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Cursed Animal Rights Activists Ruin My Evening

Animal Rights Activists, believing they have freedom of speech, take it upon themselves to publicly express their opinions.
Another lovely evening watching Goebbels on the History Channel was ruined when a mob of crazed animal activists rang my doorbell and announced that they were there to protest! My dog Fido immediately sprang into guard dog duty as he lept on chairs and tables to let them know that animal supporters are not welcome here. They even asked me to stop torturing the animals, as if they could think and feel. Everyone knows all that twitching and screaming is just reflex, and besides, I don't torture animals, my technicians do.

These rabble rousers chanted outside my house:

Eliot Spindel don't be shy,
Come outside and tell us why,
why you torture, maim, and kill,
is it for money or just the thrill.

My fine Republican neighor stood by me and shouted supporting slogans. You can always count on conservatives to know that people come first, and that no amount of suffering or lost lives outweighs the joy of saving one golden child, who will in turn help populate the earth.

Of course, I immediately phoned the police and then attempted to photograph them, but the flash didn't go off and my photos show only black blurs. They rushed to their vehicles, and my neighbors joined the chase in an attempt to get their license numbers.

I don't know who these people are, but they've been here before and I expect they'll return. I heard that they also visited my collegue Daniel Casey's house. These animal activists seem to believe that they have the right to publicly express their opinions and stir up bad feelings that disrupt our peaceful, happy lives. Damn radicals!

hmm 26.May.2005 18:05


next time bring bricks!



WOW I am so glad people are getting active right now....stay active! Thank you all so much whoever you are.....keep up the good work! Hey OHSU, FUCK YOU and your useless animal testing! I know you all read this. STAY ACTIVE PEOPLE!!!!! STAY ACTIVE!!!!

umm, is this a joke? 26.May.2005 19:18


"ruined your evening"?? are you serious?? do you have nothing to say that actually attempts to defend what you are doing, namely torturing innocent animals for psuedo science.
"believing they have freedom of speech" in referring to animal activists, do YOU believe in freedom of speech?? it is true that often this very basic right is stolen from people but the last time I checked freedom of speech still exists.

Yes, Eliot, Why Do You Torture, Maime and Kill? 26.May.2005 20:17

Harvard Grad

Is this the same Eliot Spindel who resides with K. Paulino at 5899 Sunbrook Drive in Lake Oswego with a telephone number, at least for the time anyway, of 503 624 9364? My god, I went to Harvard Medical School with this guy back in the late 70's and he was pulling wings off flies even then. Shame on you Eliot, I knew you would never become a respectable human being.

My Face Is Red 26.May.2005 20:58

Harvard Grad

Need to beat all you Yale Grads to the punch. Spelling has never been one of my strong points but I do know that by attaching an "e" to the end of "maim" you come up with an entirely different word. Eliot, you are still a jerk.



We are watching you
Better lock your doors
You are fucking sick
Better shut your gate (well if you do we can just climb over it)
and we will do it again and again and again HA! UNTIL YOU PULL OUT OF OHSU


likely not mr. spindel 27.May.2005 09:05

pdx indy workerbee

obviously, this piece is most likely not actually by mr. spindel, whose house was apparently the focus of a recent "home demo" by local citizens who oppose his work at ohsu.

this creative form of reporting on an action is great, though. mix it up! any blurry photos to add?

nicotine experiments on pregnant macaques 27.May.2005 12:59

a great ape

I just want to make sure that we don't lose sight of the real issue in the ongoing debate about political strategy or alleged animal rights activism hypocrisy.

Elliot Spindel is making a life's career of injecting pregnant rhesus monkeys with nicotine to find the effects on their unborn fetuses after removing them surgically through cesarian section and dissecting them. When funding ran out for that project, he slightly changed his strategy by allowing the pregnancies to go full term, before killing and dissecting the babies at various stages of development.

So what are taxpayers getting for investing millions into these nicotine addiction monkey studies? Well, recently published in the Oregonian was a story about how Spindel's work seems to show that monkeys fed a high doses of vitamin C while addicted to nicotine, tend to have babies with fewer problems than those monkey mothers who were not getting the vitamin C. I would not be surprised if Spindel finds these results very interesting, but might suggest that more studies are needed.

Don't we already know a great deal about the ill effects of cigarette smoking from observing people dying of lung cancer? Is it really in the public's interest to use public money to give women who smoke another excuse not to have to quit when they become pregnant? I feel this money would be better spent on addiction support programs or smoking cessation education, not more animal research.

Since we can't reliably extrapolate from animals to humans, and monkeys don't usually smoke, outside of a lab experiment, I don't see why we should be spending money finding out the effects of nicotine in monkeys? After all, it was misleading experiments on rodents that the tobacco industry used for years to convince the public smoking wasn't really that harmful. Why should the public believe these studies to be any more reliable?

I Can Puff and Puff All Day Long As Long As I Remember To Pop A C 27.May.2005 14:31

Ain't Medical Research Wonderful

Oh that is so cool! You mean I can go get knocked up, continue my pack and a half a day habit, pop a vitamin C each morning and while my kid may have a few problems in life I cannot be held accountable for his disorders because I faithfully took my daily dose of C. Oh Eliot, you are my hero! Want to meet me for a smoke some time, Big Guy?

Act up Fight back 27.May.2005 16:36

On the outside looking in

This is some really great stuff that these activists are doing. What is needed is more people to form their own cells and carry out their own actions. What would happen if these researchers were being visited by various cells not on a monthly basis but on a weekly or nightly basis? Would the neighbors be so supportive then, if the very presence of an animal abuser in their neighborhood was causing a disruption in their lives? A few brave individuals have paved the path for others to organize and act. What should we do when animals, any animal, are tortured and killed in the name of sham science? ACT UP FIGHT BACK!

.. 27.May.2005 19:07

preface of whats to come

and realize that on top of all of it, we are in fact in the preliminary stages of what appears to be becoming an all out civil war...on many fronts. Animal rights activism only one. God help us.

Great work people 27.May.2005 19:57

monkey defender

Pull off the mask of respectability these researchers hide behind, and see the ugly and brutal face of vivisection...

What you see is what you get in labs 28.May.2005 12:26


Thanks for showing the reality of vivesection.Keep defending the animal kingdom.

more 28.May.2005 14:06


It all seems so sterile and scientific, until you realize the pain and misery behind this junk science...

Baby animals taken away from their mothers at birth - at great distress to both; monkeys (and other animals) going through numerous surgeries, generally given no painkillers after the fact; separated from their social groups; living life alone cages; unable to exercise, to move, to ever breathe fresh air...

This has got to stop.

BEST HEADLINE EVER 28.May.2005 14:58


That's the best Indy headline ever ! No shit!

How do you get started? 28.May.2005 15:58

An admitted novice

If someone wanted to start up another group to do home protests entirely independent from those presently doing them how would they get started? Do you stay within the law? What are the laws and how can someone look them up to avoid an arrest? How can you find these researchers' addresses? Any helpful tips you can give to a novice without revealing yourselves?

i messed up 29.May.2005 08:02

an admitted novice

okay i think i get it.i asked the wrong questions in an open space.sorry.as i said iam a novice.will have to figure this one out on my own.no harm intended just needed to know how to get going on this.having said that i admire those out there who are trying to protect the animals and the earth.

Hey, novice, I don't know how to do this either, but I see this: 29.May.2005 09:52



It looks a little confusing to me, but it looks like the right ones might be under "answers below."

As far as I know, these kinds of demonstrations are completely legal (including megaphones) before 10p.m.

So, that's what I think, as a do-nothing, know-nothing myself. If anyone knows different, post it please! Let's hear it! Protests against the horrific abuse at the primate center are good! Would we hope for any less for ourselves from those who were free, if we were trapped in a cage alone our entire lives?

dumbfounded 29.May.2005 13:05

admitted novice

holy crap!this is a road map to a gold mine.never in my wildest dreams did i ever think there was this much information available.bet the researchers and the security patrol were sweating bullets when this list was published.my hats off to you guys this is some amazing shit.you have my deepest respect and admiration.keep up the good fight.

ENOUGH 30.May.2005 10:25

Peter O. Kohler

the end!

Ruined your evening??? 30.May.2005 17:40

An animal lover and compassionate personl

Ruined your evening??? Truly there are not words in the English language to describe the awful, terrible, torturous, soul-less inhumane and un-human thing that you are. Ruined your evening? You poor darling. You brutalize, torture and kill poor innocent sentient creatures and you want people to feel badly for you. Give me a break. You are the scum of the earth. You are a monster. Ruined your evening? You ruin these animals lives. You make their life a living hell. The things that you do in your research on animals is unbelieveable, unspeakable and truly unfathomable. Truly you are a hideous person doing hideous things to these poor animals. And for what? For absolutely nothing!! Not to help anyone but yourself-it is to sit on your ass doing absolutely nothing except torture animals to get big bucks -also known as medical welfare. The good news is that in your next life God will have you come back as a monkey used in animal research experiments just like what you now do on monkeys - lets see how much you enjoy that - I'm sure that will ruin more than your evening. Too bad I can't be one of the researchers doing the torture to you - I won't be able to because I have a heart, a soul, compassion for all living creatures - things that you know nothing of.