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Witness against State of California has 'heart attack'.
What is the internet press saying about this?
Of His Car In Ga. High Rank Govt. Witness
My Star Key Witness Also Was Found Dead At The Stearing Whee
Sun May 29, 2005 15:46

For my husband Everett Hurst. I believe they
do have some kind of capabilty to induce a
heart attack, stroke etc.
I know a few times I have had the Hellicoptors
zoom down over me, with some kind of light,
infra red or lazer, I dont know. It was day time.
And at night time here in CAlif.
they make there hellicoptors
hide flying low. They will turn on there infra red
light, and then they will turn out all there hellicoptor
lights and fly in the dark. Why?

Why do they Spy? What for ?

We arent in war here in Riverside Calif. What
are they all doing up there with there hellicoptors
and spy planes every day and night. Does anybody
ever look?

I think if your a target they pick specific days
nights to survellance you.

I do believe that Marshal Tate's death was a murder.
He didnot die of natural causes at the sterring wheel
of his car.
He was to testify before a Federal Grand Jury against
the State of Calif where my husband was murdered in.

And suddenly he 's dead. No autopsy was ever done.
I wish they would use that in Iraq 02.Jun.2005 07:58


wouldn't it be easier and cost less then doing it this way?
thanks for supporting us in Iraq, we appreciate it
thanks for supporting us in Iraq, we appreciate it

This is kind of hard to follow 02.Jun.2005 11:29


However,if there happens to be a higher frequency of helicopter traffic in your neighborhood, it could be many things: somekind of weather or geographical survey, aerial photography, or even just sightseeing/recreation. It could be a news traffic chopper gone off course, repeatedly.