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Forest Defenders Call to Action!

The Cascadia Forest Defenders invite fellow defenders to action in the Mckenzie ranger district.
Cascadia Forest Defenders call a summer of resisitence to deforestation in the McKenzie river ranger district (just east of Eugene). Resistence begins in Mid-June.
We are looking for self-motivated, community-oriented anti-authoritarians interested in trying new tactics and addressing opression within our own lives and the world at large.

Contact Cascadia Forest Defenders (CFD)
for more info and directions.

phone: phone: (541)-684-8977

Why defend the Mckenzie? 02.Jun.2005 16:23

Hiker, rafter, cyclist

3000 arces of ancient and native forests are slated to be cut in the Mckenzie Watershed, projects previously planned and in the process of implementation. Water quality and recreational opportunitys are being degraded and it is time for the Mckenzie Ranger District to buy back contracts for all logging projects involving anything but plantation thinning.

Too many old-growth trees were cut last year in the Mckenzie District, it's time for things to change.