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Help from Indy readers - Walmart

Wal-mart is currently circling our area, on the North Oregon Coast, for property, for a new store. Portland has had some success at keeping these bastards out.
I am asking for advice on what the best techniques are for keeping these corporate thugs from coming in and destroying all of our local businesses. I don't agree with anything they do, from slave labor in Asia, to wasting our oil and energy supply on shit we don't need, to shipping their profits out to stockholders and owners. The list could go on and on, but I'm sure you have all heard it before.

I have already spoke to the Walmart engineer firm, who just happened to come into my work about 2 weeks ago, they are already in town scoping things out, our local government and local politicians have a way of streamlining these boondoggles and keeping the public uninformed until it is too late to for anyone to react.

I am positive that deals are already in the works and pockets are being lined, hopefully it's not to late.

What has worked best for the Portland area?
What are the things to avoid?
What is the best way to fire up the public and keep these corpo's out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Here... 21.May.2005 16:02


Here in Cedar Mill (a small Portland Suburb) we're also fighting off Wal Mart. Our group is called Save Cedar Mill: www.savecedarmill.com

We raised something like $20,000 in donations (to pay legal fees and our own traffic consultant; we are obviously non-profit) and we have about 1000 members. The amazing thing? We were started a month and a half ago. Get the word out your community and start planning NOW. Don't wait for plans to be filed, by then, it will be to late. Learn about the zoning for the area, look at the suporting roads and especially think about where the customers will be comming from. The idea here is that they will use Highway 26 to bring in %60 of customers. %60!! Thats a ton on an already heavily trafficed road. Not only that but it is a safety concern: it is one of the few roads leading to the hospital. Also look at other devlopment plans for the area; they plan on building a new middle school literally just down the road.

On tactics.

As much as we hate the corprate giant that is Wal Mart and their business practices, your local government and land use board does not care. Fight Wal Mart on local issues such as traffic and safety. It is the only way you will win. To fight their business practices is an entirely different battle, and one that will lose you credability with the government. Fight the battles you can win.. Hire your own consultants and analysts for reports on the situation; do not let Wal Mart provide the only data. Also get large turnouts to every meeting you can.
Other than that, i can;t help you.
Good luck!

Make it unpleasant for them to do business here 05.Jun.2005 13:55


If our county commissioners are convinced it is something we want, force the issue of what we require of companies coming into our area. Make it unpleasant for companies like WalMart to come.

We should have a local law that taxes all corporations employeeing over a certain amount of people so that they HAVE to provide them with insurance.