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9.11 investigation

Proposal for 9/11 truth movement statement

Proposed points for a united statement of progressive 9/11 Truth Movement supporters
Proposed points for a united statement of progressive 9/11 Truth Movement supporters:
(revised and updated draft from december 2004)

Public statements:

9/11 was an inside job, perpetrated by private US military and intelligence contractors.

The work of the 9/11 commission was the biggest historical whitewash of history and a crime against humanity.
The members of the commission were corrupt individuals with a long list of conflicts of interest.
The commission also shares responsibility for an ongoing crime in Iraq.
We also condemn the former appointments of Henry Kissinger and George Mitchell.

We condemn any attempt to cover-up or discredit suppressed evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job.

There is no clear evidence linking the alleged 19 suspects to any of the Sept. 11th attacks.
Their identities furthermore are based on the identities of surviving persons innocent of any link to 9/11.
The alleged hijackers were described by witness as very poor pilots, yet they allegedly performed highly expert maneuvers on the morning of 11th September 2001. Their official flight history is more than suspicious and not credible.
In at least one example, Lotfi Raissi, one of the alleged flight instructors of "suspect" Hani Hanjour, was declared innocent by a British court. The two never met each other.
The FBI furthermore confirmed by omitting a missing picture of Bin Laden on their homepage that he was not linked to any of the Sept. 11th attacks.

The "9/11 commission report" failed to mention that international advance warnings of the attacks, some using very specific and accurate information, were provided to US authorities by as many as 11 different nations, including the Taliban (BBC).
Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly appeared in an interview on MSNBC on 15th September 2001, where he confirmed that he "had ordered Russian intelligence to warn the US government "in the strongest possible terms" of imminent assaults on airports and government buildings" before the 9-11 attacks.

The 9/11 attacks are strongly linked to the real perpetrators of the anthrax attack, most obviously tied to private intelligence contractors of Fort Detrick.

We declare both the Democratic and Republican parties as complicit and guilty of a cover-up of 9/11. The same applies to the majority of the US mainstream press.

We urge "the people" to push forward for an arrest of the current administration and an immediate interim coalition government of other remaining parties, i.e. US Constitutionalists, US Libertarians and US Greens, until some US Congressmen are cleared for a new election.

We insist, that the evidence proves that the presidential elections since at least 2000 have been illegal and been manipulated. We urge to bar electronic voting machines from future elections.

We condemn an increasing trend to fascism in this country and declare its supporters as violators of the principles of on human ethics.

We urge "the people" and US Congress to a debate on the evidence we have collected, in public and in live broadcast hearings on a dedicated TV channel accessible to everyone, based on the idea of the Nuremberg Trials.

Al-Qaeda does not exist and is a bogus organization trumped up by US, UK and Israeli intelligence, linked to technically unsophisticated "insurgents" incapable of a military operation like 9/11.

We demand a clear analysis of the official timeline for the scrambling of Air Force jets to intercept and/or shoot down the alleged hijacked passenger jets, which has changed several times, with no explanation as to why "mistakes" were made in previous accounts or why the latest version is more trustworthy than its predecessors.

We urge the FAA to explain, why Flight77 aka N644AA did not exist in their BTS database on Sept. 11th, why the departure of Flight 11 aka N334AA was not listed,
why Flight 93 aka N591UA did not exist until one week before and left 20 minutes earlier (with most of the passengers of "Flight 91") instead of the official version,
also why Flight 175 aka N612UA did not have the same wheels-off time as officially claimed.

We urge the White House and Pentagon finally to respond on the controversy surrounding what hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11th.

Five frames from a Pentagon CCTV camera were released (BBC and others), however the source of the images is unknown, since no-one will admit to having released them.
The five frames do not show a Boeing 757 which was alleged to have hit the Pentagon, and both the time and date in the display are incorrect.
Also, the bright yellow color is usually the result of a well balanced oxidation process, instead only orange color would refer to a jet fuel explosion.
Furthermore early photos of the impact prove, that no 757 hit the building.
Any witness reports linked to members of the pre-9/11 Pentagon renovation program are not credible.

Still also ignored, a gas station opposite the Pentagon had its surveillance tape, which showed the impact, seized by FBI agents within minutes of the attack. (Richmond Times).
A video from the rooftop cameras of a DC hotel, believed to be the Sheraton, was confiscated by the FBI after employees had sat watching it in "shock and horror." (Bill Gertz, Washington Times).
We demand the public release of these tapes.

We urge intelligent circles to declassify and publicly release:

-the complete surveillance tape of the Pentagon
-the complete surveillance tape(s) of the "Pentagon highway"
-the complete surveillance tape of the Sheraton
-the complete surveillance tape of NEXCOMM gas station near the Pentagon
-the complete surveillance tape of the Portland motel where Mohammad Atta allegedly stayed on Sep10th. The former motel manager was fired, after expressing skepticism about this investigation. She never saw Atta or his companions, neither was the FBI interested in screening the motel tape.
-the Ground Zero videotapes of ex-FEMA cameraman Kurt Sonnenfeld, who was arrested in January 2000 for killing his wife

We urge the people to look into the evidence of controlled demolition of WTC 1, 2 and 7 on Sept. 11th, and the cover-up of this evidence.
The collapse of WTC Building 7 is not even mentioned by the Commission Report.

Whatever hit the Twin Towers, was no commercial aircraft.
We are aware of the various speculations, but also demand first explanations from the US Government.

So far it is clear from the evidence:
Flight 11 and Flight 175 did not hit the towers.
Flight 175 was still "missing" during the afternoon, as confirmed by United Airlines on Sept. 11th.
Flight 11 was not listed in the FAA-BTS database.

It's more than obvious, that some flights were part of a secret terror exercise, and the passengers were killed by the real perpetrators in another way which had nothing to do with the official version.
We also demand a clear DNA analysis by Myriad Genetics of any of the passengers from evidence disclosed from "Fresh Kills."

More than 2 dozen U.S. terror exercise drills between 2000 and Sept. 11th, 2001, associated with the real perpetrators of 9/11, point to clear prior knowledge and complicity in most important details of the Sept. 11th attacks:

In late 2000, a miniature Pentagon building was attacked with a plane
In May 2001 the "Abbottsville" drill produced a sequel of the MASCAL Pentagon attack simulation exercise
On June 8th- 9th, 2001, "Operation Amber Sky" exercised a "realistic" full-scale mock exercise, including a simulation of "a disaster at the airport."
Between June 1st and 2nd, 2001, the terror drill "Amalgam Virgo 01" simulated the simultaneous hijacking of two planes in the United States. The drill included also the switching of planes.

The Office for Emergency Management in New York participated during 2001 in drills on "building collapses" and "plane crashes."

On September 8th, 2001, the Erie County/Buffalo Niagara airport carried out a "terror drill" exercise. More than 350 participants were involved in this exercise that simulated an aircraft landing with a terrorist on board and the threat of an explosive device on a plane.

On September 10th, 2001, an "anti-terror meeting" took place at Murtha Johnstown Airport, in the same Westmore County/Shanksville area, in the same tower, which was later evacuated, while almost witnessing a possible arrival of the official Flight 93.

Furthermore, 3 fire units in Washington DC had been involved in a coincidental exercise on the morning of Sept. 11th (including one exercise at the Heliport Station at the Pentagon!)

Also 4 or 5 so called military "war games," as possible cover-up, excuse for a limited hangout and distraction for a simulated hijack terror exercise, coincidentally took place on the morning of Sept. 11th.

Furthermore, yet another terrorist exercise by the NRO was postponed, which simulated a plane crash into their headquarters, and the bio-terror exercise "triPOD" for Sept. 12th in New York was postponed.

None of these drills and games have ever been clearly discussed in the mainstream media.

Both wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were pre-planned and exercised BEFORE 9/11:

"State Department officials," at a meeting with the Taliban in Berlin in July 2001, were advising allies that Afghanistan would be invaded in October.
This was confirmed by Niaz Naik, former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, and reported by the BBC (09/18/01).
The so-called evidence on WMD in Iraq was faked on purpose, the war was already planned prior to 9/11, pushed again right after 9/11, and okayed before any final decision by the US Congress and US intelligence had been made.
Recently released memos also confirmed another "final decision" on the invasion of Iraq in early 2002.

It is to be assumed that the bogus war on terrorism is directed against "insurgents" who are blocking oil pipeline projects and manipulation of the oil price.

We urge the people to analyze the role of the neocon think-tank "PNAC," which described in their pre 9/11 documents ("Rebuilding America's Defenses") their need for a "New Pearl Harbor," including a detailed scenario of wars against Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Russia and China (!)

We urge the establishment of an investigation and arrests of the following suspects for an international war tribunal:

Douglas Feith, Lewis L. Libby, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, William Luti, Stephen Cambone, Harold Rhode, Michael Rubin, Eliot Cohen, Christopher Demuth, Eric Edelman, David Jeremiah, Robert Kagan, Michael Ledeen, Ronald Fogleman, Richard Myers, David Jeremiah, Robert Loewenberg, Norman Podhoretz, James Woolsey, Gary Schmitt, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Norman Podhoretz, Randy Scheunemann, Elliott Abrams, Lawrence Franklin (already arrested), John Sheehan, etc....

We urge the removal of Paul Wolfowitz from his position at the world bank, of John Negroponte from US national intelligence and of Michael Chertoff as head of the Homeland Security.

The following witnesses should be invited to testify at an international criminal court at The Hague, Den Haag: see  http://post911timeline.org/article006.htm

James R. Clapper, since August 8th, 2001 head of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (two days after Bush received a new PDB with a clear warning on Bin Laden), has to explain and declassify documents on "Project Trailblazer," which was an outsourced satellite stealth-and surveillance program by NRO, NSA and NIMA, for private military contractors; among them Titan Corporation, Booz Allen Hamilton and BTG Inc, some of them working in the same Pentagon wing, which was supposedly attacked on Sept. 11th.

We urge an international crisis day and 'white table' at The Hague and the United Nations, on the day of the arrest of the current US administration, and the investigation of the US Congress for participating in the cover-up the 9/11 crime and support for fascism and two illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We want an explanation why the FBI and CIA have not openly disclosed that they worked with at least 5 publicly known informants who observed the alleged hijackers, among them Atif Ahmed, Aukai Collins, Randy Glass and Abdussattar Shaikh.
We also want an explanation why the CIA did not officially confirm that they had been aware of the surveillance of Mohammad Atta by German intelligence since 1998/99.
We also want an explanation, why neither the 9/11 commission nor the CIA have explained the background of an attempt in 1999 at hiring another informant, Marmoun Darkanzali, by CIA officer Thomas Volz, and why Darkanzali was not interrogated in the United States yet?

We want a live presentation on worldwide live TV of the alleged masterminds of 9/11, officially arrested with unknown whereabouts:
Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, Ramsi Binalshibh and Abu Zubaydah.
Why are the whereabouts of these suspects still classified?
We want the US to prove, if these individuals really exist!

We urge "the people" to demand a public release of the notes from a meeting of the morning of Sept. 11th, when Pakistani Intelligence Chief Mahmoud coincidentally already met in the US with Senate Joint Intelligence Co-Chairman Bob Graham ((D-FL) and former House Intelligence Porter Goss (now head of the CIA).
Both had prior knowledge about an attack "with planes" since August 6th 2001, as they both confirmed to the Washington Post.

We urge the people to demand the removal of Porter Goss as head of the CIA.
We urge the people to demand the arrest of George Tenet, former head of the CIA.

We urge Maurice Greenberg of AIG Insurance and Kroll Associates, Inc. to disclose why John O'Neill, ex-FBI anti terror chief, was hired for a security position at the Twin Towers.
We also urge the disclosure of the role of ex-OEM Jerome Hauer, who brokered this deal (confirmed by Laurie Garrett, NEWSDAY).
We also urge the disclosure of the significance and the floor maps of a Bunker in WTC7, whose construction was supervised by Hauer. We want to publicly disclose all details of an insurance scam regarding Ground Zero, the Twin Towers and WTC 7. We want to disclose the role of Westfield Properties.

We urge to demand a public release of the complete list of all participants in pre 9/11 drills in New York on "building collapses" and "plane crashes."

We demand to investigate Henry Kissinger on possible complicity in authorship of the original script of 9/11, referring to his "prophetic" words in 1991:

.".."Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order.
Tomorrow they will be grateful!
This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.
It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil.
The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government..."

We want the original documents for the establishment of the (ANSER) Institute of Homeland Security, already planned and finished BEFORE 9/11, starting in 1999, initiated by the CFR!

We want to see a waterproofed timestamp of the original PATRIOT ACT.

We want a clear investigation of the anthrax "attack" and its clear ties to Fort Detrick, MD.

We want to publicly disclose the connection between BENS (located at 1717 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20570), the Tail-to-Tooth Commission and establishment of the Homeland Security PRIOR to 9/11. We want to disclose the role of BENS and ex-NSA member Linda Millis, who coincidentally resided in the same city as some of the alleged hijackers.

We want to declassify the documents which were stolen by Sandy Berger, former Clinton National Security Advisor, which warned of a pending terrorist attack in 2001.

We want to disclose the statement of ex-CIA asset Bin Laden, who said on Sep16th, 2001:
"I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation" and repeated on September 28th, 2001:
"I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States."

We want to disclose the name of the CIA agent who claimed he found a Bin Laden video at a time, when the city of origin wasn't yet invaded by the US military.
We want to disclose the original translation of this video, already confirmed by German investigators as FALSE and flawed
This was furthermore supported by Christopher Ross, a US Department of State consultant, who admitted that the English translation was "not accurate confirming that he replayed the tape fifty times for translation;" and
furthermore confirmed by Donald Rumsfeld, who said:
"It took some time, and we believe it was done carefully, but we do not stand behind it.
It is not our tape. It is not our translation..."

We want disclosure of the name of the person, who "found" a passport by alleged hijacker Sataam Al Suqami at the World Trade Center. We also want the name of the person disclosed who found a visa of one of the alleged hijackers in the area of Shanksville.

We want the public release of the original flight manifesto of the official hijacked flights, which didn't list any of the alleged hijackers.

We want it disclosed why Bioport received a contract in 1998 to develop anthrax vaccines for three years until 2001.

We want the declassification of two Black Boxes from Sept. 11th, which were found and classified.

We're still waiting for the evidence papers of Colin Powell and Tony Blair on the participation of Bin Laden in the Sept. 11th attacks.

We want to hear a logical explanation why two alleged hijacker suspects of Sept. 11th got jailed for one year, yet the case waz never publicized.

We want to let the public know, that Bush's statement from Sept. 11th that he was at Booker Elementary School to announce a reading initiative is FALSE.
In fact, he had already visited another school (Griegos Elementary School) some weeks earlier to support this initiative, as confirmed by former secretary of education, Rod Paige.

George W. Bush has yet to explain why he twice said in public that he was able to see the first attack on public television before this video appeared on TV and officially didn't even exist yet.

We demand a public explanation why George Tenet and David Boren met on the morning of Sept. 11th at St. Regis Hotel, DC, BEFORE the attack. We want an investigation into their connections with the alleged "20th hijacker," Zacarias Moussaoui, and the public release of Moussaoui's movements.

We want to hear a logical explanation why supervisory Special Agent David Frasca was never interrogated on why he ignored FBI agent Kenneth Williams' so called "Phoenix"-memo, which implied a pending attack on the United States.

We also want to hear a logical explanation, why ex-FBIHQ chief Dale Watson (ex-CIA) also never really was interrogated on why he ignored FBI agent Kenneth Williams' so called "Phoenix"-memo and Colleen Rowley's investigation into Zacarias Moussaoui, which implied a pending attack on the United States. Watson later left the FBI and is now working at Booz Allen Hamilton, together with James Woolsey, PNAC member and ex-CIA director.

We want a public discussion of similarities between "Operation Northwoods" and 9/11.

We declare that 9/11 was another "Reichstags Fire" for a war on freedom, orchestrated by US perpetrators.

We would like to disclose publicly a statement by Willie Brown, former mayor of SF, who got a call from what he described as his airport security - "a full eight hours before yesterday's string of terrorist attacks - advising him that Americans should be cautious about their air travel."  link to www.sfgate.com

We demand a reopened investigation into the death of "witness" Katherine Smith, former employee of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, who was linked to the driver's licenses of the alleged suspects of Sept. 11th. Before she was able to testify, she was killed in a car crash.

We would to hear an explanation, why in October 2000, Peter Peterson of the Blackstone Group, a military arm of the Carlyle Group and partner of Kissinger Associates and/or TRW, obtained a "mortgage secured by 7 World Trade Center," a building formerly controlled by Larry Silverstein.

We would like to publicly disclose the role of Marvin Bush, the president's brother and former principal at Securacom, later named Stratesec, Inc., a company that provided security at the World Trade Center, Washington D.C.'s Dulles International Airport and United Airlines between 1995 and 2001.
Securacom was backed by a private Kuwaiti-American investment firm whose records were not open to full public disclosure. We furthermore demand an investigation into all security companies linked to WTC 1, 2, and 7.

We would like to have an answer on the official reason why former president George H. W. Bush, was in the White House on the morning of Sept. 11th, when the attack occurred.

We would like to have Lt. Col. Steve Butler (Defense Language Institute Monterey) testify as to why he stated in June 2002 that "of course Bush knew about the impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. His daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama..."

We would like Andrew Card to testify what exactly did he quickly whisper into George Bush's ear, when the second attack took place.

We would like to publicly disclose the reason for a meeting on the morning of Sept. 11th between former secretary of defense Frank Carlucci, former secretary of state James Baker III, and some representatives of the bin Laden family.
The meeting took place at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C.

We would like to know from director Rob Bowman and authors Vince Gilligan and John Shiban, as to who inspired them for a March 2001 TV episode on FOX TV, in which a commercial jet was "programmed" to crash into the "World Trade Center Towers."

We would like to know who blocked Robert de Niro and to put his film project on a terrorist attack in New York on hold during 2001?

We would like to know from the film team of the Naudet Brothers, how they were able to film a reaction shot of the first attack 8 blocks away from the official spot, where they apparently filmed the first attack?

We would like to know from cameraman Evan Fairbanks, why he lied about a blackout in Trinity Church Studios and therefore was able to film the second attack with a secret service agent in the background.

We would like to know from the Canadian CBC, why a filmmaker claimed his footage on the second attack was altered, and hear about the real origin of this tape.

We would like to know from Kofi Annan (United Nations) why he is blocking evidence on an inside job of 9/11?

We want public disclosure of the role of AMS, who developed the auditor software for the Pentagon, and Lockheed, who "fixed it;" this was part of a blocked investigation of a missing $3.3 trillion dollars prior 9/11.

We would like to hear about subjects discussed and names of visitors during Dick Cheney's month-long vacation in August 2001 in Jackson Hole, WY.

We would like to hear a confirmation if Ben Chertoff, editor of Popular Mechanics, which tried to smear and discredit the results of many of the members of the 9/11 Science and Justice alliance, is related to Michael Chertoff (Homeland Security).

We would like to have ex-CIA director William Cohen testify why he said in an September 10th, 2001 interview:
"Terrorism is escalating to the point that Americans may soon have to choose between civil liberties and more intrusive means of protection."

We would like to have disclosure of the source of a Sep 20th, 2001 NEWSWEEK report, which stated that the Pentagon was on high alert on Sep10th and urged their employees not to take a plane the following morning.

We would like to have public disclosure of the reasons for a $150 million pre-9/11 Pentagon renovation by AMEC Plc. of the same section of the Pentagon Wedge 1 which was later officially attacked.
AMEC was later also responsible for the removal of the rubble at Ground Zero and the Pentagon.
AMEC's auditor is KPMG. In June 2002, they hired former FBI IT chief Robert J. Chiaradio as managing director and lead advisor on homeland security.
Furthermore another cleanup company named Tully retained Controlled Demolition Inc., Phoenix, MD, who had been involved once in the demolition of the bombed Murrah Building in Oklahoma in 1995.
Controlled Demolition is specialized in implosions of big towers, like the Landmark Hotel Tower* in Las Vegas or the Columbus Homes Housing Projects in Newark, New Jersey.
In May 2001, Controlled Demolition Inc. was involved in a controlled demolition of 2 Twin Gas Storage Towers in Queens, New York.

We want public disclosure of the so called FBI 9/11 inside trading affair.
According to an indictment handed up by a New York grand jury, Tony "Amr" Elgindy and his associates, including one former and one current FBI agent (Jeffrey A Royer and Lynn Wingate), used confidential material from FBI files to shake down companies under federal scrutiny or to profit by betting their stock prices would fall.
Also Assistant U.S. Atty. Ken Breen confirmed at a May 24, 2002 bail hearing in federal court in San Diego that Elgindy might have had advance warning of the Sept. 11 attacks.
Tony Elgindy's brother, Khaled Elgindy works for a White House organization, the Arab American Institute. The so called CIA 9/11 Inside Trading story seems to distract from the FBI-9/11 story, which once hit NY Times.

We want public disclosure of the history of the so called Halliburton-Guantanamo Bay contracts.
In July 2002 it was confirmed by Reuters that Dick Cheney's former company Halliburton was awarded a contract to build cells in Guantanamo Bay.
However this contract was already an upgrade of an older contract from June 2000(!) with the number # N62470-00-D-0005 :

.".Work will be performed at worldwide locations, to be determined, when task orders are awarded. Work is expected to be complete by June 2001.."
We would like to know, if these "worldwide locations" already included Guantanamo Bay.


The 9/11 Truth movement supports the activities, analysis and ongoing research attempts of the 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance (9/11 SCAJA), among them Jeff Strahl, Christopher A. Brown, Jean T Gordon, Brad "greenmannowar," "FONEBONE," Rosalee Grabbe, Tim Canale, Stavros, Simon Aronowitz, Scott Loughrey, Ray Ubinger, Covalent, Jeff "Plaguepuppy" King, Marcus Icke, Leonard Spencer, Jerry Russell, Ed Barner, Christian Czech, Alex "Attorney" Floume, Stefan Grossmann, Gerard Holmgren, co-founder Nico Haupt aka ewing 2001 and others...

The 9/11 Truth movement declares the so called peak oil theory as a planted psy-OP to divert the eco-movement and 9/11 truth movement, carefully designed to demand more war, more oil and population control. We furthermore, without misunderstandings, demand active development of alternative energy and an investigation into original plans of seized Iraqi oilfields, international pipeline projects and manipulations of the oil price.

The 9/11 Truth Movement demands a clear unified statement, that 9/11 was an Inside Job and no other half-truths like "LIHOP" or negligence on purpose

The 9/11 Truth Movement demands a clear unified statement against fascism and crimes against humanity in the United States.

The 9/11 Truth Movement wants to know from George W. Bush, who scripted his remarks and his sources on "conspiracy theorists," into one of his first speeches after Sept. 11th.

The 9/11 Truth Movement insists on a clear distinction between "Zionist traitors" and "Jewish citizens." We condemn any kind of racism including anti-Semitism. Any attempt to use this label on this movement, is designed from saboteurs from outside.
We want to have a clear and open investigation into the neocon PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN COUNTRY and their strong ties to the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.

The 9/11 truth movement condemns gatekeeper cover-up of 9/11 and complicity of a cover-up of an inside job by organizations like DEMOCRACY!NOW, truthout.org, fair.org, ANSWER INTERNATIONAL, United for Peace, ACLU, ZMAG and others

The 9/11 truth movement condemns cover-up of 9/11 and complicity of a cover-up of an inside by US Mainstream media organizations like NY TIMES, NY POST, WASHINGTON POST, WASHINGTON TIMES, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX TV and others...
The movement furthermore supports the idea of an own independent news network and the establishment of a 24/7 blogger TV station.


The 9/11 truth movement declares 911truth.org as not being representative for the 9/11 Truth Movement, which is working worldwide, expanding, bipartisan and decentralized.

The 9/11 truth movement demands the removal of 911truth.org "petition supporters" like Richard Heinberg, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Richard Falk, John Cobb, Jim Garrison, Paul H. Ray, Stephen Dinan, John Gray, John Renesch, Paul Hawken, Randy Hayes, David Korten, Ralph Nader, Daniel Ellsberg, Ray McGovern, Melvin Goodman, Edward L. Peck, Morton Goulder and others who are not representative of this movement and do not represent a united statement that 9/11 was an Inside Job.

Signed by supporters of the 9/11 Truth Movement


BOGUS alert . . . yet again 22.May.2005 22:55


>>>The 9/11 truth movement demands the removal of 911truth.org "petition supporters" like Richard Heinberg, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Richard Falk, John Cobb, Jim Garrison, Paul H. Ray, Stephen Dinan, John Gray, John Renesch, Paul Hawken, Randy Hayes, David Korten, Ralph Nader, Daniel Ellsberg, Ray McGovern, Melvin Goodman, Edward L. Peck, Morton Goulder and others who are not representative of this movement and do not represent a united statement that 9/11 was an Inside Job.

Richard Heinberg? David Korton? Ralph Nader? Give me a break! These are sincere people doing excellent work for the sake of democracy, alternative energy and human rights.

This point alone (I admit, I didn't bother reading the other ones, given how this one at the end is framed), is reason enough to reject this 'proposal.'

List is too long, too good.... 23.May.2005 00:00


Whatever species you may think you're communicating with, most Americans can't handle that many ideas at once.

Denouncing "the so called peak oil theory as a planted psy-OP to divert the eco-movement and 9/11 truth movement" is a bit of a distraction in itself. Besides, only an economist or a fool could believe that we can indefinitely continue to sustain exponential growth on a planet of finite resources. So please do not become diverted by this "diversion"; it may have something to do with motives and effects of 911, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with the evidence that our governments are unabashedly lying to us all about 911.

Which is a bigger problem, the people who run 911truth.org, or their petition supporters?

since day one, researching this unfolding sham 23.May.2005 00:56


Thanks for the great list. I'm so proud of us, and our collective reserach project this is.

Several others could be integrated I would offer. I have one general question before I do. Is the list above intentionally tailored to only analyze U.S. culpability? This was definitely a U.S. operation though may of the "help teams" were from other countries as well who stood (or who's traitors in their countries) helped the U.S. traitors to work out the deals for support and personnel).

For instance, (1) I would think that you would have to deal with both Mossad (NYC and likely, at the Chicago Tower--waiting for the plane to hit...filming at both locations; moving vans around the U.S.--NYC and in Washington state and in Tennessee--all of which had high level covert agents or their close family relatives driving these things around the country with tested explosives in them, or in the Tennessee case in a phial thrown from the moving van when it started being chased by police); (2) I think you would have to deal with the secret society the Muslim Brotherhood (which connects with the "faith based" groups that Bush met with after 9-11 in the White House. They have connections to the false flagger terrorists like Atta (Egyptian, drug dealers, etc.) (3) What about the "Dutch Boys" and their high level protection?

Along these lines, I would ask a few more questions:

(76) Why did Jeb Bush, within 24 hours of the 9-11-01 hits, arrive in the early morning hours (after midnight) at the "terror flight training schools" in Florida, confiscating all the documents of Huffman Aviation and personally escorting the documents to DC? Why do this in the middle of the night? Who expects a Governor of Florida to personally remove documents after midnight anyway from this flight school? Where are these documents presently? It is rumored that they were not used in any terror investigations and that after loading them on a C-130, they were presumably flown out of the U.S.?

(77) What is the drug dealer or U.S. intelligence connection to the "magic Dutch Boys" (2 Dutch nationals who ran the flight schools who were let to escape and the U.S. faciliating their exits), as revealed by the investigative journalism of Daniel Hopsicker? (Frame it as a question if you want, you see what I mean?)

(78) Why did Jeb Bush, merely several days before 9-11, issue executive orders for declaring grades of martial law in Florida, an order that was first used on 9-11?

(79) What is the connection between WTC "wholesale buyer" Silverstein and ex-Goldman Sachs partner Lewis Eisenberg besides their common connection to the Zionist billion dollar charity United Jewish Appeal (UJA)? Soon after 9-11, Eisenberg quits his "9-11 position" (started in 1995 as head of NYNJ Port Authority, and he quits months after 2001 after being the one who ordered his staff to conduct exclusive bargaining with Silverstein for the PA property WTCs, despite Silverstein being the lowest bidder for the WTCs! Is it true that Eisenberg is the son of the (late, presumed dead) Shoul Eisenberg, the intenational gun trader for Mossad in the Far East? Is it true that his brother is a Bilderberger? Lewis Eisenberg was interestinly placed on the "2000 Transition Team" for George W. Bush. What would Eisenberg, the head of the New York/New Jersey Port Authority who in simultaneously being on the Bush transition team soon sells the WTCs to Silverstein for a song, destroyed in seven weeks. How and why was Eisenberg put on Bush's "transition team"? What was his part played there? How was he useful on a Bush "transition team?"

(80) What is the connection between the San Diego cell of "terrorists" with the fact that some of them were staying in housing arranged by a FBI informant?

(81) What is the connection between the secret society the Muslim Brotherhood, 9-11, Florida, and the Bush White House? People connected with this group were meeting in the White House immediately after 9-11 as "representatives of the mourning people of Muslim faith over the tragedies of 9-11." Atta may have been part of the Muslim Brotherhood. These individuals seem to have handled the really covert stuff dealing with the false flaggers in Florida? You can frame it another way as a question if you want. They are either infiltrators from the U.S. side or something else I don't know about?

Title: World Beware: The US as rogue state! BUSH personally MEETS FALSE FLAGGER SIDE OF 9-11
Author: Grant Noah, (madcowprod.com)
Date: 2004.11.01 08:46
Description: HOLY SH*T~! We got 'em red handed NOW FOLKS. The whole puzzle piece of the WHOLE OPERATION HAS suddenly clicked in my mind. Hopefully it does in yours. Details follow. We got 'em here like we have yet to get em' before!! No one can deny this. Thoroughly documented quotes from boring trite corporate media posts, assembled by the great people at Mad Cow Morning News 9-11 research team (  http://www.madcowprod.com )--and because whoever posted those quotes really failed to draw the connections out, I took the liberty of spelling out the connections. If you want corporate media attributions to all quotes, they are all linked on the single referenced webpage below.

Bush meets with known Al-queda agents post 9-11:




Bush Administration officials met with terrorists linked to 9/11 like SAMI AL-ARIAN and ABDURAHMAN AL-AMOUDI even after the attack.

BUSH/AL-ARAIN & BUSH/AL-AMOUDI PHOTOGRAPHED TOGETHER!: Sami al-Arian and Abdurahman al-Amoudi have been photographed with the President and met with Administration Officials post-9/11, yet both have links to the September 11 plot. Even though their 'background' as operatives was well known as early as 1996, one month before 9.11 President George W. Bush thanked Al-Arian's wife for a book she sent him, expressing "regret" about how her son was being treated. "Al-Arian's appearance at the White House... The group that included Al-Arian was scheduled to be briefed by Vice President Cheney, but Cheney canceled. That morning, the Jerusalem Post had run a front-page article headlined, "Cheney to host pro-terrorist Muslim group." [as well:] Records showed that Al-Arian was admitted to the White House at least once during the Clinton administration, the official said"... "The [al-Arian] family said that Bush gave their lanky son, Abdullah, the nickname "Big Dude."'...

The busy Mr. AL-ARIAN had contacts not only with Mohamed Atta and al-Qaeda, the MadCowMorningNews has learned, but also with Karl Rove and the Bush Administration, through REPUBLICAN INSIDER GROVER NORDQUIST, who is a close friend of Karl Rove, and who was hired by Al-Amoudi as the front for him.

JEB BUSH'S ROGUE STATE OF FLORIDA, TERROR CAPITAL OF THE WORLD (TAMPA, FL): "Fox News was the first to report that three days after the [9/11] attack Abdurahaman Al-amoudi, president of the American Muslim Council, was invited to a prayer service with the president... " From the safety of their Tampa offices, Mr. Shallah and Mr. Al-Arian operated a terrorist organization, raising funds, recruiting terrorists and bringing them into the country, devising terrorist strategies, and actually directing specific terrorist attacks -- all the while being invited to the U.S. military's intelligence headquarters at nearby McDill Air Force Base to give assessments on the Middle East..."

AL-ARIAN's THE BARAKA GROUP (dissolved Sept. 28, 2001!) & AL-QUEDA/false flaggers financing claimed by John Loftus: "[Former Justice Department prosecutor John] Loftus's accusations against Al-Arian go even further than links with Jihad. Loftus said he believes Al-Arian had a link to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. [Ex-US Department of Justice Nazi Prosecutor] Loftus said Al-Arian was involved with a group called Baraka that he alleges laundered money to support the suicide pilots (sic) as they [pretended to be] trained at Florida airports." "My sources keep me very current on Al-Arian," Loftus said. "I had very high security clearances from all U.S. intelligence and NATO agencies when I worked for the attorney general... Loftus said he has evidence to link [Islamic] Jihad and Al-Arian to the al Qaeda terrorist organization, which has been blamed for the Sept. 11 attacks. In addition, Loftus said evidence suggests Al-Arian may have personally played a part in the execution of the attacks. "It is a matter of record that an organization known as the Baraka group laundered the money to the skyjackers of Sept. 11. Sami Al-Arian incorporated Baraka in the state of Florida, which was dissolved on Sept. 28, 2001." "Had the government thrown Al-Arian in jail, Loftus said, many acts of terrorism could have been prevented, even the most notorious of them all: the attacks on America... "Al-Arian is connected to al-Qaida, Loftus said, because the same Saudi groups that donated money to WISE and ICP — the same groups which were raided by the FBI last month — also had connection to Mohammed Atta,..."

"John Loftus, ex-DOJ official: About a year-and-a-half ago, people in the intelligence community came and said-guys like Alamoudi and Sami al-Arian and other terrorists weren't being touched because they'd been ordered not to investigate the cases, not to prosecute them." "But, who was it that fixed the cases?... the answer is coming out in a very strange [though logical] place. What Alamoudi and al-Arian have in common is a guy named Grover Norquist... He is the guy that was hired by Alamoudi to head up the Islamic institute and he's the registered agent for Alamoudi, personally, and for the Islamic Institute. "The rumpled, balding figure [Al-Arian] was spotted darting into the offices of Republican power broker Grover Norquist last July... Sami Al-Arian emerged more than two hours later... Al-Arian was visiting the Islamic Institute, a Muslim outreach group cofounded by Norquist and housed within his office suite." [Norquist is close friend of Karl Rove.] "In 1998... the Islamic Institute [Norquist/Al-Arian], the AMC [al-Amoudi] and Al-Arian [Islamic Institute/Grover Norquist] were all working together."

KARL ROVE, AL-QUEDA CONTACT IN WHITE HOUSE, THROUGH CLOSE FRIEND GROVER NORQUIST: "Grover Norquist's best friend is Karl Rove, the White House chief of staff, and apparently Norquist was able to fix things [through Karl Rove, so that 9-11 covert op of false flagger (drug dealer) connections 'performed' at the FL/San Diego, CA flight schools were allowed to continue as the laying down of red herrings pre-9-11 for importnat post-9-11 blame narrative to be useful to invade Afghanistan and Iraq--and other countries.]."...

AND IN VIRGINIA: ABDURAHMAN AL-AMOUDI, AL-QUEDA CONTACT [W.A.M.Y. VICE PRESIDENT; PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN MUSLIM FOUNDATION; MEETINGS WITH HAMBURG CELL OF AL-QUEDA; MEETINGS WITH BUSH], PENTAGON CONSULTANT: "Al-Arian is not the only Islamist zealot who has gained access to Bush and his inner circle. Consider, for example, Abdurahman Alamoudi, the founder of the American Muslim Council... In October 2000, he was cheered at a pro-Palestinian rally in Washington, D.C., when he declared: "We are all supporters of Hamas. . . I am also a supporter of Hezbollah." Three months later he was in Beirut for a terrorist summit, along with leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda." Muslim activist, Abdurahman Muhammed Alamoudi, president of the American Muslim Foundation, played a key role in the chaplain program, publicly boasting to reporters that he was first person authorized by the U.S. military to recruit Islamic clerics"... "Abdurahman Alamoudi, a consultant to the Pentagon on the chaplain program for more than a decade, is now accused of helping Osama bin Laden and Hamas. Court documents filed late Wednesday night claim Alamoudi has provided "financial support to Hamas" and "financial support to fronts for al-Qaida." One of the groups allegedly tied to Alamoudi is a charity that gave a Virginia post office as its address. [!!! WAMY World Association of Muslim Youth, an organization that actual law abiding countries already have banned as a known terrorist front. In the United States, it is run by a bin Laden familiy member, & it was allowed to continue and---!!! &...] Alamoudi was the charity's vice president." "Who founded it? Abdullah bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's nephew.

Evidence recently obtained by prosecutors from German police files show[s]... that Alamoudi also had meetings in the fall of 2000 with Mohammed Belfas, an elder from the Islamic community in Hamburg who had multiple ties to key figures in the September 11 terror attacks. Belfas—who once shared an apartment with Ramzi bin al-Shibh,..."After the September 11 attacks, German police raided Belfas's Hamburg apartment and... discovered multiple connections between the two men and several leaders of the September 11 plot, including bin al-Shibh and Mohamed Atta, the ringleader of the hijackers.""[Belfas'] recently discovered dealings with Alamoudi are likely to get new attention. [THIS STORY WAS SQUASHED.] Among the evidence seized from Belfas's [Hamburg 'Al-Queda' hangout] apartment is a picture showing Belfas and Budiman meeting with Alamoudi at his office in Arlington." 'New attention' was not forthcoming. This Newsweek article is the press's sole mention of the connection between al-Amoudi, Belfas and Budiman. Once the backgrounds of Belfas and Budiman are examined, it is easy to see why: it shows they were doing more than monitoring the 'terrorists. They were meeting with them in the Pentagon, at Florida military bases, and through White House insiders as well who kept the loyal FBI off the terror networks trail. The 9-11 terror network trail does lead to the Bush White House: both Bush and Karl Rove.

AL-AMOUDI--THE GUY WHO MEETS WITH BUSH MULTIPLE TIMES--HAS AT LEAST SIX PHONE NUMBERS OF U.S.-ACCUSED GLOBAL TERRORISTS ON HIS 'PHONE SPEED DIAL,' COURT SUIT POINTS OUT:] Also ringing alarms: Alamoudi's Palm Pilot, which the government claims included the names and numbers of six designated global terrorists. The government also alleges Alamoudi had a Swiss bank account and $2.2 million"...

AL-AMOUDI'S AL-QUEDA CONTACTS ARE ON OFFICIAL WATCH LIST OF FBI, THOUGH NOTHING HAPPENS: "Both Budiman and Belfas are among 370 names included on a detailed FBI list of people sought for questioning in the investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington. The list was released last month by Finnish banking authorities. Budiman is identified on the list as a U.S. contact person for Atta, the presumed ringleader of the 19 hijackers. Belfas is identified as a contact person for bin Laden, the prime U.S. suspect in the attacks...

[despite there being:

Al-Queda's Belfas in Hamburg-->Al-Amoudi/Virginia WAMY/Nordquist/Rove-->Bush link!!

and a

Al-Queda Tampa offices-->Al-Arian-->Bush link!! ]



I'm wide awake, while 'yawn' is fast asleep by now 23.May.2005 03:26


to 'yawn', who wrote:
"Richard Heinberg? David Korton? Ralph Nader? Give me a break! These are sincere people doing excellent work for the sake of democracy, alternative energy and human rights. "

umm, this is a list of the 911 truth movement tenets--not an admiration society for those who are not 911 researchers though you wish to recognize for some other purpose. If you want to recognize them for these issues, that's fine. Though that is not the purpose of the 911 truth movement to attach barnacles who haven't really done any contributions at all to 911 research, though who have indeed given contributions elsewhere to the USA that should be recognized in other venues, instead of this one. I say the point as it is phrased is fine with me. Fair enough?

'yawn' wrote:
"I admit, I didn't bother reading the other ones, given how this one at the end is framed."

! Then since you are so tired, perhaps you should have just gone right to bed instead of pretending to comment on a list of 75 points...by admitting only to reading the last one, that was in an entirely different section? Standards should be raised instead of lowered for your ilk. Fair enough?

Hehehe... 23.May.2005 07:13

Tony Blair's dog

1. Who wrote/put together this list?

2. Who are "the 9/11 Truth Movement"? Website? Who is the contact?

3. I find it strange that this "statement" involves details like
"no 757 hit the Pentagon", especially since mr."repost"/"researcher/Already Published"
is the most active person here on pdximc repeating the Bush administration
fairy tales that it WAS a 757 that hit the Pentagon.
"Why it is most likely that an American Airlines 757-223 hit it the Pentagon"

Why do I get the feeling this list was stolen from a real researcher
and edited to contain a few pieces of desinformation?

I smell a set-up.

List waaay too long, a distraction unto itself 23.May.2005 10:25

Pink Elephant

You don't wake up sheeple by beating them over the head with endless details. There's not even a need to get into details in order to show the government's story to be a lie. It obvious from looking at any level of evidence. Sure, expounding detail is fun and makes good conversation but is not productive for a mission, or movement, statement.

A movement statement should be elegant, not lengthy.

And what's wrong with Ray McGovern?
He was one of the first 9/11 truth activists to make it onto C-Span.

more 23.May.2005 11:21


"Sure, expounding detail is fun and makes good conversation but is not productive for a mission, or movement, statement. "

It is fascinating and flabbergasting to me that these comments like this seem to miss the point? This is a list among 9-11 researchers wanting to get clear amongst themselves first what are the commonalities that they can tolerate. It's fine if it's long--and its fine if it is even longer. The point of the list is NOT exclusively for PR, it is for intenal coalition building among reserachers. It is much easier to agree on something much more reduced if everyone knows and agrees on a common 70+ item list. Personally, I think it can be reduced to three, if all that is to be accomplished is simply popularization so I would agree with you. Though this is a slightly different matter.

THREE MOVES TO 9-11 CHECKMATE, or the 9-11 HAIKU that unravels everything else...
author: repost, with researcher additions

wrong 23.May.2005 14:17


>>umm, this is a list of the 911 truth movement tenets--not an admiration society for those who are not 911 researchers though you wish to recognize for some other purpose.

No one was talking about an admiration society except you - these are described as '911truth.org "petition supporters"' and the posting is 'demanding' we remove them.

Keeping names of people who do good work (in general and have been WILLING to add their names) on a petition as 911 truth supporters is helpful, not hurtful.

re 24.May.2005 06:22


The list above is based on an original draft written by me in december 2004.
It's based on my own research, my opinions at 911skeptics.blogspot.com and experiences as an activist with various action projects.
I retired from many of my projects in january 2005, including at INN World Report, a daily satellite tvshow and just remained with team8plus.org, 9/11 Truth Action and 2 other lists.

The draft was recently revised and then posted here. I have no problems with that.
It wasn't manipulated at all.

While i personally don't believe anymore, that this movement does not need a "unified statement", but better focus their energy on real action events, creative ideas and "becoming the media", i'm staying behind my points and research.
I also still don't care about 911truth.org and believe, they're highly counterproductive and infiltrated with saboteurs, who also claim, that some "ego problems" are forcing no progress, which is BS. As a matter of fact, it's in the responsibility of real activists to oppose this government and not wasting time with anti-campaigns against some researchers.

If anyone is having a problem with my opinion, he can contact me at  nicohaupt2@yahoo.com

. 24.May.2005 14:28



point 15: Ground Zero Videographer 08.Jun.2005 15:03


Very interesting news about the ex-FEMA cameraman Kurt Sonnenfeld:

ONE day before his trial was to begin, murder charges against him were completely dismissed. Seems the police ignored a suicide note, and a lot of other evidence. He then filed a lawsuit for $20 million, claiming false arrest, false imprisonment, deprivation of civil rights, and brutality, among other things. Three years later, the charges against him were re-filed because they say they found two convicts he suposedly "confessed to". He was re-arrested in Buenos Aires Argentina and has been held in prison there for some time.

Some very strange activity, I think. It's like they're chasing him around the globe, using his wife's suicide (?) as their excuse. What do you suppose they're after?

Unified 9/11 response... 12.Jun.2005 23:15

T.S. Gordon, WTC Photographer, Emery Roth, AIA jgordon@igc.org

I posted a comment to Kimosabe's report on Kurt Sonnenfeld. In my professional opinion, Mr. Sonnenfeld was employed by the "FBI," to 'spy' on the photo community and to track my actions in particular. I won't cover the details here, but I have posted all that I can recall with Nico's group.

Kurt & Jim are best known in Denver. But, many photographers in NY and LA will remember meeting this dynamic, and very forthright photo-duo. They were not strangers to the ASMP.

Mary's murder is consistent with her foreknowledge of these events. She could not have been unaware of the work Kurt was involved in and how it consistently lead back to the WTC project. As was the case with Mary Sonnenfeld, my life essentially ended when I was awakened on 9/11 to see that the first tower had been hit.


And another thing ... 13.Jun.2005 20:51


I ask how Bin Laden got a hold of NORAD and shut it down on 9-11.

To blame Bin Laden for hijackings is gov't story they stick to ... but they don't even go into NORAD. Topic is just ignored by press, like tower 6 & 7.

Buenos Aires Herald article regarding the strange case of Kurt Sonnenfeld 21.Aug.2006 14:35


Buenos Aires Herald, Tuesday, April 11, 2006
By Guillermo Háskel, Herald staff

“The US authorities are trying to extradite me under false pretences.”

The man speaking to the Herald in a bar in Barracas, on the south side of Buenos Aires, is US citizen Kurt Sonnenfeld, 42, one of only two videographers allowed to record rescue work at New York’s Ground Zero site after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

The remark is his sole response when asked if he believes the harassment that he and pregnant Argentine wife Paula claim to have suffered in Argentina may have to do with his work for the US government at the Twin Towers site and, in the late ’90s, at Sarin gas warhead bunkers across the US.

Sonnenfeld’s case resurfaced recently in an extensive report on US TV’s Channel Two programme, Informe Central.

A court in Denver, Colorado, wants to try him on charges that in 2002 he killed his first wife — Sonnenfeld says she took her own life. He was jailed for several months in Denver and one day before his trial a judge dismissed the charges at the request of a prosecutor. He was freed in June 2002.

He says police “tortured” him and has accused them openly in the media. As a result, he now says, he started to be persecuted.

He arrived in Argentina in February 2003 for a month’s holiday. The uncle of a US friend lent him a flat in the coastal city of San Bernardo where he met Paula — they married in April 2003. Sonnenfeld claims that in San Bernardo he was followed in the street. The couple say they would also be photographed and harassed on occasions, sometimes by the same individual at different sites. Paula, who was present during the interview, is claimed to have miscarried in January of this year, suffering stress as a result of being harassed.

They went to the US Embassy to ask for a visa for Paula to travel to the US with her husband. But the couple claim the embassy treated her “cruelly.” They have since decided to extend their stay in Argentina and Sonnenfeld has had all his belongings shipped here, including the Ground Zero footage he had kept.

In August 2004, an Argentine federal police officer knocked at the door of their Barracas home asking whether Sonnenfeld could help him with a camera. When Paula’s father opened the door, Sonnenfeld walked out and was arrested by several Interpol officers at the request of Denver’s District Attorney Bill Ritter — who is now running for governor. Ritter had refiled the charges against the cameraman, alleging new evidence had been produced. But no mention of the initial dismissal of charges was made, Sonnenfeld says. He contends that the alleged new evidence is a fraud, and based on statements by two convicts who claimed that while in jail he confessed to killing his wife. “That is a lie. They are saying so in exchange for leniency,” he states.

His arrest was ordered by an Argentine judge who, however, refused to seize his property as requested by the US. A second judge rejected his extradition arguing that the US authorities had failed to provide enough guarantee that if extradited and found guilty, Sonnenfeld would not be executed. The case is now in the hands of the Supreme Court.

How the nightmare began

Sonnenfeld worked under contract for the US government’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for several years. He worked at the World Trade Center for about five weeks with full access to underground searches. There was no restriction on filming, other than not showing bodies, or firemen in tears. Sonnenfeld says no documents were signed whereby ownership of the images could have gone to the US government, and that he was requested to edit the material for a memorial (following previous disasters he had acted as a government spokesman).

Sonnenfeld says that in the early hours of January 1, 2002, as he was at home with his wife Nancy, 36, he heard a gunshot and found that she had fatally wounded herself with a gun they had bought. According to Sonnenfeld, she had made previous suicide attempts and there was a record of suicide in her family. She had left a note and referred to taking her own life in her diary. She died a few hours later the same day.

He says that he called the police, but contends the media and police reported that he had refused to open the door. “I didn’t have the keys. They had to smash a window to come in. I even helped them in by moving furniture. “Police beat me and at the precinct one of them suffocated me and another forced me to inhale something I think may have been pepper,” he says.

The next day, the media gathered in front of the precinct.

“Police started lying to hide my injuries suffered during three beatings in jail. They said my wife was shot in the back of the head or in her chest. There is clear evidence that she shot herself behind the temple. Paraffin tests showed residue of gunpowder in her hand and none on mine and the gun had her fingerprints and not mine.

“I was kept in solitary confinement with no water and no windows. The toilet was a hole in the middle of the floor. It had to be flushed from outside. They flushed it often for fun, as that flooded the room.” Sonnenfeld also claims that police hid and tampered with evidence, ignored the suicide note and dismissed his request for a polygraph test.
He accuses one named Denver detective of seeking to destroy his reputation and feeding the press false information, adding that the detective had contradicted assertions that he made during an earlier court hearing.

“Separately, federal authorities asked a co-worker about my tapes and he said that he believed that I had handed them over to the authorities in New York, but actually I had stored them in a make-up box in a closet.”

After a preliminary hearing, Deputy District Attorney Michelle Ann Amico said that she would dismiss the charges, which was done in June 2002.

Once freed, Sonnenfeld’s criticisms of police gained wide coverage. He also sued police for 20 million dollars for wrongful arrest and assault. He says that when he went home from prison, his computer was missing.

He says he started to be harassed in various ways: lightbulbs at his home would be found unscrewed, locks unlocked, and he would be followed and photographed despite taking refuge at friends’ homes in other cities and states. He then travelled to Argentina but the harassment did not cease. To support his assertions, he provides pictures showing a man who allegedly taking pictures of him in Puerto Madero. He also shows a picture of a message sent to his cellphone that reads, “Watch what you are doing.” It was signed “any,” which Paula takes for “anybody.” Paula made copies of her husband’s Ground Zero footage and hid them.

In Argentina, Sonnenfeld has worked as a TV producer and even participated as an actor in a Burger King TV advertisement shot here and aired in the US. He offered Twin Towers footage to several local TV programmes for the third anniversary of the attack, “but nothing that I had not shown to other media before: dogs, machinery, etc.

“In August 2004, I delivered some demo to a TV producer. A week later, on August 31, Interpol arrested me. I find that extremely coincidental. A month before, I had gone to the embassy.”

Sonnenfeld spent seven months in Villa Devoto prison in Buenos Aires pending a US extradition request after the refiling of charges of first-degree murder that he dismisses as groundless.

Judge refuses extradition

Last March, Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas refused to grant extradition. He requested Colorado state assurances that if extradited, Sonnenfeld would not be executed, but only received a promise from Deputy Attorney Amico without the backing of Denver’s attorney general, the prosecutor general or Colorado’s governor. Rafecas fears that Amico could be replaced by another attorney having a different view, and he doesn’t know whether a jury or a judge could order the death penalty, even if not requested. The judge cites international jurisprudence, stating that the extended wait for a trial that can lead to the death penalty is degrading, and hence banned by Argentina’s Constitution.

Federal prosecutor Miguel Angel Osorio, representing the interests of the US, appealed and the case is now with the Supreme Court. A prosecutor’s source told the Herald that under Argentine law, Osorio was forced to appeal whether or not he shared Rafecas’ opinion.

Sonnenfeld said that there have been cases in which people were extradited and put to death in the US despite US government promises to the contrary.

He has resorted to several human rights groups and leaders, among them Argentina’s Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, winner of the Noble Peace Prize, who wrote to the Supreme Court urging respect for Sonnenfeld’s human rights.

Asked what he would do if the Supreme Court grants his extradition, Sonnenfeld, his eyes full of tears, said, “I won’t be able to survive it. I trust Argentina won’t send somebody into a situation where his human rights are violated.”