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Firey Comments From Cliff Robinson Responded To

This is a quick copy of an E-mail that was sent to Cliff Robinson in response to the comments he made about my situation with Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home.
Dear Reader:

I wanted to post a response to the comments that Cliff Robinson stated about me regarding Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home. Mr. Robinson knows nothing of what he is talking about and just wanted a piece of the pie. Well, he is choking on it. Mr. Robsinson has never been a funeral director or even an apprentice and his sad comments are only a pathetic attempt to fuel his bordem now that he is unemployed. So here is the e-mail that I sent him.

Well Hello, Cliff:

Seems like everyone shows their true colors eventually. First off, you need to edit your piece for there are many errors in it and if you are going to put your opinion out there be sure that it at least has a high school reading level attached to it. I was going to edit it for you and send it back to you . . . but it is just a waste of time.

Secondly, you're a sad man. Your opinion is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to avail yourself to swim in waters which do not want you. You told me of a book you wanted to write one time called Confessions of a Mortician. Well, you are not a mortician and never have been. You only worked for a low rent, disorganized slew of ignorant rednecks and death junkies and eventually you left as well. Or did they fire you like they do everyone else?

The things you said about me not standing for truth and all of the other garbage you vomitted were nothing but an unequivocal laughable attempt to secure some favors or pseudo-friends in an industry that you do not even belong to. Or maybe I am wrong. Perhaps you have nothing to do and received the story by yourself or through someone and thought that your opinion would count. I see you even sent that gramatically - wrecked piece of shit complaint to the Board. Do you actually think they took that seriously? Yeah . . . I'm sure you would like to hope so.

Listen pal, I was always nice to you and enjoyed partnering up with you on the calls. Everyone has their reasons for backstabbing -- and believe the funeral industry is filled with them (Ah, here is where you say "Well Floyd, you are one of those backstabbers). Oh, I know you, Cliff. Your about as mysterious to me as a block toilet is to a plumber. You even put your little e-mail address on the site so someone would talk to you. You are upset that you did not do this and I did. I stand by my allegations and others do as well. You mean nothing to this situation with the exception that you have an opinion. And opinions are like assholes . . .

Also, you comment about the Russian boys and the car wreck. Where do you get off thinking that because I was looking at their wounds that I was being unethical? How does that even compute? First of all, I am in the Funeral Service Program and you are not. Secondly, in this program we take such classes as Restorative Art which, since you do not know, is the art of restoration of the deceased. Well, think about this Cliff, was I looking at the crushed head because I wanted make sexually explicit comments about or was I viewing the head from an embalmer's standpoint? Perhaps I was identifying the pieces of the parietal bone and the occipital bone or maybe the frontal bone since his head was indeed crushed. Perhaps I was thinking what type of restorative art might be applied here. You need to get your head out of your ass and think before you get into the drivers seat, son.

Go back and work for OFS because now I realize that that is all you are capable of. Because you sure cannot write. Write me back and say whatever you need to spit out.


Floyd Decker

P.S. I was going to post this on the net so many could see what an idiot you are . . . but this is all the time you are worth for me right now, boy.

this strikes me a nothing more than... 02.Jun.2005 16:29


in fact, it reeks of it...gotta do better than this though to undo the damage done

Truth To Come Out Soon 03.Jun.2005 15:51

Floyd Decker

Just a note: A lot of apologizes are going to be required in about three weeks. Just wait. Because I already know.

what the????????? 03.Jun.2005 20:24


Cliff Robinson......? I thought the trailblazers got rid of him a long time ago? Now he some kind of a mortican, or somethin' WHO WODDA THOUGHT?

Decker knows the future.... 16.Jun.2005 13:33

Anonymous Friend the_masterofpain@yahoo.com

if you know you're going to have to appologize in three weeks, why not just start now? Get a jump on things.

It's funny to me that you think you already know what the outcome is going to be. Can you tell the future? If so, then why couldn't you avoid your legal problems in Montana? What about Georgia? How's your Mom doing? Lying gets you nowhere, Floyd. But you can't seem to figure that out, no matter how much pain and suffering you inflict on yourself and those around you.

FLOYD's OBSESSION 18.Aug.2005 12:38


Anyone reading FLoyd's constant diatribe (OFS, ROSE CITY CEMETARY, TEXAS WOMAN-DEATH ROW,KENDRA JAMES bullet path... etc) has got to know he is using this site as an interactive blog and is obsessed with death & the death industry. There are too many posters that have ID'd themselves by name and commented on his "rotational"employment at all other positions in the funeral industry in Portland, OR. PLEASE, dear readers, READ ALL of FLoyd's postings. Judge for yourself. KNow that FLoyd was studying at MHCC for the Mortuary program...NOT CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR (...when you are delivering a body to a medical examiner, you shouldn't be toying with the deceased's wounds (he is alleged to have put fingers in gunshot wounds & hands inside skulls that were damaged in accidents, and later gone back to accident scenes on his own to look for "brain matter" ).... Now, if he wants to handle & examine those remains-- AFTER!!!! the ME has done his work-- back at whichever mortuary he works at this week, that would be fine if he has an interest in damage & subsequent restoration. How many crime scenes might he have compromised with his purient interest???? YOIKES...... get some help, FLoyd........

Dismissed 11.Jan.2006 12:43

The Knowing one

All allegations against Rose City and the Manager have been dismissed by the OSMCB. No further actions will be taken. Thank God it is over.