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Atheist Organizing

Plan of action against the Fascist Christian Right
In times such as these, where the Religious Right is day by day moving this country towards a fundamentalist theocracy, a vibrant movement of resistance is needed.
The religious fanatics all have their missionaries to spread their messages of hate. The theocrats have state power and are slowly moving towards plunging the world into a Dark Age-style religious dictatorship, they are using the power of the state to destroy rights of all who are not like them; women, homosexuals, immigrants, and all non-Christians, or even Christians that don't support the same neo-fascist agenda that the Christian Right does.
We must become foot soldiers of the 'Cultural War.' Why? The government is trying to push the religious agenda as far as possible. That is why it is most necesarry at this point to begin propagating atheism to counteract the fascistic Christian law dreamed of by the Republicans.
I propose a nationally organized, propagandist organization to challenge the Christian Right as they move to deconstruct the law and literally replace it with the Bible.
We must create and distribute literature showing the truth about religion, mainly Christianity. Leaflets and pamphlets can be easily created and distributed. There is already much dispersed throughout the interntet, but there is no organization that is out there, actively promoting scientific understanding. We must gather people and information to spread. By doing this, especially on campuses, we can begin to disintergrate the social base of the Christian Fascists.
We must join forces with any and all groups that oppose the imposition of religion upon our private lives, and the use of religion to justify government policy. The enemy fo my enemy is my friend.
We need people most of all. Any atheist can be of use to the movement, and consequently, of use to the human race. People to write movie and book critiques, study the contradictions of each religion, principally Christianity, and show the fallacy of them. People with knowledge of science to debunk the myth of Creationism. People to distribute literature at schools and in all of society. People that follow the religous influence in the government and it's affects on our lives, and where the Christian Fascists (note: I don't call all Christians fascists, just those that wish to create a theocracy) want to take this country. Any and all atheists concerned about the future should join up with the movement and spread the truth.
We must defend even religious groups that fall under attack by others. When in any case, 'faith' is used to oppress another person, we must fight against it.
We need to formulate a list of demands. These will not be able to be voted into being, as both parties are 'faith-based.' What must be done is a social movement that will crumble the feet of the giant.
There are already a great number of excellent atheist groups throughout the country. I support all of these in the fight against theocracy. But what is lacking is outreach. This is what must be done. The atheist meetup groups (atheists.meetep.com) are a great place to start chapters throughout the country to begin the counter attack of the Cultural War.
I am currently compiling all the atheist literature that I can email anyone that requests it.
Anyone who would like to be part of an organized propaganda network can email me at  theocracynow@gmail.com or visit theocracynow.blogspot.com
With Love, T.N.

homepage: homepage: http://theocracynow.blogspot.com

good idea 02.Jun.2005 04:50


I think "radical atheism" is a great idea and one that I have often wished would happen. No one should have to sit in silence when the christians start their god talk. It is tacit approval of their lunatic ideology and gives them the impression that everyone agrees with them. I think most of their power is derived that way, normal thinkers are quiet as they spew platitudes about "Jesus in their lives" and lobby fanatically for stupid religous "causes". Call them what they are, throw backs from the dark ages, unenlightened hate mongers, believers in a lie. If we don't it only makes them stronger.

------------there is a reason that the Romans threw them to the lions---------------
------------------------------they deserved it--------------------------------------

Not a "Radical" 02.Jun.2005 07:05

an Atheist

Oregon and Washington have the biggest percentage of Atheists in the US, between 15% and 20% of the population. Portland also has one of the biggest and most active Humanist groups in the nation. If you are a non-theist of goodwill, check it out.

You may find that the Atheists are essentually mainstream; it's the Fundies that are "radical".

Suggest you don't use the label "Radical Atheist" 02.Jun.2005 07:53


I suggest you don't hamper yourself with the label "Radical Atheist", it will only serve to marginalize your efforts. Who is going to listen to someone with that label?

A group that works to fight the encroachment of religion into government already exists; it is Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. A/U is a coalition of people (some religious and some not) with a common goal. The leader of A/U is the nationally known Reverend Barry Lynn, an ardent advocated of Church/State separation. The power and influence of this group lies in the fact that it is NOT radical; it's fighting for preservation of the US constitution.

A/U has chapters in both Portland and Vancouver and Barry Lynn will be coming to Portland this fall. There should be lots of media attention if there is a big turnout.

oh 02.Jun.2005 11:15


Check out the Freedom From Religion Foundation: www.ffrf.org

Count me in 02.Jun.2005 11:30


I apologise but I only had time to read the headline. I will read rest + other comments later. contact information from my regular email signature.

Iderivess the term Christian fascist independently as least as early as the mid 1990's

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God 02.Jun.2005 11:36


Just because a lot of so-called "Christians" are hypocritical buttholes doesn't prove there is no God. I know one thing. There's no atheists in a Peyote ceremony. According to this 'philosophy' pre-Columbian Native Americans who believe(d) in the Great Spirit are just a bunch of deluded morons too. We should tune in more to the Native message. Any progressive 'movement' without any spiritual component is a dry dusty meal indeed.

The loyal opposition 02.Jun.2005 11:37

The Grand Narrator

"To you I am an atheist: to God, I am the loyal opposition." -- Sandy Bates (Woody Allen) in STARDUST MEMORIES

asdf 02.Jun.2005 12:30


just keep in mind that there are people out there like Starhawk who are NOT atheists yet still hold Anarchist views. Don't shut out comrades based on their spiritual philosophy. I'm quite sure that as spiritualists, we all agree that institutionalized religion is contrary to a healthy person. Do not let this discussion of atheism vs. belief undermine our fundamental alliances. There are much more pressing issues to contend this, such as the growing knowledge that 9/11 was an inside job. I think we need to focus more on that.

proofread 02.Jun.2005 12:34


to contend WITH.

no big "O"? 02.Jun.2005 13:33


Can an female atheist, grounded in non-spritual, hard scientific fact, admit to the existence of,
let alone experience the big "O"?

Given the scientific communities view that the female big "O" serves no explicable biological function othe rthan some out moded link
to primitive ancestry.

No God? Yea right!

read Morfords take!


my friends had a bumper sticker 02.Jun.2005 14:21

and it said...

"Militant Agnostic: I don't know, and neaither do you!"
ha ha ha

The door through it all is this way, for me... 02.Jun.2005 15:56


I speak for myself. My spirituality is free from the confines of religion. It's nice that way. My Anarchism is free from the confines of politics as usual.

I'll fight the fascists on my own bloody terms. Beware the growing pains of our society though, 'cause it's gonna hurt. I'll be around an awful lot to help with morale in the form of not taking shit from so-called Christians or any of the other dominionist types telling us how things gotta be for everyone. If they wanna fight, that's what they'll get. They'll have to kill me if they want me stopped.


P.S. - Fuck Amerika, it sucks! This is Cascadia and it's ours!

Not "radical" atheist, step it up a notch! 02.Jun.2005 17:24


As more and more of my time is spent justifying my lack of religion to people that apparently are trying to recruit me into theirs, more and more of my patience is dwindling. I prefer to call myself an Atheist Fundamentalist. That's right, not only do I feel pushed into a corner by organized religion, but I am going to push back. I have denounced religion and I am taking membership applications. It seems that it was not that long ago that my religious views (or lack thereof) were not an issue to most people. Sure, once in awhile there would be some Jahovah at my door trying to SELL me god, but I would just laugh them off of the porch. Now it seems that my college campus has succumbed to a well organized, powerfull gang of intollerant christians that set up a booth (oddly, next to the armed forces recruiters) three to five days a week. Truthfully, I would be ok with that if it weren't for the fact that they wear sweatshirts that proclaim, "I am part of god's rightous army". WTF! Outside of my own community college setting, I have recently moved from a fairly small town to pdx to escape the persecution my family has experienced due to our beliefs. My children have been teased, taunted, spat apon, my personal property has been destroyed, and I have had the priveledge of being STALKED by some serious whackjobs that leave christian propoganda in my mailbox several times a week. By the way, if your religion is soooo great, what's with the membership drive anyway? Jeez, some of you are as bad as PBS. So, I am going to open up my own Atheist Supply Store (with nothing in it), hand out my own literature explaining how great my lack of belief system is (a blank piece of paper), and set up my own Atheist rightous army to make sure that religion goes back to being a PRIVATE matter that does not infect my daily life.

don't read too much into it 02.Jun.2005 19:28


The "radical atheist" was in quotes for a reason. It was meant to imply that there is something wrong with that way to characterize it :-)

For everyone that approaches you with a stupid pamphlet wanting you to become a nut job like them to make them feel better about their stupidity "just say no". No to religion, no to the military, no to the republicans, no to the democrats. If you want to see their heads explode tell them they are idiots for believing as they do. Acceptance is the main reason they continue to push it upon us. If you reach out and take a pamphlet as 95% of sheeple do without a gasp of protest they will continue to be there every day.

a- theism 02.Jun.2005 19:37


Atheism simply means no belief in any god. Like when you die there is no life force to move on. Like no sprituality necessary, cause none exists, you be wastin your time.

Being atheist does not necessarily conflict with religion, but it does conflict with god and spirituality. By the same token god and spirituality frequently seem incompatible
with religion.

Organised atheism would be a religion. Beware of Fundamentalist Atheists! More bad religion....

Just what we need! 02.Jun.2005 23:23


Another bunch of earnest nuts pushing tracts.

a must read 03.Jun.2005 02:00

against all -isms

"the arrogance of humanism" by david ehrenfeld, first published in 1978.

You want people to be activists but only if they're your kind of activists? 03.Jun.2005 02:11


So, you want people to be activists but only if they are acting the way you want them to about those things that you care about and only if you approve of it and only if they do it exactly the way you want them to?

What a bunch of assholes. You mean they actually waste their days off of work going around door to door, when they could be lounging around in front of a boob tube sucking a beer, asking you to be a part of something they care deeply about. The nerve of them. What shits.

Completely unlike the people on this site who never,ever condemn every other person to hell (or much worse) because they think they might in some manner shape or form have thought about using an animal for food, or to wear or for scientific study!

If your motives are pure why don't you think other's are? Atleast they are active about something. Its the ones whose god is the tv, who don't care about anyone that im afraid of. Organized religion scares you? Organized politics is a hell of a lot scarier and more dangerous in this day and age.

. 03.Jun.2005 06:56


Organized religion does not scare me, it hassles me. I was being sarcastic about handing out lit., so calm down. There is no way that I can consider people going door to door selling their religion as comparable to other types of activism. For one thing, most political organizers do not hassle people at their doorsteps. I have never had daily pamplets shoved in my mailbox by one, single political organization that I had already told to leave me alone. My child has never been told that she will go to hell for not standing up for the pledge of allegance by the Sierra Club or the Kerry supporters. My other child has never been spat upon by UNICEF for being openly gay. These are all the christianly acts of organized religion participants. It is just so arrogant and presumptuous that now they are considering themselves activists. I will ask it again, why do they feel the need to boost their membership numbers so desparately? Could it have anything to do with power? Money? Social control? By the by, what makes you think "wondering" that I am sucking beers in front of the tv anyway? Once again, arrogant and presumptuous. Go ahead and pray for my soul, sounds just as fruitless as watching tv.

politics is religion 03.Jun.2005 08:50


American politics is a religion, political intitutions have co-opted many of the unsavory behaviors associated with religious fundamenalism. Fear mongering, oath of obedience, with us or against us, where did this BS come from to begin with.

let's quit wasting our time here 03.Jun.2005 10:15


this article is a good example on why the left has no power. We spend so much time on irrelevant junk like religion, 9-11, conspiracy theories, ect. Creating widespread anti-religious propaganda will do nothing, except perhaps strenghten our enemies resolve. The key to activism is doing things that actually create results; very few things on this website address that. We need to focus on class issues; this is where those in power cringe. Capitalism creates tremendous inequality, as well as most of the issues addressed on this website; why then do we not focus all of our attention on changing it? instead of bitching about all the problems it creates. All the tree-sitting in the world is not going to save our forests; all the protesting in the world is not going to stop un-just wars. Nobody in power views this website as a threat, because it has yet to become one. It is merely a mouthpiece that gives angry people room to yell, while the band plays on.

it's only irrelevant if it doesn't affect you 03.Jun.2005 22:24


How can you, "Rosa", claim that mine and my families' experiences are irrelevant? Discussing and debating all issues, including religion, is what this site is all about. Whether you feel that this is irrelevant to the "movement" at large is, truly, irrelevant to me. Organized religion is everpresent in many of our lives. There is legislation, based on religious belief, that keeps my uterus in the hands of government control. There currently is a religious holy war occuring in the middle east, actually there are several. Religion mandates that our glbt community continues to be second class citizens. Religion is what forces our homeless community to choose between praying and eating at certain shelters/agencies. If anything is blanching the left, it is not me. Agree or disagree that fighting oppressive theocratical ideology is where you would (or would not) like to place your energy in the "movement", but do not vilify the rest of us for trying to discuss it in an open forum.

"Once again"? 14.Jun.2005 23:24


"By the by, what makes you think "wondering" that I am sucking beers in front of the tv anyway? Once again, arrogant and presumptuous."

<chuckle> I wonder, if on reflection, your comment doesn't seem rather presumtious to you? Where did you get the idea that the beer drinking comment was refering to you? It was directly in reference to people being lazy and not being active or caring about anything.

And what do you mean by "once again"? Have you and I had a "conversation" before? Are you arrogantly presuming something about me?