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Homeland Security Protects Us All From Bittorrent Users

Federal authorities on Wednesday shut down a Web site used to find movies on the Bit Torrent file-sharing network...
Federal authorities on Wednesday shut down a Web site used to find movies on the Bit Torrent file-sharing network, which was used to distribute the new "Star Wars" movie even before it was shown in theaters.
The EliteTorrents.org Web site was engaging in high-tech piracy by helping people download copies of movies and other copyright material for free, authorities said.
The action was the first criminal enforcement against individuals who are using cutting-edge BitTorrent technology, Justice and Homeland Security Department officials said.

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Good to know my tax dollars keep people from downloading Episode III !
God Bless Capitalism... 30.May.2005 21:15

Pravda or Consequences

Downloaders are "financial terrorists".

"You're either with us, or against us."

Listen it was closed for our protection 30.May.2005 23:16


Those files were being shared by terrorists. The terrorists were going to use MP3s to subvert our youth. Remember freedom come with a price (about $0.35 with a coupon).

Hooray! 31.May.2005 00:42

We're saved

Osama Bit Torrent was captured!

Fuck Intellectual Property 31.May.2005 10:56


Wow, first pufferbelly toys, and now bittorrent. Those homeland security guys are really on the job.

I believe that the justification given by HS officials for getting involved in toy (and probably movie) piracy has to do with economic supremacy. In other words, officials said that part of their job, in protecting the homeland, is to "keep the economy strong," and to prevent the wrong element from weakening that economy by using fraud, theft, or other forms of "economic terrorism." So Pufferbelly toys got a visit as part of a crackdown on the illegal rubik's cube trade, and bittorrent got hit because, you know, video piracy is like, illegal and stuff. They have to keep the economy strong and incorruptible to save der fatherland, you know.

So I'm wondering, then, when they will get around to clamping the cuffs on Kenneth Lay? Or maybe the folks at Arthur Anderson, or hey, how about those boys from Silverado? ...or is it just nickle and dime small-time "intellectual property rights" offenders that they see as a threat to their way of life? Yeh, I think that's it.

hahaha 23.Jul.2005 10:35


I love it! the government is such a piece of shit when it comes to stopping piracy, i love how long torrents have been around and they still havent done shit to stop it aside from shuting down a few sites. at this rate were gonna have 2 or 3 entirely new ways of pirating by the time they stop torrents, if they ever do that is. if this was a war we'd be dancing on their leaders dead corpse and raping the countryside while they tell the country that their winning the fight.