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Are there Disappeared?

a question about the state of our being.
Since Bush's war on "terror" how many people in this country have disappeared? I know of muslims who have vanished or detained. I have at least one friend/brother who was an immigrant and homeless that I have been searching for for over a year. I know of two very active people in a sociopolitical movement that have since stopped communicating to everyone in a shared movement. Could we count our loved ones sent off to be murdered in illegal wars as part of the Disappeared? And how many of them died because of "friendly fire" for not obeying orders or even out right mutany? Are there any amongst us that have lost friends and loved ones mysteriously who were active in our community?

Of course we are living in a time when Negroponte, Gonzales, Chertoff and other notorious Inquesitionors lurk.

So I am curious as to knowing if others especially those associated with social causes and political movements have had friends and loved ones who have disappeared?

And if this is occuring in our communities then should we not contact Amnesty International or at least start communications and lists?
A dude in PDX 01.Jun.2005 22:21


Won't say his name or get into specifics, but he's been gone for almost 1 1/2 years and no one has a clue. Had the FBI on his ass, though he didn't do anything other than lease some business space to someone with ties to an environmental organization that's now considered "terrorist" in these paranoid and dangerous days. Maybe he's just laying low for a bit, but everyone who knew him is worried. Many of us have been asking these same questions as the author of this post.

the two acquaintences 01.Jun.2005 22:49

just curious

The two acquaintences I have mentioned were part of a political environmental movement. I also refuse to name them because maybe they just had normal life situations. The other friend/brother had political affliation by membership only in his homeland.

It's worth it to be vigilent 02.Jun.2005 11:53

Jody Paulson

... It's not as if there's no history of this kind of thing. 1976 wasn't that long ago. Remember Bush's first choice for the 9-11 commision, Henry Kissenger?

"If there are things that have to be done, you should do them quickly," said Kissinger in the newly declassified documents.

"We won't cause you unnecessary difficulties," he said to former Foreign Minister Adm. Cesar Augusto Guzzetti in 1976, according to a recently released State Department transcript. "If you can finish before Congress gets back, the better."

Though the former sectary of state has refused to comment on this issue, many in Argentina are calling for his arrest on 30,000 counts of murder.