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Peter Young update [new address/court date]

Peter has arrived in Madison, WI today. Please write to him!!! He
has been in transit for the last few weeks and has been housed in a
couple jails around the country. He was not allowed to bring letters
from the last jail so please write to him again!
His new address is:

Peter Young #223341
Dane County Jail
115 West Doty St
Madison, WI 53703

He can receive by US mail only:
-2 soft covered books at a time mailed from you or the bookstore
-2 magazines
-Photos (no Polaroids)
-money orders sent to the address above with his name on it

See  http://www.SupportPeter.com for more updates or e-mail
 info@supportpeter.com with
any questions.

Peter has his first appearance tomorrow at the Federal Courthouse in
Madison. If you know anyone in the area, please let them know.

When: Tuesday, May 24 at 1:30
Where: 120 N. Henry St. Madison, WI
Room 460 (4th Floor)
What: Arraignment court date for Peter Young.

Please bring an ID (you need to show ID to get into the federal
courthouse), and dress appropriately for court. Court will start
promptly at 1:30 so try to arrive by 1:15pm.

homepage: homepage: http://www.SupportPeter.com