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U.S. Special Forces to Create Private 'Media' Corps

The U.S. Special Operations Command will spend up to a half-billion dollars over the next fiveyears to develop pre-packaged media products for distribution to foreign news organizations and audiences, according to government planning documents obtained by IMC-Binghamton.
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Oh dear... 01.Jun.2005 23:43

Tony Blair's dog

like the corporate media did not pander the lies enough.

Contradiction of govt. 02.Jun.2005 05:28


Amazing; The more the govt. preaching about demokracy and freedom the less its actions entails it.

Democracy for Everyone. 02.Jun.2005 06:20


Sorry, I feel quite embarrassed by the spelling of the previous oneliner. it is 'democracy' of course. Anyway, as the article illustrates, the gap bettween the retoric of the administration and its actions are more properly described as an abyss.

... 03.Jun.2005 16:58

this thing here

i always try to look at propaganda as a sympton of what's missing. it's very appearance is the most telling thing about it.

the exact millisecond a propaganda/p.r./"media package" campaign begins is the exact millisecond whatever it is the "media package" is talking about is gone forever. a "media package" about democracy and freedom? that simply means there is no more democracy or freedom...