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posting summaries of today's stories, for your quick review, and so you can give us feedback if we missed anything
morning news crew for this program includes kathleen
stephenson, chris andreae, jim thompson, patrik
angstrom poore and others
Newspapers across the nation on this Memorial Day
had the same message from and for readers:
"Bring the troops home".Many of the papers
represented the voices of the
so-called RED STATES.

-- 'Dallas Morning News', Dallas Texas, owned
by Belo as is Portland's KGW channel 8:
"Today the military needs more than remembrance."
-- 'Broomfield Enterprise', Broomfield Colorado:
"Residents say bring the troops home."
-- 'Billings Gazette', Billings Montana:
"Bring the troops home."
There were more than 4 thousand entries on google;
something to remember on this Memorial Day
1. Hispanic students are not getting as much out of
their education as other students.
2. Wal-Mart may be bumping up against growth limits in
3. A nw species of rust fungus has appeared on the S.
Oregon coast.
4. FSRN NW hydropower and the Endangered Species Act.
5. Students at Southern Oregon University have voted
to ban military recruiters on campus.
6. The Bush administratioon in doing an internal
review of its war on terrorism.
7. FSRN The Star Wars program is ramping up.
8. A bhill to create an aesbestos disease goes to the
Senate for a vote.
9. Compromise on filibusters and judicial nominees
pleases no one.
10.FSRN Bolton nomination redux.
11.Laura Bush for president.
12.France says no to EU constitution.
13.Rafik al-Hariri's son swept the polls in Beirut but
turn-out was low.
14.Shiite and Sunni groups have agreed to ease
sectarian tensions pushing Iraq to civil war.
15.al-Qaeda says that Zarqawi is leading the anti-US
puppet government attacks.
16.FSRN Pro-democracy rallies continue in Nepal.
17.Israeli planes rocket Gaza.
18.Iran's Guardian Council has approved a measure
passed by parliament demanding the government develop
Nuke technology.
19.Japanese war stragglers turn out to be a hoax.
20.Saudi questions citizens handed over by Syria on
suspicion of trying to enter Iraq.
21.Condi was interrupted by enactment of Abu Ghraieb.
22.MEMORIAL DAY in newspapers across the nation.
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