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14 Reasons to Die in Iraq

Rationalizations for our sacrifice
* Get rid of an evil ruler
* Get rid of weapons of mass destruction
* Get rid of the people who helped with the 9/11 attacks
* Help free the Iraqi people
* Bring democracy to the Iraqi people
* Bring democracy to the region
* Bring peace and stability to Iraq
* Bring peace and stability to the region
* Help secure Iraq's oil reserve
* Help establish military bases in Iraq
* Help our military test weapons and tactics
* Help enrich military/reconstruction contractors
* Help install a friendly government
* Help build an Iraqi security/military force

Just a few of the rationalizations for our current situation in Iraq. They either have been openly espoused by the current administration or they lie right under the surface of the debate. I don't believe that any of the above is worth the sacrifice of one American citizen or soldier. All the lies, money, or pipe dreams in the world are not worth a son or a daughter. There are wars that must be fought. There are also wars that only serve to advance political or economic agendas. We need to be able to recognize the difference.

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then there is the list of real reasons 24.May.2005 09:11


* Shore up the 2001 collapsing NY stock market

* Inject billions into stock market via corporate military funding that goes into the market

* Provide "justification" for taking social security away, and destroying the "peace dividend"

* justify military spending at cold war levels despite lack of any enemies globally

* Start up the opium flow from Afghanistan that the Taliban had stopped which was additionally causing the market to crash because large US banks are the money laundering framework for around 500 billion dollars a year of the international drug trade, second largest amount globally each year, after oil sector.

* Steal Iraqi oil: Cheney's secret energy task force documents and maps used for planning 2002 with access to then illegal Iraqi oil proves it

* Change whole global discourse against corporations and their expanding human rights destruction, and the critique of IMF and World Bank indebtiture domination, into a quickly installed international corporate police state where nothing in the way of such critique is allowed

* change global discourse that was anti-US and anti-Israel into they hoped one where such high level crimes would be unquestionable, using the state terrorism of 9-11.

* As Richard Perle said gleefully, hopefully "to start WWIII", along religious lines

* Israel to the Euphrates

* Oil for Israel

* Bring about the already written up Project for the New American Century, "while Saddam's regime is the ostensible rationale for U.S. interest and increased military presence in the Gulf, U.S. interests transcend the issue of Saddam...." set up isolation of both Iran and Saudi Arabia shortly.

* Help secure Iraq's oil reserve for Halliburton without any competitve contracts

* Enrich the Bush family directly through vaccine/anthrax scares as well as test illegal vaccines cheaply on U.S. troops

* Depopulate the whole Middle East with depleted uranium.

* Help establish military bases in Iraq

* Help our military test weapons and tactics

* Help enrich military/reconstruction contractors

* Help install a narco state

* Help finish the destructino of Iraqi society from 1991 and its cultural infrastructure and identity (museums, hospitals, schools, etc.)

* Destroy the U.S. Constitution--one of the long term goals of the Bush/CIA drug trader Nazi banking family, since the 1940s. The plane that was meant to hit the U.S. Capitol failed to actually reach it's target like they wanted. We are in a gray area...

* Shore up the idiot son in the White House's total illegitimacy to be there.

* Start up justification for the Pentagon's USSPACECOM's "revolution in military affairs" for global 2-hour missle hits on any location worldwide, multiple war theatre funding, global space surveillance and laser cannons, and ruling the whole planet

* Surround Russia, soon attack it

* Surround China, deny it Afghan oil, soon attack China on useful pretext (like PNAC neocons want)

* Militarize more drug war attacks in South America against increasingly successful anti-American resistance to oil pipelines and drug trade there.

* Intentionally bankrupt the country to usher in rule from the IMF "structural readjustment". the New York Fed, the only important one in the system, has alrady appointed itself a new President, who was of late at the IMF, in 2003, readying up.

* force through the patriot act, already written, to create the Homeland security department (in German Reich it was called the same thing), which was already written up by the CFR and ANSWER in 1999.

* Force a draft, after intentionally destroying the civilian militia who was really supposed to defend particular states

* Set up for external invasion of U.S. soil by international troops who will be dominant by default after DU incapaciated civilian militia is either killed overseas, or sickened for life.

How's that?