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The Seminal James Douglas Morrison

"I'm interested in film because, to me, it's the closest approximation in art that we have to the actual flow of consciousness. I think in art, but especially in films, people are trying to confirm their own existence."

-Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison's most seminal work was as an auteur. After his humiliating experience at film school, poetry became his next medium of choice. When Jim merged the written word with music, he now had a distribution channel for broader exposure as well as a way to an monetized his art as a poet. Jim fully understood that making a living as a "poet" in America was much harder than gainful employment as a politician or assassin. Before his death he began a personal journey home with less emphasis on music, and a return to poetry, the primary goal being his first passion filmmaking. Inasmuch as there are surviving works of Jim as an actor and writer, there were only two pieces of Jim's work as an auteur. Without a surviving copy of Jim's "Legendary Student Film" [His girlfriend at the time Mary Francis Werbelow thinks he burned it in a pile of stuff he burned when he left The University of California at Los Angeles] FIRST LOVE Morrison's UCLA "camera project" becomes The Legendary Film which represents James Douglas Morrison the filmmaker at his most formidable.

Villa Flora II
May 19, 2005
The Hitchhiker 19.May.2005 14:03

Ashes to Ashes

I've got this VCD of HWY: An American Pastoral (The Hitchhiker) that Jim made in 69. Weird and cool in a way that only our shaman could be.

another Morrison quote RE: cinema 20.May.2005 01:36

once a huge Doors fan

(pretty sure this came from Jim's first published poetry chapbook 'The Lords And The New Creatures', probably from the prose section, which also has a lot of cultural critic-type observations on cinema and other art, in the first part of that book - it also might not have been his own words, but a reference of his to another writer/scholar - anyway, check the book it's in there)

"Film is the most totalitarian of the arts"