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Pay Day Loan Bill passes Oregon Senate

Good work people! The pay day loan bill passed the oregon senate yesterday, May 31.
The bill passed with EVERY republican in teh oregon senate voting against it. The bill now heads to the house, where if the same thing happens, we are in real trouble.

Start calling your representatives today!!!

More to come...

The industry will ramp up its efforts to defeat this bill. if that is what you want, fine, do nothing. But I suggest you start calling your Reps and telling them to pass this bill. I dont know the House number yet, but will post it when I do. Until then, start calling!!!

Call 1-800-332-2313 and give your zip code to be connected with your Rep. Do it!

Or send an email 01.Jun.2005 14:07

George Bender

clarification 01.Jun.2005 18:06

reader 2

<< The bill now heads to the house, where if the same thing happens, we are in real trouble. >>

That is, since the Republicans constitute a majority in the Oregon house but a minority in the Oregon senate, if every Republican in the house votes against this, it will fail and can't become law, no matter what the Dems say or do.

But we also have to remember to pressure the Dem reps as well as the Repubs. Because the vote could be very close and the usury industry will be trying hard to line up not only every Repub but also to get a few Dems to break with their party. (All in return for campaign funds or other favors, ya know.)

margaret carter - a disgrace? 02.Jun.2005 12:41

someone else

perhaps someone can confirm for me: i hear that margaret carter, senator from N and NE portland was the only democrat to vote against the pay day loan bill. the ONLY democrat. as an afro-american woman and representing N and NE portland, and other areas, i would be appalled that she would cave to the pro usury lobby and vote against this bill. perhaps "reader" should not have congratulated portlanders so quickly. if confirmed, margaret carter REALLY needs to hear from you. her vote was no doubt meant to "support low income people who need these loans" or some other such industry line.
i do not want to believe that she would vote against this, but it appears she may have.

George, maybe you can find the voting records on the senate site? I sure cant...

The records are here.... 02.Jun.2005 22:37


Scroll down to SB 545. And yes, Margaret Carter voted for the bill.


5-31 Bill read. Carried by Prozanski. Passed.

Ayes, 17; Nays, 13--Atkinson, Beyer, Carter, Ferrioli, George, Kruse, Morse, Nelson, Starr, B., Starr, C., Westlund, Whitsett, Winters.

Carter voted AGAINST not for 03.Jun.2005 17:53

reader 2


what you mean to say is that Margaret Carter voted AGAINST the bill. Not for it. That is a god damn disgrace. I will demand that Margaret Carter explain herself to her constituents.
If you live in her district - N and NE portland, I strongly suggest you call her and demand an explanation. The woman calls herself a Democrat and votes AGAINST simple and reasonable restrictions on the practice of usury in the form of pay day loans, which prey on low-income people, especially those of color and/or in the military.

Margaret Carter, how do you explain yourself. Speak up.