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March Now for Truth, Justice, and Community

From June 12-18, Oregonians from every corner of the state will march from Salem to Portland to declare a People's Emergency: The war against Iraq is also a war against the people in America, and we're not going to take it lying down.
The Walk for Truth,Justice, and Community is an unprecedented week-long anti-war and pro-human rights march from Salem to Portland, June 12-18: Our Demands are: Call the Oregon Guard Home from Iraq, Fund Human Needs, Not Global War, Stop Attacks on Immigrants and on all of our Civil Liberties. The walk is being organized by the Rural Organizing Project, as well as by CAUSA - the state-wide immigrant rights group, with help from peace groups such as WILPF, Portland Peaceful Response, Portland Peace and Justiceworks, NW Military Families Speak Out, Oregon Action, and others . Right now over 200 folks from around the state have signed up to walk from Salem to Portland . It's an exciting effort to build a real coalition with different constituencies, using the powerful symbolism of a march through the countryside to declare that the WAR is creating an EMERGENCY for the people of Oregon.We invite everyone to join this project in any way that you can: as a walker for all week or for a day, as a volunteer worker, or as a rally participant. Contact  walkforjustice@rop.org for information, for a march application, or call 503-543-8417.

The March starts with a big kick-off rally in Salem on Sunday June 12 (2 Pm @ the State Capitol). Immigrants and citizens will rally together in solidarity to protest the passage of the Real ID Act - passed as part of the Iraq War appropriation - which condemns immigrants to carry a special ID - just like in South Africa under apartheid.This is why we say that the war in Iraq is also a war on the people at home.

On Monday, June 13, 10 am, we will deliver hundreds of postcards from around the state to Governor Kulongoski's office in the State Capitol Building - demanding that he call for the return of the Oregon National Guard from Iraq, and provide an accounting of how much the deployment is costing Oregon.

On Tuesday, June 14, the walkers will be in Woodburn, Oregon in solidarity with the farmworkers union - PCUN.Most of the people fighting and dying in Iraq are working people, whose right to organize and earn a liveable wage is diappearing, forcing many to choose the military as a way out. Undocumented Immigrants are increasingly being given the choice: join the service or be deported. Join us for a celebration at PCUN headquarters 4-7pm. Contact  walkforjustice@rop.org for location and directions.

On Wednesday, June 15, walkers will be in Canby for a speak-out on how local communities are being hurt by state and federal budget cuts, while billions go to fight the war . 7-9pm. Contact  walkforjustice@rop.org for location and directions.

On Thursday, June 16, walkers will hold a teach-in in Oregon City on civil liberties, the USA PATRIOT Act, and other threats to our civil liberties brought on by the so-called 'war on terror'. 5-7pm. Contact  walkforjustice@rop.org for location and directions.

On Friday, June 17, 4-5:30 PM, walkers will rally with Portland supporters at the Portland office of Senator Gordon Smith, One World Trade Center, SW 2nd & Salmon. Bring the troops home, stop prisoner abuse, honor human rights, fund human needs, nor global war. We need hundreds to show up an re-launch the protest resistance to an illegal war with no end in sight!

Saturday, June 18, the march concludes with a closing ceremony and re-committment to take this struggle back to our communities with a new, more powerful network. Contact  walkforjustice@rop.org for location and directions.

There are times when it is necessary to put business-as-usual on hold, and take a stand. The war in Iraq is producing tragedy overseas, and deep division and damage at home. As Dr King said about another war, forty years ago: "There comes a time when silence is betrayal."
Join the Walk for Truth, Justice, and Community -Contact  walkforjustice@rop.org or call 503-543-8417.

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