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Nader:Support Conyers on Impeachment - link here to email

Ralph Nader told the nation to support Rep. Conyers who is considering moving forward on impeachment hearings. Only people of his state can contact his DC office, emails are filtered.
Mr. Nader said Bush([search]) is "the most impeachable President in Modern History" and talked about high crimes and misdemeanors committed by this administration for oil.

He also urged citizens to do simple things like sending emails. Millions of emails will have an affect on Legislators that they will have to address.

Click on the link below to send a message to his Judiciary Committee Democratic Members.
Thank you for taking the time to do your civic duty. This link takes you straight to the form:


(If this link is not active, please check another IMC site.)
Minnesota Senate Candidate Also calls For Impeachment 24.May.2005 20:50

GreenPartyMike ollamhfaery@earthlink.net

Michael Cavlan RN, Candidate for US Senate in Minnesota also calls for Impeachment against Bush. Using the recently revealed Downing St Memo, showing that Bush lied to Congress in order to invade Iraq, which is an act of "high crimes and misdemeanor" an impeachable act, Cavlan in the same conference questioned if Senator Coleman was racist, due to his obsession with Kofi Annan and the UN.

Cavlan is also a local Twin Cities Indy Media Journalist who has called into question if Corporate Media has lost it's credibility and if it can be trusted. He was also one of the official Re-Count Observers in Ohio, which highlighted potential Election Fraud and voter Disenfranchizment in the last election in 2004.

The Press Conference was fairly well attended and was reported by MPR amongst other corporate media outlets.

To hear the Press Conference in full simply visit Minnesota Public Radio, follow the link to politics then follow the links to the US Senate Race in 2006.

I was wondering 25.May.2005 05:28

U. Sam

when he was going to come out

Replacing the President 25.May.2005 11:28


It's not only for "oil" this President should probably be impeached, but for the administration attacking its own people by electronic harassment.

As I write this message, a jet descends only to give me great discomfort--the same thing that has been happening to others.

We can only pray God replaces Mr. Bush with a righteous man who is dedicated to protecting us.

This next president should not bow to men from foreign countries (except in respect this is). Nor should he take bribes, or favors, as a means of sacrficing mens lives

We need a leader who tells the truth and conveys it to the public.

I trust this will happen soon so we can all again live at peace, our soldiers come home, and we will have justice in the courts.

And the electronic harassment which is plaguing so many people will finally be eliminated!

But who will be the next President?

The next President 25.May.2005 11:36


Thank you for this news.

I hope this action takes place soon so I feel safe in my country.

I don't want any President 26.May.2005 09:54


The SYSTEM stinks. Doesn't matter who's in charge. Been that way since the beginning and will be that way till we finally adopt new modes of living. Industrial techno society with TV sedated citizens isn't good for people or the planet.