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Another night of OHSU researcher residential fun

JuST the Beginning
PPD-So I'm sitting there, saliva dripping down my chin, waiting in line to get some more donuts, when the little old lady behind me tells me my radio is calling for me. After I get my donuts I stop to listen and find out what's happened. Apparently the OHSU monkey researcher Judy Cameron was having a graduation party for her daughter and some noisy protesters stopped by the house to say hi and let her daughter's friends know the nature of Judys work. I was really looking forward to those donuts. I managed to scarf down a few on the way to the Cameron residence and had to eat the rest after I investigated the call. When I arrived the protesters had left and were on to another researcher's house but I was able to gather a statement from Judy. Here is a copy of my report:

MS. Cameron- "I was in the middle of a graduation party for my daughter when the door bell rang. Champagne in hand, I went to the door and greeted the two people standing on my porch. They asked if this was the Cameron residence and I told them it was. They said they were my new neighbors and they had received some of my mail. I accepted the mail, thanked them and said goodbye. When I closed the door I opened the mail in front of all my guests to find in bold letters the statement "PLEASE STOP TORTURING MONKEYS". How did they know I torture monkeys? All of the guests were able to read the letter and I was extremely embarrassed. I sent my researcher buddy down stairs to tell them they had the wrong place but it was too late. I had opened my big fat mouth and confirmed this is where I live. My buddy gave them the letter back but they didn't go away. They began protesting and chanting through a megaphone making a ton of noise. My neighbors came out and were disgusted at there accusations. My daughters' friends couldn't stop looking at me with a weird disgusted look. Now these people have confirmed my address and they said they would be back. I'm really scared and I don't know what to do. It took forever for the cops to get there and my daughters' friends are afraid to come back. Please help, what should I do?"

Attached is a copy of the letter given to Judy Cameron-Evidence# 2343349

PPD-We received 2 more calls that night of home demonstrations at OHSU researcher's residences. I don't think I can keep up with these bastards. There just too quick for the PPD. Ultimately I was able to finish my donuts after responding to the third call. The donuts were cold and my night was ruined. These people are just too motivated and have too much energy. Hopefully the next time they hit Ill be off duty... ... ... ..
OH YEAH WE WILL BE BACK 01.Jun.2005 19:30

Until Next Time

Mr. Policeman, Please confirm the following information:
Is this the same Judy L. Cameron who resides at 3326 SW Marquam Hill Road in Portland Oregon which is located right above Oregon Health and Science University?
Is that the same Miles Joseph Novy who resides at 3107 SW Nottingham Drive in Portland Oregon in the multi level 4 bedroom wooden home tucked away in the tall pine trees?
Is that the same Michael Glen Gravett who resides at 7419 SE 28 Avenue in Portland Oregon with his lovely wife Claudia?
Please confirm and I will throw you a chocolate glaze donut with sprinkles for you trouble and hard work.

Question 01.Jun.2005 20:20


I thought Judy Cameron was working on a cure for cancer in children. Was I mis-informed? And if so, what does Judy really do? And who's paying for it? I doubt the research is being done with tax dollars, that would be ridiculous! Please educate me. I'm on the fence about this issue and I need to know more so I can make up my mind. Thank you!

Not according to OHSU's website she isn't 02.Jun.2005 05:47

the nurse

OHSU Department of Neuroscience Faculty & Staff

Judy Cameron

Judy Cameron, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist - Oregon Regional Primate Research Center

Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience
Oregon Health & Science University
e-mail:  cameronj@ohsu.edu

Recent Publications

Education: Ph.D. 1981, University of Arizona

Research Interests
Dr. Cameron's laboratory studies the effects of various physiological stresses (brief periods of undernutrition, moderate exercise, and mild psychological stress) on neuronal activity in the central nervous system. Studies utilize nonhuman primates as experimental models and aim to understand how exposure to common stresses impact on the brain and the systems it controls, including reproductive function, cardiovascular function, immune function, and metabolic regulatory systems. Experimental approaches include physiological and pharmacological studies with chronically instrumented animals, behavioral studies, and identification of neural circuits by immunocytochemical and in situ hybridization technologies.

ohsu needs to be exposed 02.Jun.2005 09:08

not a nurse

what was this about judy cameron wanting to paint remote control airplanes to look like hawks and have them fly over and buzz the primates in the outdoor corral.this was intended as a study to learn about stress levels.this is just one more example of how ohsu wastes our tax dollars.finding cures for disease?that's a joke we are being bilked out of billions of dollars each and every year while people continue to suffer and die waiting for that elusive cure that they claim is just around the corner.i wonder if she performed the same type of stress testing on her daughter as she slept in her crib as a baby.

Info left out of my report 02.Jun.2005 09:50

Mr. Police man

Either the computers at the station are malfunctioning or the donut grease on my hands hit the wrong button. I originally had posted another half to my report that included the exact location of each of my calls. Thank you so much "until next time" for helping me with what got left out. I think its important for the readers to know exactly where the Portland police are spending there busy nights. Those are indeed the people and exact locations of there houses. I had to visit them after the protesters had left. I wasn't able to catch them in the act. That same grease got me slipping on my seatbelt and the bastards got away. Im sure Ill have to report the next one and the next one and the next one and so on.

A ethical question 02.Jun.2005 10:08


I have a question for folks who advocate, or at least in theory support non-violent direct action to stop or at least expose the abuse of animals.

My question is this: What should the test be for determining which actions, out of a host of all actions, should be taken to stop or expose the use (and abuse) of animals?

More exactly, how does someone go about determining (or in this case above how to justify) the actions that ought to be taken to stop the abuse of animals?

For example, should a theory of proportionality be used? Should the lengths to which someone goes to stop and expose this abuse correspond with lengths to which the abuser is going conduct the abuse? Should it correspond to the amount of malice or harmful intent? Should it correspond to the length of time over which the abuse occured? Should it be proportional the intensity of the suffering by the animals? Should if be proportional to the number of animals affected?

Is it a utilitarian approach? That is does the action employed depend primarily on the action needed to affect relief of animal suffering or freedom?

Or is an awareness-opportunity approach is most appropriate? That is perhaps action taken is set in a human social context and the action should try raise human awareness of the abuse of animals, call to recognize the equal importance of all life, and to demonstrate the need for further action to end animal suffering.

We could discuss actions in the case of OHSU primate center, or in general. I more was curious in general. I was prompted to think about this because I too conduct research. I wondered, "Will I be targeted because I am a science researcher?" I thought about it and determined probably not. My research does not use animals, and does not harm living creatures (other than the ecological consequences associated with the electricity, computer equipment, and physical building that I reside in to conduct my research). But those 'but's made me think, "Should we all be targeted for direct action since we all are in some way complicit in the killing or harming of animals?" and if so..."How could that be accomplished?" It seems impossible to target every person involved in the abuse of animals...because...well...thats everyone. So then I wondered..."How is it, and how ought it be decided, who to target?". The more I thought about it I realized...targeting someone for exposing is one technique out of an infinite range of actions that can be taken to stop abuse of animals. So I broadened the question and posed it to...well...you. I don't have the answer. I have some ideas. But I would much rather have a discussion, especially with folks who have bothered to think about such things.

OHSU No Friend To Animals No Friend To Humans 02.Jun.2005 10:16


Timing really is everything. You guys visited Judy Cameron's home during a graduation party for her daughter? Those kids probably learned more that night than they did in 4 years of high school. Am so looking forward to reading the next installation of your visitations. May the animals be with you and the authorities always a dozen steps behind.

To Curious 02.Jun.2005 10:33

another heavy thinker

I appreciate the philosophical context of your question, though I think people usually do what they think they can individually risk. Philosophically, yes, we are all complicit and should all be targeted. But we are targeted every time someone asks us to sign a petition or does consciousness raising.

In terms of the larger issue, I don't know that the act balances the necessity--all I know is that we chip away at a large cultural block. Some people are directly responsible for more suffering than others. There are numbers of monkeys housed individually in small cages for their entire lives. There are mothers who have babies taken from them to be killed and disected, then they are bred again. They live their lives in fear and solitude. These researchers can make a difference if they would stand up and repudiate these methods. Short of that, there is not much we can do except expose them, expose them, expose them, and hope the public turns against them.

We all make decisions about how complicit to be in this society Some people need to reconsider their decisions.

remaining question 02.Jun.2005 11:52


I still pose the question, how ought we make decisions about what action to take to stop animal abuse?

Its obvious that we each individually make that choice. But how ought we make that choice?

Answering this question has important consequences. It affects what actions will be taken, which in turn affects how 'understandable' the actions become. This is the heart of whether the other people's attention falls on the underlying circumstance being protested, or the protest itself.

I'll Take The Activists Over OHSU 02.Jun.2005 11:57


You are right,we are ALL targeted.It works both ways.Animal rights activists target OHSU and the researchers associated with them,while at the same time,OHSU targets the animal rights activists.AR activists do peaceful,nonviolent home demonstrations,educational tabeling and doorhanging.OHSU keeps secret,well really not so secret any more,files,videos,pictures and data on any and all protesters.Who do I fear the most?Who do I feel is the more dangerous of the two?Unequivocally,without a doubt,OHSU wins hands down.OHSU protects,hides and keeps the dirty little secrets and lies about the research going on behind closed doors.They stand to loose millions of dollars in NIH grants and funding.The animal activists work solely out of compassion and love for the monkeys,dogs,cats,mice,birds,sheep,cows and who knows what other species they use in OHSU's deceptive and fraudulent science.

it's an ugly world 02.Jun.2005 12:38


that these researchers create
how they get sperm from monkeys at OHSU for breeding (they shock the penis)
how they get sperm from monkeys at OHSU for breeding (they shock the penis)
this monkey spent his life alone in  cage at OHSU, addicted to drugs
this monkey spent his life alone in cage at OHSU, addicted to drugs
life is hell for these animals
life is hell for these animals

Judy Cameron's ridiculous research 02.Jun.2005 13:05

Elaine Close

For more about Cameron's research:

Keep in mind while reading about how she spends public money, that programs that actually help people are shutting down because of budget cuts. She is investigating in monkeys whether or not social support helps children avoid depression. This would be laughable if the consequences were not so serious. No wonder OHSU won't debate the value of their animal experimentation.

Schools and other social service programs that get public money are held accountable for producing quantifiable results. OHSU just keeps getting more and more of our money for pointless animal experiments and all they have to do is claim that the research is important. If the government is not going to hold OHSU accountable for the money and lives they take, then the public needs to do it.

The Haves And The Have Nots 02.Jun.2005 13:49

Just Scraping By

Too,our schools are in desperate need of financing the public educational system.Just check out the records and find out how much OHSU does NOT pay in property taxes.Peter Kohler's home at 1863 SW Montgomery Drive,owned by OHSU,is valued at over a million dollars and yet they pay nothing for property taxes.Think your own taxes are too high?Think our schools are in dire straits?OHSU is part of the problem not part of the solution.Remember this next November when you're making out that check to pay your taxes.

abuse occurs,...what should we do about it 02.Jun.2005 14:41


Bulls eye, anti-viv, and Close

You all make compelling cases to take action against animal abuse.
How do you decide which action to take?
How do you think people ought to decide which action to take?
How should folks who get together to stop abuse decide what action to take?

I have experienced that decisions to take action on things as emotionally charged as animal abuse are often not well thought through, but more often respond to satisfying our emotional desires rather than effecting change.

For people who want to effect change how do you think they ought to decide what to do?

and don't forget... 02.Jun.2005 14:58

against torture

OHSU makes life a living hell not only for monkeys, but for dogs, cats, mice, birds, pigs, sheep, and just about every other nonhuman animal they can get their hands on...

Here's the face of vivisection...
this little cat had her spine broken by
this little cat had her spine broken by "scientists"
so much for
so much for "man's best friend"

My Reply 02.Jun.2005 15:10


Curious,Relax you are making much ado about nothing.You analyze things to death.I decide animal issues much as I would anything else in my daily life.I use my brain,my heart and then my feet.I follow my heart because that is where each and every animal exists for me.I do what I do for the animals,not for myself or any ulterior motive and definitely not for profit.People of like beliefs can join forces,discuss their convictions,their goals and their limitations and then base their actions upon those findings.I personally do not deny my emotions.They are part of who I am and I never ignore them.I trust them to be my guide.When an action is right you will know it.This is not a statement claiming that I am a part of the home demonstration group but you asked me and several others to respond and this is my statement.If you are having thoughts of picking up a sign or writing a letter or making a phone call to help protect the life of an innocent animal then I urge you to do it. You will never know your effectiveness or limitations if you don't put it to the test.

to: curious 02.Jun.2005 16:12

against animal experiments

I agree with you in that many people take action to make themselves feel better instead of doing something that will actually help the animals. But I also firmly believe that there are multiple reasons to do home demos. One is to educate people (neighbors) about what goes on in the primate center & another is to bring a little discomfort into the lives of these "researchers" who bring A LOT of discomfort into the lives of animals.

If you really want to bring change, there are several things to take into consideration....

- Is it really feasible to advocate for the animals currently confined at OHSU/primate center? We can stand outside on the street all we want but most likely nothing is going to change. At the same time, each action taken for the animals and for this movement is important, even the smallest action.
- What can one do to bring change in the future? For example, if researchers are getting confronted outside their homes (things may not change NOW) but then maybe young people will think twice about researching on animals as a career. Not many people are willing to make a career out of something that is so controversial. What is disturbing is that in America very few animal researchers are being confronted. Most of them live "happy" lives, or at least they have money, nice houses, cars, etc., and aren't being protested against. To me, that is sad. People who torture animals with our tax money should be forced to deal with protests, demonstrators, etc...
- What are you most comfortable doing? In other words, do you like go out and confront people (ie, home demos) or would you rather write letters or educate people thru leafleting? I think some things are more effective than others, but at the same time, doing SOMETHING is better than nothing.
- There's always direct action, but who is willing to do it?

What goes around will surely come around 02.Jun.2005 18:59

An avid reader

Isn't it nice that the likes of Cameron,Gravett,Novy and the rest of the torture chamber gang can walk out of the Primate Research Center get into their high priced vehicles,drive home to their nice upper class neighborhoods,be with their oh so respectable families and never give another thought to the monkeys and the other animals they left behind in the cages inside the labs.Isn't it even nicer and appropriate that there also exists a group of people who are willing to give up their time to go into these affluent neighborhoods and remind these scum bags of the animals that they have left alone to suffer physically as well as mentally and emotionally.Animals in labs never have a nice day.


Friend of Judy's 02.Jun.2005 20:40

fellow swinger

Dear Protesters,
Judy is not very happy about you guys coming to her house. I am a very good friend of hers and we are swingers together. You may not believe that, but it's true. Please don't bother her anymore and let her torture monkeys in peace.

Martha N.

Question 03.Jun.2005 07:49

monkey man

At the University of Arizona, on last count they tortured over 80,000 animals per year in the name of research. With larger animals, cats, dogs, primates, they had to remove the adrenal glands to reduce stress response in control animals after torturing the experimental animals. Remind you of Dachau? With some students I snuck in as a training exercise in how to handle lab animals. I had a PETA T shirt underneath. When the professor had his back turned, I removed my dress shirt to reveal PETA. Poor fellow turned white as his lab coat and remained that way the duration of our tour as I stared fixedly at him. How had PETA gotten through the double locked doors of their experimental lab. Ever heard of Rupert Sheldrake, animals have feelings, and they know a lot. Ask Jane Goodall, she'll tell you more if you are still on the fence.

dr. jane goodall says 03.Jun.2005 20:51

and i quote

"It's usually pretty hard for an ordinary person to get inside medical research facilities. They don't want the general public really to know what's going on. So much of this research isn't leading to anything that can possibly be helpful, and to allow such barbaric conditions to continue is a very black mark against humanity."

Oh, THAT bitch... 04.Jun.2005 10:13


Hmmm, I heard a program on KBOO illustrating what OHSU does & the talk turned to this wack "scientist" who wanted to fly remote controlled airplanes around baby monkeys to see if they were scared or SOMETHING. It supposedly had to do with small children & anxiety. Judy Cameron is a crank. Wooohooo. I'm glad the party ended up being a blast afterall.

Judy Cameron You're Twisted 04.Jun.2005 13:03

Primate # 794258

One must wonder what types of ghastly experiments Cameron conducted on her daughter and daughter's friends in the past. By the way if this was a graduation party for her high school aged daughter why was there drinking going on? Judy, you are such a shining role model.

She didn't "want" to fly 04.Jun.2005 13:17


remote controlled objects over the baby monkeys. She actually DID it. And the whole purpose was to traumatize them and show "something" about shyness in human children (like there aren't enough clinical models of human children to draw from). These animals who are so like us in terms of emotions, who were removed from their mothers soon after birth, who live their lives mostly alone in metal cages, who are depressed, already traumatized, and, unlike us humans, don't even have the option of killing ourselves when our lives get too miserable... Yeah. THAT bitch.

enough with feel good tactics 05.Jun.2005 21:51

taking responsibility

Enough with the feel good tactics of yelling at couple of people and supposedly 'outing' their animal torture.

How (concretely) did that make anything any better for those primates, let alone animals everywhere?

It didn't.

Do you think you outed her work? Wrong...nobody outside of a very few of her neighbors and partiers know anything they didn't allready know because of the house visit.

The folks on indymedia know because of your post, not the house visit. You could have posted about her without the house visit.

You alienated the people at that party or neigborhood because you scared them. They may have not known what she did before the visit, but they are now going to be very loathe to criticize her because they are going to feel she is being unfairly targeted. She has the benefit of the doubt with them becasue they allready are friends and neighbors. Also, they won't see the direct connection between the points you brought up at house visit and her as a person because they are too focused on your actions, which were intimidating and scary to them. They wont see past your actions to the point of your visit. You are just the crack-pot protestors to them.

Finally, do you really think 5 min of chanting and dancing is going to convince them that she tortures animals when she has had years to explain herself and will have years more after you leave? NO.

To top it off, your house visit will bring the police and FBI around, snooping, looking for someone to cross the line again...and shit like this will be used in a grand jury somewhere to perform character assasination of whatever poor schmuck they loop into it. Not that grand jury is justifiable or that we shouldn't take action because cops might look around....but YOU MUST weigh the costs and the benefits of every action. Every action has real consequences...lets make them count!

So lets review:

1. You pissed off a few of her friends, neighbors, and family....at you (and by proxy every animal rights supporter they meet).
2. Your action drew the attention of the popo and no one else.
3. She has not quit her job.
4. You are celebrating.

Perhaps we need a real check of whether or not we are being effective. This sounds much too much like "I hate those animal torturers....I am going to screw with them since they screw with my friends!"

That will get us nowhere fast. Its an alienating tactic. It actively moves people who might otherwise be convinced to have personal conversations with the researcher (which are WAY more effective than 5 min of chanting) to a position in oposition to you and every other animal rights activist.

What about the millions upon millions of animals that are raised for slaughter and human consumption every year? What about the chickens, pigs, and cattle penned and locked into cages, pecked to death, wracked with parasites? What does this visit do for them? Seriously?


Home demos work 05.Jun.2005 23:30

keep it up

Playing Nice Does Not Work 06.Jun.2005 07:51


You are very apt at telling a certain segment of the animal rights community what they are doing wrong but I failed to see any suggestions coming from you on how this campaign should be run. Honestly, you come across being either a neighbor/friend of Cameron or even an OHSU employee. Oh wait a minute could you be a researcher yourself, afraid that you might be the next on their list. If these people are doing everything so wrong what could they do to appease you? Exactly what are you doing to save the lives of the animals held in captivity within the walls of OHSU who are marked for certain death? On the contrary, many, no make that most, of those in the animal rights movements not only applaud but also support these tactics. You are confusing animal welfare with animal rights. Come back when you have more knowledge and experience. If I were you, I would not suggest to SHAC that these tactics don't work.

taking responsibility???? 06.Jun.2005 09:31


Your comments sound like there straight from the mouth of a scared vivisector. You make comments implying that all we do for the animals are these home demos. Wrong! Or that we don't care about the animals who are massacred everyday for human consumption. Wrong! Home demos are just one step in the everyday fight to end torture and murder of our animal friends.

"yelling at couple of people and supposedly 'outing' their animal torture"
Well the neighbors and friends of these visited researchers now know the true nature of there work. They go home and go online and investigate for themselves and then learn that what we have said is true and that what they previously thought about animal research is a misconception.
The kids go online and see pictures of the monkeys being tortured and they become disgusted and investigate for themselves. They go to school and tell there classmates what happened at there graduation party and they investigate what we are about, and they think; why would we come all the way to there house to protest? So they look further. They do a simple Google search for animal research in Portland and they are overwhelmed with information regarding there mother/ neighbor/friend and what they do when the leave the house everyday. The people who look at indymedia for there news seem to be very interested in what we have done. We have more comments then any other single posting. We have created a dialogue. We have drawn interest. We have gathered supporters. We have sparked motivation and as you put it so pessimistically, we do it all in
"5 min of chanting and dancing".
This is just the beginning .Stand-by for the next posting and the next and the next..........