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Disabled woman on Trimet with small dog accosted by police

If you saw this happen...say something.
Yesterday a woman with a small dog was dragged off a Trimet bus by a police officer. The woman had a small dog in a carrier. If you were on the bus and saw this happen. Please post what you saw here. Others on the bus were yelling at the officer to let her go. In the incident a bus driver went whacko over a small dog (puppy) sniffing at people around the woman. No one on the bus complained. The bus driver yelled at the woman to get off the bus. The bus driver called the police. The bus riders were telling the police that nothing happened and they still dragged the woman off the bus. The officer held her arms behind her back and very forcefully removed her from the bus. The puppy was crying. Did anyone else see this happen? THe police would not let anyone give the woman contact information so we could be witnesses or help her. If you saw it.... write it here. This shit has to stop happening. The officers surrounded her and then she was allowed to go in a bank to make a phone call. Later I saw her walking with a limp. She was very upset. I could not get close to her though to talk to her. I was on another bus.

asdf 01.Jun.2005 18:32


yay, I wanna move to Portland! Why is it that in the most radically progressive area in the nation (or so I've heard) the police are so out of control? Why are the police not representative of the overall population in that region? Are they implanted there from other parts of the country? Police should always represent the communities they police. Of course, that would only occur in a Democratically-based environment. And what pisses me off is not that we don't live within a Democracy. What boils my blood is the fact that we are continuously told that we do.

The apathetic youth of our society need to be forced into anti-apathy. Pull a reverse-clockwork orange on them if need be! With the encroaching police state we are facing (that most youth are STILL unaware of), apathy must be considered Treason, or something almost as severe. We should plan a national "Burn Your X-BOX Day".

In theory.... 01.Jun.2005 18:35


Well if this ever goes to court there should be video from the bus camera well in theory.

Dogs Rule 01.Jun.2005 20:27


If the dog/puppy was in a carrier how could it be sniffing people around it? Personally, I think we need to become a more animal friendly society where well behaved and well cared for dogs were allowed not only on public transportation but stores,pubs,theaters,libraries and in generally wherever humans are allowed. Let me say again,well behaved and cared for dogs. Hope the woman and her companion are alright.

thanks for posting this one 01.Jun.2005 22:31

disabled citizen

and people wonder why we here hate the Portland Police Bureau! Get fucking REAL folks!

asdf 02.Jun.2005 04:22

stumptown dweller

asdf, it is not all portlanders that make the police here nazis. the police have been this way for years partially because of political nazis like vera katz who was originally from the east coast. but i think mostly because portland has a reputation at little beruit and the bushes, perles & general nazis want to control portland. another part of the problem and maybe the biggest part is big money has an image that portland could be their white middle class role model city hence the war on the homeless, minorities and protestors. we really fuck it up for the money powered white greedy busness elite when we the masses have body jewlry, shirts that say fuck the establishment, have different skin tones, wear tattoos, are not born of privilege, wear our hair long, shave our heads, believe in social justice, talk of fairness, are homeless, disabled by birth or accident, broken for their petroleum wars, have love relations that do not fit the current biblical talk, worship other gods, talk to nature as our mother, garden in shared communities or simply speak of peace. portland like other places is divided by the haves and the have nots and the indebted slaves. i recommend not moving here but manifesting change where you are. we talk of portland as radical but the reality is that the radical is in you where ever you manifest it and so start manifesting where ever you are and where ever you go.

Tri-Met 02.Jun.2005 07:51

Den Mark, Vancouver

Tri-Met drivers seem to have been given police authority to a degree. Who gave them that authority? Where is the ordinance that legalizes it? Why is their word more important to ppb cops than collective words of citizen-riders! One driver's demand that this woman be forced from the bus is more important to cops than multiple citizens' demands that she NOT be forced from the bus. I don't get it. Don't citizens pay the salaries of drivers & cops! Recall that Jose Mejia Poot was taken by cops to a mental "hospital" because of what a Tri-Met driver said, & insane "hospital" workers called cops back, who murdered the frightened confused Spanish-speaking man, all based on an incident with a bus driver. These little hitlers walking around in their little uniforms are disgusting, like so many worms dressed up in ties & caps & badges, ...... & sometimes guns. The system reeks.

Portland history 02.Jun.2005 08:53

Working Class Mama

As a city with so much access to natural resources and quaint small town feel it has attracted wealth and rebel rousers alike for generations. There is a constant battle between the working class/rebel rousers and the wealthy elite. We have two very opposite plans for Portland. Poor people are so radical in Portland as a reaction to random state violence and oppression. Situations like the above mentioned story occur all the time. The XRay Cafe incident, quite a few years back, is another great example. As well as the new years 2001 incident. The randomness of these incidents has shaken our confidence in the system to the very root. It doesn't make any sense. Radical or not everyone here knows(especially if you're from here) you can't trust a cop and it's better to run and spare yourself the physical trauma. You CAN trust your neighbor or even a stranger on the street if necessary, but not a Portland cop. There's a very us and them split with the cops very firmly on the side of the wealth. The wealth would love to see all of us gone and would love to do here what they did to Seattle. Seattle used to be very much like Portland. Then it made a name for itself and every yuppy lame brain in the nation made his way there, flooded the local community and took over. The same thing is close to happening here. But I'm not willing to go down without a fight.

"I'd rather be a match than a paper dollar bill..."
~Jim Page

Please Explain 02.Jun.2005 11:19


Can you please explain how the dog was "sniffing at people around the woman" if it was in a carrier? I don't understand. Are you saying the dog was loose on the bus or just set in an open cariier of some type and them came out and walked around? Which was it? If the dog was loose then I don't have any sympathy unless it was a service dog, but I'd like to know what you saw.


the dog was inside the pet carrier at all times 02.Jun.2005 11:59

one who knows

and it merely sniffing it's nose at a lady seated nearby through the little bars.

It all so simple and so innocent...yet, once the fucking PoPigs get involved...???

This story doesn't make sense 02.Jun.2005 13:33


First off, I agree that portland police are out of control, and that we need to reassert democratic oversight on these public servants. Also, portland is a great place to live, and the cops are not any worse than most places I've lived (and in fact there are a whole lot less of them per capita than most east coast cities...a bad economy is good for something).

However, the original posting makes no sense. How could this person report on the behavior of the dog before the cops were called if they were on another bus? I mean, maybe they were pulled up along side for a minute or so, but who knows what happened before that.

If this incedent happened as reported, it is egregious behavior on behalf of the cops and tri-met driver, but until I hear first person accounts from actual whitnesses, I'm assuming there is more to this story than what we see here.

Please give better detail 02.Jun.2005 13:54


What Trimet bus line was it?
What time of day?
Do you know the bus driver's number? The driver's unique number is visible when you look at the front of the bus; it is in the left lower corner of the windshield.

While most Trimet drivers are super-extraordinarily nice people, there are a few "from Hell" types out there as well (for instance, #102, who presently drives the #1 bus route).

I don't know where the public addresses complaints - or how (verbal? essay? form??), but it would be nice to know - if there were a lot of complaints against a particular driver, maybe someone better could be found to fill that $20/hr-full benefits-publicly-owned position.

Let me explain 02.Jun.2005 14:01


I posted the first post on this story. I was on the bus with the lady. Everyone on the bus was forced to leave the first bus while the cops removed the lady. The dog was in carrier sniffing the lady next to it. Someone else stopped and petted the dog through the carrier bars and talked to the lady. The dog did not harm anyone. The lady said the dog was a puppy, only a few months old. The lady said that the dog was a "service animal".. The lady said she was disabled and had a siezure disorder and that the dog was a comfort to her.

I had an appointment near by and got on another bus to go back to my office and I saw the lady walking and very upset. She was near the area where the incident happened. She had just left the bank. I was on a bus going away from the scene when I saw her the second time. This really did happen. I don't know who I can contact about it. I posted it here the next day because I was upset about it.

Just A Thought 02.Jun.2005 15:57

Ex Tri Met Rider

Jenny, Thank you for caring and getting involved. You might want to call Tri Met and and make a formal complaint regarding the incident.

since way back when... 02.Jun.2005 21:50

80's pdx dude

The Portland Police have been out of control for years at least as far back during the 'possum tossing' incidents in the early 80's in N Portland in which then Chief Bruce Baker from Berkeley was forced to resign. I have personally seen them taunt people into a fight or standoff. It hasn't gotten any better since as their association controls city hall with little oversight. Tri-Met is no better as some of their drivers are the worst assholes on the planet and seem to be Bureau rejects. Portland with all its 'progressiveness" is out of touch with the rest of the populace when it comes to relations with it's citizens, but then most people including city councils are afraid of the police and what tantrum they may threaten us with if we decide to change their behavoir. I think the current use of small video technolgy to capture these taxpayer supported nazis may be our only hope.

Tri-Met Code, 28.15E(2) 02.Jun.2005 21:56


This provision specifically ALLOWS animals to be transported in a carrier on Tri-Met buses, so long as the animal is a proper carrier and the animal can be transported in the carrier without risk of injury to the animal or inconvenience to the driver or riders.

And even a yapping or barking dog would not qualify under this provision as "causing an inconvenience, unless it's a large dog constantly barking.

Do Something 03.Jun.2005 07:51


So I am curious, why hasn't anyone done anything about or to these cops. I've been coming to this website for a couple months now and there are always complaints about the cops and while I am 100% sure they are valid, cause lets face it cops are power hungry, mean tempered, nasty tiny dick pricks, why has nothing been done. With as many progressives as their seem to be in Oregon area, why don't some of these people join the police force and try to change things for the better. Or when the cops murder someone like they did to Vern Allen, how bout an eye for an eye. I don't know about you all but when I hear that a cop was shot/injured/killed or whatever it brings a smile to my face cause they got what they fucking deserved, and i don't care how awful that may sound. I have no sympathy for those rule crazy fucks.
And to the actual 4 or 5 good cops out there I apologize for my rage but you need to tell your commarades to quick treating the people of this country like animals cause one day we are gonna bite back, hard. Citizens are the ones who are suppose to have the power and if we don't start taking it back its not gonna be "welcome to the United States of America" its gonna be "Welcome to the United Police States of America".

The new police slogan - what used to be "to serve and protect", has been changed to "to harass and screw over".

Crying 03.Jun.2005 09:28


The puppy was crying.

Um, no it wasn't. Puppies don't have tear ducts.

Tri Met contact info 03.Jun.2005 09:54


I've used the web form for complaints a few times and have actually received a human reply! Please write to them about this incident.



TriMet Administrative Offices
4012 SE 17th Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Customer Service
503-238-RIDE (7433)

Tri Met contact info 03.Jun.2005 10:02


I've used the web form for complaints a few times and have actually received a human reply! Please write to them about this incident.



TriMet Administrative Offices
4012 SE 17th Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Customer Service
503-238-RIDE (7433)

Division street bus #4 03.Jun.2005 10:25


Yeah, it happened two days ago on the Divsion street (#4)bus about 2 PM at the intersecton of Division and 82nd ave. I ride that bus and everyone is talking about it on the bus. Hopefully someone will come forward as a witness to help this lady.

"Um" sounds like a trollie 03.Jun.2005 10:27

2 me

while it's true puppies don't have tear ducts, per se...they still can cry!

It may not be profuse with actual tears, but it mimics the sound of "crying"!

This is what was being conveyed by that description used in the report above.

Most of us--that aren't into "defending" the sick system--clearly understood that!

To the person who wrote about possom tossing back in the 80's.. 03.Jun.2005 16:44


I am a child of the 80's and never heard about this... can you please refresh my memory here a bit?

80's retroview 03.Jun.2005 20:20


It was when a couple of pigs(cops for you beatniks out there) found a dead possum on the side of the street, and put it on the front bumper of the pigcar, then drove around for awhile....after they got tired of that they decided it would be a hoot to throw the lil' bastard on the front of a poor ol' niggers rib shack. I think the snorters got a citation, and a medal for public service. Wadda a city this great Portlund, Orygun is.

News flash 03.Jun.2005 21:58


This just in from a respected source. The woman was, in fact, George W. Bush. The dog was Tony Blair. And the much-maligned Portland Police Bureau is actually the power of the people to remove those fuckers from their respective offices, played by our stalwart Tri-Met.

80's 03.Jun.2005 22:41

pdx dude

The only archive I could find was in WW:

complainer 04.Jun.2005 09:57


Well, I emailed a few complaints to Tri-met, I figure it can't hurt. Yeah, I'm pretty sick of those little Hitlers too. Pretty damned sick.

whine 24.Jul.2005 01:08


I am so sick of you whiners. Get a life. Trimet doesn't allow animals - get over it. Why is it every time I turn on the tv I am seeing you people on there - overblowing the story. If you don't like something, change it. Stop whining and actually go vote, go picket (isn't that what you Portlander's do anyway??) do something. Just stop clogging up the airwaves with useless whining.

Do your research first 20.Sep.2005 20:28

Portland citizen

A Tri-met operator has the right to refuse access to anyone on their bus just as a business owner has the right to refuse service to anyone they don't want inside their business. It is not the job of the Portland Police Bureau to ascertain who was right or wrong in this situation, but only to ensure the law is being upheld. The law is, if the operator/employee of the bus requested the passenger to leave, by Oregon law the passenger is required to leave or he/she can be arrested for criminal trespass. From the sounds of this scenario the passenger was refusing to leave even though she was asked to by the operator and then again by the police. The police did not act outside the scope of their authority and I think you guys need to do your research first regarding criminal law before you start spouting off something you know nothing about....