamics, new possibilities and opportunities for advancements offered by shifting to a culture of peace. 4 scheduled, 50-minute meetings with members of Civic Involvement, IRV, Campaign Finance Reform, Lobbyists, Media, Peace, Labor, Prison Reform, Battered Women and Domestic Violence Shelter, Military, Children, Health Care, Environment, and Education Communities.


Are we ready to challenge our present thinking and reshape our future? We are talking about nothing less than shifting the basis of our culture from fear to love, from aggression to nonviolence, from war to peace. Department of Peace legislation proposed by Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be reintroduced on September 12, 2005, and offers the opportunity to fundamentally transform our culture, reshape the essence of our democracy, and find innovative solutions to the critical issues and concerns we face in our local, state, national, and global communities.

"Peace is not just the absence of war; it is the active presence of a capacity for love and compassion, and reciprocity. It is an awareness that our lives are not to be lived simply for ourselves through expressing our individuality, but we confirm the purpose of our lives through the work of expressing our shared sense of community in a purposeful and practical way; to sustain our own lives we sustain the lives of others - in family, in a community of neighborhoods called a city, and in a community of nations called the world." ~ Dennis Kucinich

For a 9 point synopsis of Department of Peace legislation, visit www.afdop.org/learn.html

The Peace Alliance is a multipartisan organization dedicated to establishing a Department of Peace. The Peace Alliance is a 501(c)4 corporation and The Peace Alliance Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation.

To learn more about The Peace Alliance, visit www.thepeacealliance.org

Northwest Peace Alliance presence on internet 02.Jun.2005 13:25


Internet references to Northwest Progressive Community included here

Kucinich Peace Sunday June 5th - half page handouts 02.Jun.2005 16:18


2-up RTF and PDF attached, single half page JPG.
single half page JPG
single half page JPG
two half page on letter size RTF
two half page on letter size RTF
two half page on letter size PDF
two half page on letter size PDF

to dennise the menace 02.Jun.2005 17:18

dennise where were you?

Its odd that dennise comes from a state that can't count votes of democrats.

I would reccomend that this guy spend some time on that.

Department of peace is a great idea ut in this owellian world it is questionable if it would not be a department of perpetual war.