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Rural Resident Protests Roadless Rule Rollbacks Up A Tree In Hood River

For Immediate Release:

contact: (541)386-9934
Mon. May 30th from 10-2pm
and Fri. June 3rd 12-7pm
Updates on issue from DC only
Lisa Dix, American Lands

Rural Resident Protests Roadless Rule Rollbacks Up A Tree In Hood River

In the early morning of Mon. May 30th, a platform was erected about 60 ft.

above the ground near the middle of Hood River, OR. A man going by the name

Lorax, is sitting in the platform and will not come down. He is protesting the Bush

Administration eliminating the Roadless Area Conservation Rule and putting in its

place a process where each state governor can petition for protection of certain

roadless areas.

Lorax's statement: "In July 2004 the Bush Administration decided to ignore

the sentiment of the American citizens by eliminating the Roadless Area

Conservation Rule and in its place put a meaningless process that will not

necessarily protect anything. We the people, need to remind Bush that we have

already told the government loud and clear how we feel about this piece of

legislation. A record number of Americans wrote to the federal government, 1.6 million,

and over 95% supported the Roadless Rule. Now, without showing any science or

holding one public hearing Bush is throwing the roadless rule out. So, I ask all the

state governors to stand up and say we want all the same lands protected that were

safeguarded under the Clinton rule and demand that the state and federal taxpayers

don't have to pay for this process.

Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski has said that he will start the petition process

but has criticized the Bush Administration for forcing the states to repeat work

already done by federal agencies. Kulongoski also said that Oregon has no

assurance that the administration will do what he asks since the federal government

gets to make the final decision. This move by the administration also opens up

roadless areas burnt by the 2002 Biscuit Fire to logging.

The reason that the man is not releasing his personal information to the

media is that he does not want the media to focus on him instead of the issue at hand.

"Lorax" represents himself and is not with or representing any organization.
More Activity in Hood River 30.May.2005 13:04

Billy Ray

Hood River will be in for more surprizes 6/3 when downtown is filled with
people observing "First Friday" -war and bush protests.

Rally in Hood River Friday June 3rd at 7 pm 30.May.2005 13:15

Friends of the Lorax

Join Forest Friends of the Lorax in Hood River to protest the Bush administration rollbacks of the Roadless Rule this Friday June 3rd at 7 pm at the intersection of Oak and 5th in Hood River. Support this forest defender in calling for the protection of our forest and wild spaces.

It is rare that an event such as this happens in Hood River, and enlightening the residents of this town and other rural areas to the extreme plight of the forests here and in southern oregon is important work to be doing.

Over 386,000 miles of roads currently riddle our national forest system, over 50% of these national forests are grazed, in the Gifford Pinchot forest alone, there are an average of 6 miles of roads for every square mile of forest... resulting in massive erosion problems & road washouts, as anyone who has driven through there has seen. This is an abomination, and the few roadless forests that remain desperately need the protections that were afforded by Clinton's Roadless Rule. The Bush administration is well aware of the public support for this rule, and is refusing to abide by the will of the public to preserve public lands for future generations.

The gutting of the Roadless Rule opens up 58.5 million acres currently protected under the rule to logging and other destructive "multiple uses" like mining and grazing. These areas must continue to be protected!

As Kulongoski has rightfully pointed out, this kind of decision-making about the fate of federal forest land should not be left to the states' legislative branches. This is not within the purview of their abilities as governors. The forest service has previously determined that protections be in place for these wild places, and governors aren't trained in forest management. Many governors are unlikely to apply for protections for the federal forests in their states, judging by the way state lands are managed, especially in the west, and even if they do, again, they aren't in positions to know what does and doesn't need protection, and what that protection should even look like.

A Call to Raise Our Voices for the Forests and Our Future!!! 02.Jun.2005 08:01

Forest Friend in NY

Let's organize a nation-wide tree sit - a simultaneous protest - a person in a tree in every state of *our* union. Be a loud, clear and united voice to protect our lands. The few should not profit at the expense of losing what we can't replace, subsidized with money we earn and pay in taxes. What about the future of this planet and our children's children? Consumption of forest products is out of control. Let's help stop the global assault on forests!