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Military Court Admits wars in Yugoslavia,Aghanistan & Iraq are ILLEGAL!

Navy Sailor Pablo Paredes, a conscientious objector, went to trial last week for desertion. The court's important decision detailed below
Navy Sailor Pablo Parades was found guilty of missing a troop movement by a Navy Court Martial, but given no time in prison because he claimed that it was his duty to resist based on Geneva Conventions, the legal precedents of the Nuremburg trials, and international law. The court agrees the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia are illegal.

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Now, a challenge to you, dear reader- find other sources to confirm this story and post them here. Talk about a counter recruiting tool!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.sunmt.org/armyresistpablovid.html

Correction 22.May.2005 14:12



Looks like Pablo got 90 days, and the defense characterizes this as significant. The original proposed sentence was for 9 months. Apparently he will not be discharged, which means he may still end his contract with an Honorable discharge. STILL good news!

RE: correction 23.May.2005 11:43


As it turns out, there is a difference between jail time and hard labor these days. Mr Paredes got 90 days of hard labor, but no jail time. This is indeed significant.