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Where left meets right

One would think that would be in the center! But, no, once you start moving to the extremes, right and left, the only way you'll ever meet up with yourself is out there on the edge.
The usual reactionary is a rightist, a fascist -- someone who is reacting to the "liberal" agenda that has been foisted upon them through some conspiracy of communist labor leaders, anti-Christian humanists and scheming social democrats -- someone who wants to roll back the reforms that have been inflicted upon the system of righteous property and privilege.

But now, in America, we see the rise of leftist reaction. Like rightist reactionaries, leftist reactionaries are reacting to what they see as an agenda that has been thrust upon them by history and conspiracy. However, where the rightists see the conspiracy as inspired by communism and humanism, (or "terrorism" and "Islamic fundamentalism"), the leftists believe that the agena foisted upon them, directed by corporate leaders (like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates) and corrupt politicians (like Alan Greenspan and Bill Clinton), is inspired by insane religious fundamentalism and the dogma/worship of personal ambition and greed.

Neither the rightists nor the leftists want to put any blame (or responsibility) upon the people as a whole. No, the people have just been duped and misled, betrayed. To the rightist, the schools are raising children to believe in socialism and the homosexual agenda. To the leftist, the schools are raising children to be automatons that can function in a capitalist system without raising a ruckus about "rights" or demanding anything from the system for workers. The people are no more consulted by the political/economic decision makers than school children are consulted by the educational system and its ruling elite.

The leftist and rightist reactionaries share some beliefs, however. Both believe that consensus-seeking politicians in the middle are part of the problem and must be removed, forcibly if necessary: they both hate social democrats with a passion. Also, neither leftist nor rightist reactionaries do not bother with the tiresome details of real-world solutions, asserting that the solutions will emerge once the log jam of contemporary politics has been dynamited. (Thus, the neo-con Republicans of today will not discuss the underlying problems, from the deficit economy to the reality of global warming, while the various ideologs of leftist reaction do not even try to iron out a program in common -- bringing anarchists and communists of all persuasions together, or even uniting the factions of the Green Party.) Finally, they are both predisposed to take action beyond the envelope of electoral politics, talking about -- if not acting upon -- doing whatever it takes, up to and including physical (armed?) resistance to the forces of evil.

The line between reality and fantasy is not an idealized line without thickness, but more fuzzy than that, like a narrow twisting ribbon of yarn.

The space between the radical left and the radical right is not like a clearly defined "front" as existed between Germany and France in World War I. It is more like the absence of any front, as in Iraq today.

The line between the left and the right, as the line between reality and fantasy, may be like the narrow twisting ribbon of a march through the streets of the city.

Will you march?

Or does it matter?

Or, if marching isn't enough -- imagine this: radical right and radical left join in a general strike!

On that great gettin' up day in the morning -- will you march?

Or will you go to work?

Or does it matter?