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Organizing a new Portland Free Skool

Years ago...some guy started a free school in Berkely called the "Tuesday Night" learning collective. Every tuesday night people met to discuss anything they wanted. If they wanted deeper learning they just met at other times and explored the world together. If someone had something to teach, they did. If someone wanted to learn something they posted it on a bulletin board or brought it to the group...or just did it and shared what they were learning with other.

I want to start a free school here, in Portland...

There are things we need to learn from each other right now so we can survive and thrive in the future. We need to learn to live without oil. We need to learn to grow and preserve our own food. We need to learn to heal ourselves using natural plant and earth medicine. We need to learn to cooperate and create strong healthy communities. We need to learn to talk and listen to each other. Many of us do not have money to spare to pay others to teach us. So, we have to assist each other to learn in a free and natural style. Free skools are a way for this to happen.

Portland Free Skool MeetingMonday June 6th at Laughing Horse