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The RED and Black shoe, of clownarchy

when you need a kick in the butt...
the red shoe of DEATH!!!
Where are you 31.May.2005 20:16

Not You

Does this like travel around like the Oscar Meyer weiner mobile?

the shoe moves like a hover craft 31.May.2005 21:22


It has no weenies but I do have smoke bombs

I Don't Know just a Rumour 01.Jun.2005 16:55

Not Sure

Some one said the popo were going to start using a similar model vehicle to police Critical Mass rides in the future. Do you know if this is true? It would be crazy to see 25 vehicles like this chasing after bike riders.

Imagin if all critical mass bikes were shoes 01.Jun.2005 19:34


We have been contracted to build the city 15 shoes-bikes to combat you hippys.