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watt is pride

be the wisdom be with us forever
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What is Pride?

An Explanation of Pride and its Significance

First you have to realize and recognize that pride is the ultimate deadly sin. Every time you show pride you hide the secret of life. Every time you feel pride you invoke disgrace. When you are humble, wisdom comes to you. When humility comes to you, the truth about pride comes clear. Realizing there is only one creator and you are part of it, you can see how pride supports desire and monetary earnings from slavery. You will cry but no one gives answers because of the pride of evil men. When you are wicked in pride, you do persecute the poor. Fear the lord and hate evil to appease the suffering caused by pride. When you start to stand up and face religion and authority, they become very arrogant showing their evil side. Seeing their monopoly falling apart and realizing you found the key to wisdom scares them. You will realize the people who are prideful are locked in the mirror for all their life. Pride is to arrogance as humility is to wisdom. Pride allowed you to be dishonest and to not care about nature and humanity. It allowed you to kill to create private property and privatize the rest of the world for the profit of a few. Pride is what created division in our society, created extreme abundance for a few people, poverty and slavery for the rest of us, made a place for dictators, and the stupidity of hypocritical laws.

by Marc


Welcome to the Revolution

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Volt is power 20.May.2005 12:00

confused electrician

Thank you for sharing this. I'll keep this poingant analysis of history in mind next time my finger nails are being pulled out, or my family incinerated by cluster bombs. Can I touch your robes?