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Lake County Oregon is a theocracy

Brief discription of the spiritual crisis in Lake County, Oregon and how the church has far too much control of politics in the county.
Lakeview, O.R. Beware of Lakeview, Oregon. If you wear long hair and do not follow guns and god do not apply for work in Lake County.
I am Native American and been treated very poorly in this county because I do not follow the cowboy redneck lifestyle.
There are 18 churches in Lakeview alone! Talk about the religous right having total control over politics in the county.
BEWARE stay away if you are a minority or a liberal!

Lake County is a theocracy.
I learned all this years ago... 20.May.2005 09:20



It's no accident that Lakeview will be a site for a minimum security prison, two large ranches outside of town are training camps for mercenaries, the antelope reserve (old Barry ranch) is used to host a yearly drug, sex, rightwing nuts campout for the rich industrialists all over the country (kind of like the "grove" in Northern California). THe place is crawling with people who have sold out.

There are plans to curtail who will live there once the prison is running at full tilt. The prison guards are being trained by a private mercenary group and will be brought in...unless a local meets their criteria.

Why do I know all this?

I was raised there. I have relatives there. When I go there I get real quiet and listen. Some of my relatives are involved with most of the above mentioned crap. They love to brag about racism, exploitation of the poor, keeping Native Americans and people of color out of the area.

yup...lakeview is a real nice place to stay away from.

Indymedia is the only place to find the truth about Lakeview 20.May.2005 09:43

smoke signals


There have been some interesting posts about Lakeview on this site. Probably the only place you can find out the truth about the area. Could be the next school of the Americas. We need to keep sending up warnings about the place.

Check it out

No Prison Project

Lakeview, Oregon - a new economy of prisons and mercenaries

Foreign Soldiers training in Oregon Deserts

good picture 20.May.2005 09:46


Here is a pic I found in the archive

stay away from Lakeview, Oregon 20.May.2005 22:29


as there is too many Mormons there. That should answer ALL your questions!

Progressive news from Lakeview. Lake County Review. Lakeview's alternative news 24.May.2005 02:29


I found this small news site. It is a new site and looks interesting. I recommend people avoid Lakeview. I been through the place and discovered it a real social backwater.