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LowFi Of Newest FSCK The Corporate Media

DJ MicroBrew's "FSCK The Corporate Media"
Podcast number 6! Here's the low fi.
Get the higher ones over at radio4all or liveradio.
Hear the Sounds of the Podcast
Hear the Sounds of the Podcast
Another installment of Dj Microbrew's FSCK The Corporate Media.
(Please do not rebroadcast this version. If you'd like to replay or broadcast, please get the higher fi or the Ogg,
and  http://www.radio4all.net and  http://liveradio.indymedia.org

Thanks! Marco



Before I get into anything else I must tell you.

My ringtone has been Rage Against The Machine's
"Guerilla Radio" for more than a year now. And
that is never going to change. Just so you know!!!
Good on ya Crazy Frog Axel F, Good on ya Coldplay,
and Good on ya Oasis. But rot in hell if you think I
will ever buy into your consumeristic, corporatocratic
commercial Bertolo-warneristic sony-ony-onyistic bullcrap.

Corporate Media, corporate music, corporate government
Filesys check all a yall!



Get it.
Got it?

FSCK THE CORPORATE MEDIA is a presentation of ATI zine along with prime anarchist productions.
This podcast will be broadcast on a webcast with a once a week deadline and our goal will always
be to keep it under 39 minutes so you can put two shows on a disk and hand it to someone who
doesn't have internet.
If we go long?
please edit us from the bottom up.

don't hate the media,
f s c k the corporate media

Rather than headlines this week, I'm going to read you
a couple things from ATI zine. Much more important in
my not so humble opinion.


Martin Gashweseoma
johnross' Blindman's Buff #72

Oh yeah,
and lastly the old but pertinent Michael Jackson
tidbit from rotten.com
 http://www.rotten.com/library/bio/entertainers/music/michael- jackson


[ insert Media Minutes. ]

Four clips from the telefone?

only 3 turned out. And they're a little hard to hear
and full of hiss, but I'll try to put them in here

1 and 2 are parts of a column from:

And the last one's a voiced in story from a magazine.
Neat, eh?

[skipped. sorry. maybe next week...]

and next up, Patrick Moore's

Weekly world Waylon word of the week.

91-1 media reform various
makia's 4 points.

2517 to end of radiocurious.
frank pacino.

612 martha on laura flanders
being unsigned free.

find some of change the world too!

42:00 of dsc 4/16
sony building fraying at the edges

20 mins of vernon bellecourt.
fpoyd westerman on extermination

54:50 of lotus on borderhack

Send us audio feedback.

no, dont skype me. call 8608872600 extention 5293 and leave it there.
We'll go right to wav and get it up there a s a p.

I'd like to suddenly give a random shoutout to the peeps at odeo.com

And also shoutouts to:

rampart radio!

A few poems from "for the pentagon."
urls etext?

2517 to end of radiocurious.
frank pacino.

FTCM = FSCK The Corporate Media

News you can use every TUESday for when they abuse and try to put the screws to yous.

[ End with all 17mins of 26may's morning coffee notes! ]