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U.S. Military Won't Be Leaving Iraq

U.S. military in Iraq for the loooooong haul!
BUSHINGTON, D.C. (Dominion of Cheney) -- Emperor George II has
decided that the U.S. military is to give up a large number of bases
currently used by U.S. and coalition troops, and has given the order
for the U.S. military to deploy all troops to four huge Air Force bases.
According to an article in the Washington Post, a number of officers have drafted a plan which would see the construction of concrete block buildings which will last longer than those currently in use, which includes buildings for military brass, barracks, etc.

Also, according to the Washington Post article, the officers said that the construction work on these bases does not mean that the United States will maintain permanent bases in Iraq, and that there is no planned time to turn over other bases to coalition allies. The newspaper further says that the only reasons the U.S will leave Iraq is contingent upon the "the strength of the insurgency, and the ability of Iraqi troops to defeat them."

A U.S. military officer in Iraq confirmed the accuracy of the Washington Post story. Lt. Commander Gil Mendez said that the paper accurately reported the military's plan to consolidate U.S. bases. "U.S. and coalition forces will not reduce or withdraw their troops until the Iraqi political process has stabilized and the Iraqi National Forces have defeated the insurgency", said Mendez, who added that when that happens the U.S.-led coalition will reduce the number of troops in Iraq.

The Post story said that the U.S. military currently occupies 106 bases around Iraq, and that the plan for consolidation calls for four huge air bases to be built around Iraq -- in the south at Tallil; Balad, in the central region of Iraq; at Qayyarah or Irbil in the north; and Al Asad in the west.

The Washington Post article also mentioned that nothing is known about what will happen to the U.S. detention centres around Iraq, which now hold about 11,000 insurgents.