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this is the most lethal weaponry aimed at the american people, yet the internet press does not report on it.
why? make them answerable.

WHY HASN'T TRUTHOUT.ORG, FROMTHEWILDERNESS.COM, PRISONPLANET.COM, etc. etc. MADE THIS THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC? The shadow government can in fact, electronically choke a man to death or render him unconscious from afar or cause his heart or any organ to cease on demand. This weaponry is more dangerous than the Nuclear bomb and they don't think it is newsworthy?

I smell a rat.

Get informed and research these websites and articles

I am not only perplexed but quite frightened at the apparent refusal of the 'free media' to respond with the ferocious outrage befitting the obvious electronic murder of dissidents. Even the 25 scientists and military personnel associated with the Marconi project which developed this microwave weaponry have died in mysterious circumstances. Amidst the 'mysterious' deaths of microbiologists, UFO investigators and whistle blowers like Gary Webb, why haven't the personal accounts and scientific documentation available online which explain exactly HOW they perpetrated 'suicides' and other murders -- sent a very clear message as to the bloody future being planned for us?

The murder of Ron Johnson reposted below was a classic 'electro-magnetic hit'. (Edited from:  http://www.rense.com/general62/lest.htm)

"An equally disturbing and more recent death is that of Ron (Jerrold) Johnson, at the time MUFON's Deputy Director of Investigations. Johnson was 43 years old and, it would seem, in excellent health. He had just passed a recent physical examination with the proverbial flying colors. However, on June 9, 1994, while attending a Society of Scientific Exploration meeting in Austin, Texas, Johnson died quickly and amid very strange circumstances. During a slide show, several people sitting close to him heard a gasp. When the lights were turned back on, Johnson was slumped over in his chair, his face purple, blood oozing from his nose. A soda can, from which he had been sipping, was sitting on the chair next to him.

As for exactly what killed Ron Johnson, a number of possibilities beyond natural ones present themselves. It is quite easy in this day and age to induce strokes through chemicals or pulsed radiation. It is just as easy, and has been for some time, to induce heart attacks and other physical debilitations, such as fast-acting cancers.
The autopsy, somewhat ludicrously, has been officially classified as inconclusive."


Are we still so much in denial as to imagine these murders were in any way 'accidental'? Why hasn't the FBI or the ACLU or even our local Congressman felt obliged to call for a national investigation?

One thing is obvious. The NeoCons are only holding themselves at bay because they have not yet secured the country. But when 'the gloves come off', does any public figure really expect intelligence chiefs to spare their life?

It is only a short time until invisible electronic murder is used regularly
and murders of public figures will take on a new ferociousness, using the most advanced electro magnetic technology ... technology that has long been held secret.

The trillions of dollars funneled into the intelligence community for the past few decades has ensured that the murderous capabilities of electro magnetic weapons surpass even the most modern 'sci-fi' movies. This, of course is their 'ace in the hole'.

They can in fact, choke a man to death or render him unconscious from afar or cause his heart or any organ to cease on demand. And this is only a small part of the technology they have at their disposal and plan to use...when the time is ripe.

Invisible assassin-less murders are a hitman's dream yet the 'internet press' barely reports on it. This is very, very strange indeed.

author: Leslie Oliver e-mail:  oliveleslee@yahoo.com
the single most dangerous weapon facing us
The fact is they can now CHOKE A PERSON TO DEATH ELECTRONICALLY. (and much more)

Let the Perps come and try to discredit what I am reporting: Be certain the comments below will be filled with them because they do not want the truth to come out: However enough 'suspicious murders' abound along with real evidence of the incredible strides and money that has been poured into electromagnetic weapons which are now fine tuned to assassinate invisibly leaving NO EVIDENCE.

If you go to the urls that I list they will at least inform the uninformed of what is really going on. Then you will have no excuse for what we ALL will eventually face. You... my fellow human beings will pay the price for remaining ignorant. Be afraid. Be very afraid. In the face of their new electronic weapons which they have created in secret ... your guns and ammunition will have little or NO EFFECT.

And that is what they have already almost accomplished with me 3 times.

In early February 2005
~ The first time, the residents in my former house in the house where I formerly lived were woken up by me gasping for air in the middle of the night. Electronically, they are able to partially close up the windpipe so that a person can barely breathe and will choke to death. That was done to me after I tried to contact Ed Asner about the constant fear of being stalked and threatened with murder. Shortly after that, amidst almost being knocked off of the road several times, they tried surrounding me in the parking lot of Saks 5th Avenue, Palm Desert, CA to stop me from leaving the country so they could get their 'legal ducks in a row' and arrest me for bogus 'credit card fraud' charges. Shortly after I left the USA, they arrested 100,000 so-called felons across the nation.

May 6 2005
~ Here in India 4 nights ago after telephoning Arlene Johnson of www.truedemocracy.net, I was again abruptly woken up by 'something' closing up my windpipe and choking me. This was an attempt to threaten me a second time.

May 8 2005
~ 2 nights ago -- the guesthouse proprietors of where I am staying were woken up by me staggering out of my hotel door - again gasping for breath and unable to breathe. This was all done electronically -- in retaliation for trying to contact Stephen DeVoy.

IF I DIE... IT WAS MURDER -- whatever the reason given-- it will be electronic murder.
Below is a partial re-post of my original account:

Since the Fall of 2004, they have literally been trying to murder me. I posted this information at the time of each event. This has culminated with a campaign to kill me and try to make it look like an accident.
These are the cars with license plate numbers of those who have literally tried to push me off the road by sideswiping me. Many more cars tried but I couldn't get their license plate #'s.
All California plates:

4JJD727 Black car
2FPK059 Gold older Volvo
3DHG785 White car

1052115 "City of Riverside" written on outside of Grey car
4CL1362 white Honda Accord—stout Hispanic man.

February 7, 2005

A group of about 4 Black Ops agents were waiting in the parking lot of Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Desert, California and began to surround me as I walked toward my car. I had enough time to run back into the store and call my friends. Luck was with me or I would have been one of those people that 'has disappeared'.

The Real Story of How Things Are Changing In America
Leslie Oliver

"COINTELPRO a covert government program is in clear violation of the US Constitution and a wide range of US laws, as well as, in clear breach of internationally accepted standards for human rights and fundamental freedoms. That our government would turn its full resources against its own law-abiding citizens is unforgivable and ranks us among those rogue nations of the world who have chosen to kill hope and sow misery in its place," -- Congresswoman McKinney.

*Sept. 9th 2003, While sitting in the FBI lobby in San Diego, CA waiting to see an FBI agent Matt Brown on another matter -- a man who stated his name as (I believe) Sam Schwartz walked in and asked to speak with an FBI agent. A blonde, middle-aged female agent appeared and ushered him into an adjacent room off the lobby. Although I was trying very hard not to listen, every word of their ensuing conversation could be heard clearly in the waiting area.

He began to tell a story of harassment, threats, physical assaults, phone tapping and violence. One day, without knowing how he got there, he found himself committed into a mental institution and labeled a "5150 Paranoid". He also noticed that one of his eyebrows had been shaved off. Sam Schwartz was also very concerned because people with 'Arab names' kept calling his home, leaving messages which referred to private incidents which only he and his wife knew about. He was very afraid that he would be labeled 'a terrorist' because of these extremely unsettling phone calls.

But what was totally unexpected was the reaction of the FBI agent who, although feigning sympathy for Sam Schwartz's predicament asked no questions which might lead to the identity of the perpetrators and apparently had not the slightest interest in noting any details. Instead, she suggested HE HIRE HIS OWN private investigator and ushered him out the door.
Sam Schwartz' story is a relevant addition to the report below.

The following report is an accurate account of the illegal, violent atrocities and numerous attempts to murder me by what is now know to be the 'black ops' of the corrupt U.S. government or 'organized crime'. This new American mafia is condoned, supported and protected by local police, federal law enforcement agencies and all levels of government, including the very highest offices.

From 1999 until late 2003, I was the proprietor of 2 websites (www.foreigndrugs.com + www.pharmacyway.com) which sold information only on contacting Mexican pharmacies and other foreign pharmacies abroad to purchase medicines over the counter at discounts of up to 80%. My internet business suddenly took off at a phenomenal speed when CBS, NBC, ABC news began inundating the airways with frenzied reports of how easy it was to purchase inexpensive pharmaceuticals for less cost outside the country. It also became evident that 'the American people' were being gauged by the pharmaceutical manufacturers at every level—in the drugstores and by the receipt of generous tax exemptions for research.

In August 2000, I retained the law firm of Brull, Piccionelli, Sarno, Braun & Vradenburgh in Los Angeles (310 553-3375) to re-write the copy on my website after hearing about an article printed in the Mexican newspaper, "Tijuana Frontera" which reported that the DEA was going to prosecute American websites that advertised offshore pharmacies, although they were protected by the First Amendment. In short -- it was a 'witch-hunt'. During that same period, I hired Private Investigator, Roger Tolces of www.bugsweeps.com - to check my telephone line and he confirmed that it was tapped. I also spoke with a criminal attorney, Eric Shevin -- the son of a friend of mine and I asked him what he thought of the situation.

His immediate response was, "Get off the internet, NOW."
I was shocked and asked "Why?"
He replied, "You're going to get caught in the middle of a very explosive political situation that you don't want to be part of".

I not only didn't understand what he meant, I didn't see why I should suddenly cut off my income. Every attorney I spoke with later - and I consulted with no less than eleven lawyers that year -- shook their head and replied, "What's the problem? You're protected by the First Amendment."
So I opted to have the website rewritten by First Amendment Attorney, Robert Sarno using Criminal Attorney Eric Shevin (310 276-2231) as a consultant. We made certain the website not only conformed to all US laws but we also conspicuously displayed the legal guidelines for 'personal importation' which we copied verbatim from the FDA's own website.

Three months later, a man, who called himself a U.S. customs agent telephoned me at home and asked me 'why I put up the website' and 'what medicines I personally bought in Mexico'. I replied that "I felt the website would be of interest to people all over the world and the medicine I bought in Mexico was not his concern." He began a tirade of accusations, saying I was 'helping Americans import medicine illegally from Mexico', citing specific copy on my website which he insisted was 'unlawful'. Unfortunately the copy he criticized was exactly what we copied verbatim from the FDA website itself. I suggested he re-acquaint himself with FDA guidelines and directed him to my attorneys. A future meeting was arranged by my attorney Robert Sarno with the customs officer and myself. I was more than willing to acquiese to almost any change on my website that might be suggested by this agent. However on the scheduled day, we waited for the U.S. customs officer who never called to cancel, never showed up and never tried to reschedule. Attorney Bob Sarno shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess that's the end of that". He couldn't have been more wrong.

Around March 2002, I received a call from a so-called delivery service. I was expecting a package and asked "by the way, what are you delivering?". He replied, "Flowers" but refused to tell me who they were from. He then inquired if I was married. I refused to tell him. I actually thought it was a friend playing a joke.

Weeks later, I noticed no matter where I drove or at what time - a beat-up, old "muscle car" always was in back of me and always driven by rough-looking hispanic men or skin-head types. It began to dawn on me that I was being followed but I couldn't imagine why. I also noted that it was never the same car or driver which meant the funding for this bizarre campaign came from an organization with seemingly unlimited resources. I concluded the campaign was being initiated by a rich, pharmaceutical company. Never once did I imagine it was my own government stalking me.
At the time, I lived alone in a 4-bedroom house on 3.5-acres in the desert. The newly paved road led up to a dead-end, with few houses on either side and almost no traffic. Within days, traffic picked up considerably. A barrage of beat-up trucks, vans, muscle cars with nasty-looking Hispanic men donning full-body tattoos and hairnets, one right after the other, began driving back and forth day and night, always stopping in front of my house to either loudly rev up their motors, bombard me with music or shine headlights into my bedroom at 3:00 in the morning. Usually around midnight, I'd receive 5 or 6 ominous late-night phone calls where the caller would either stay on the line without speaking or a man would shout profanities and hang up. It was becoming obvious that this 'pharmaceutical company' also had access to my private telephone conversations because with every arrangement I made, one or two men looking like escapees from Sing-Sing prison would be congregating outside my destination like the bank or web designers office, etc. and make lude comments or hold up a switchblade knife as I passed Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was one of many covert harassment techniques being used on more and more citizens.

Next, I began hearing people on my roof or in the crawl space of my house but could never find anyone. I could not figure out how they entered. At night, I'd see flashlights being used right outside my bedroom window and hear men loudly whispering to each other and laughing. It was no accident that they arranged their trespassing in close proximity to whatever bedroom I was occupying. They wanted me to hear them. At that time nothing ever appeared to be stolen or out of place. The only item I found to be missing was my personal phone book which mysteriously 'reappeared' a few days later in full view on my desk.—no doubt after being copied.
During that same period, I had been consulting in the mountains every day (Hwy 74), driving around hairpin turns with very steep drops on either side of the road. One day, I couldn't help but notice something very peculiar. During that same period, I had been consulting in the mountains every day (Hwy 74), driving around hairpin turns with very steep drops on either side of the harrowing road. One da

contact rita 02.Jun.2005 01:32

leslie oliver

you can contact rita at the url I posted (heart attack murder) at this url:

ANOTHER COINCIDENCE. Star witness against State of California has 'heart attack' 02.Jun.2005 01:39

Rita Hurst

Of His Car In Ga. High Rank Govt. Witness
My Star Key Witness Also Was Found Dead At The Stearing Whee

For my husband Everett Hurst. I believe they
do have some kind of capabilty to induce a
heart attack, stroke etc.
I know a few times I have had the Hellicoptors
zoom down over me, with some kind of light,
infra red or lazer, I dont know. It was day time.
And at night time here in CAlif.
they make there hellicoptors
hide flying low. They will turn on there infra red
light, and then they will turn out all there hellicoptor
lights and fly in the dark. Why?

Why do they Spy? What for ?

We arent in war here in Riverside Calif. What
are they all doing up there with there hellicoptors
and spy planes every day and night. Does anybody
ever look?

I think if your a target they pick specific days
nights to survellance you.

I do believe that Marshal Tate's death was a murder.
He didnot die of natural causes at the sterring wheel
of his car.
He was to testify before a Federal Grand Jury against
the State of Calif where my husband was murdered in.

And suddenly he 's dead. No autopsy was ever done.

asdf 02.Jun.2005 12:32


"The shadow government can in fact, electronically choke a man to death or render him unconscious from afar or cause his heart or any organ to cease on demand."

I'm sure that if this was the case, it would have happened to many Global Justice activists already. Instead they use paramilitary police to shoot dead people like Carlo Guiliani at close range. Let's learn to decipher between outlandish conspiracy theory vs. PROBABLE conspiracy.

I smell a rat, and it sure ain't truthout or prisonplanet...

URLs are posted for a reason 03.Jun.2005 01:17

I know for a fact this technology exists... and is used.

Obviously you did not bother to read the URLs that were posted. You are uninformed, my friend.

Question 03.Jun.2005 11:56

Bison Boy

How do the people involved here know that the effects they claim to observe have been induced electronically? One person claims to have measured an effect on "radiation meters". What EM bands did these meters measure? Did the meters capture just emission levels, or waveforms as well?

As I see it, none of the evidence claimed here makes the observed effects distinguishable from witchcraft, or any of the observations themselves distinguishable from paranoid ravings.

I'm not saying if it's all true or false, but just that the linked stuff doesn't amount to credible evidence. That probably explains why no one will print it. If you want it printed, gather better evidence.

no credible evidence? 04.Jun.2005 09:31


nice try but uh-uh.
this technology has been known for at least 60 years. with so many thousands of people complaining about electronic torture... why hasn't the FBI investigated?
Nah. the 'no evidence' disclaimer is the first sign of a perp in the works.

on stories of the gvmt. 22.Jun.2009 08:20

jimma james.martini@rcn.com

hello my name is jim and i,m reading these stories about lour gvmt and i trully believe whats going on and i want to help please contact me.