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Social State, The History - The Theory [a Must Read]

A must read for anyone interested in the system of the Social State. A brief history of the creation, as well as future direction. Written by a 'Licensed' Political Theory specialist. [University of Oregon]
Long --> Short:

The social state was developed after the feudal period during the first Russian industrial revolution. The creation of Capitalism caused by the need of a more efficient economic system, encouraged by strains in the political climate (magna carta) as well as easier facilitation of transport. Prior to this, the serfs (proletariat) were confined to live and die share cropping a small scratch of land alloted by the area's feudal lord. So long as they kicked down some of their shit whenever he rolled around.

Capitalism, and the workers required to run the factory both desperately needed people to be able to get too and from the various factories.

Factories would shut down, or open, depending on 'demand' & the state needed people to be able to move easily across the country. As well as get trained in their new jobs, as they were continually laid off and moved as business needed.

The ONLY way for this COMPLEX system to all work was the SOCIAL STATE. It was completely necessary for capitalism to all work out, the SOCIAL SYSTEM. Mass Transit, Education services, and the occasional meal (unemployment insurance) as you were transferred from one industry to the next. (After all, business didn't give a shit about how long you stayed at your job. Just that you stayed only as long as they needed you.)

None of it was done because they cared about anybody. Maybe SOMEBODY'S grandma did. But the state didn't. They just needed to make sure your poor, dirty butt could get to work on time. Simple as that.

What has been happening is people have gotten filthy. Filthy greedy, Dirty, evil & stupid. That part is pretty obvious.
They have gotten so utterly greedy: they have become blind because of it.

Now the system's gotten going and things have picked up momentum. Bush thinks that by now, after running the country for 200 years; you should have a truck and at least a little money saved up. After all, it's America. And if you don't, you're probably dumb, colored, drug addicted, or gay. All good reasons not to take care of you; and let you die anyway, under Bush's America. And if you do loose your job, you should pick up the tab. They want to be able to squeeze just one more dollar from their profit margins. And the new, subtle eugenics will take care of the rest. Who needs ovens if they'll just kill themselves?

Oh no you didn't!:

Now keep in mind our current Administration is dumb with a capital 'B'. Duuuhhmb. Bush is so greedy he doesn't even realize that in time, for better or worse, with the supports gone capitalism will eventually fall as well.

But yes, I argue that the Social State IS over. And everyone who isn't pretty & rich as far as Bush is concerned can die. In fact, they would like to squeeze the economic system. Take money away from the people, make them poor & unemployed to speed it all up. Kill 'em off faster the better. Many people who don't wish that fate will join the military. The rest, economically speaking. It's all Economics, numbers, money & science. Will be forced to accept lower wages & benefits, as well as worse working conditions. Because they will all be desperate for work. Very good for business. Very, very good for business, when the unemployment rate is high. All business costs are much cheaper.
Labor, Benefits packages etc. And profits -> higher. Always.

Homey don't play 'dat:

See, it does add up. But everyone who isn't pretty & rich: has a very good reason to be scared for their family's.
And by the way, Marx is a hipster and lenin is a poseur.

Mutual Aid / One Love

Lenin's scribbles 21.May.2005 23:29


were a "Must Read", too.

Doesn't make them right 22.May.2005 16:01

Feral go_feral@excite.com

Or accurate. He is still an oppresive poseur. Why, What am I? Do you have something to say? If you have something to say speak up boy.