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What happened on Burnside this morning

Been a long time since I've seen people this angry. here's hoping that Potter earns our respect with a forceful response. Foxworth should be gone. I did have a chance to give the police chief a few words of advice. Told him that "his boys have done it again", that he's going to have a long hard week, and that we're tired of being shot by fascist pigs. He had this awful scowl as he got into a squad car and drove away.
I posted this as a response to another article below, but wanted to make sure people see my account, as I spoke to about 15 people in the area, citizens, local workers, etc...

Been a long time since I've seen people this angry. here's hoping that Potter earns our respect with a forceful response. Foxworth should be gone. I did have a chance to give the police chief a few words of advice...

Anyhow, consensus story is that it was an older black man, who had a knife in his pants or shirt but was not brandishing it. Ran at an office, may have moved his hand towards his pocket. The office he ran at shot him, and so did two other officers in the vicinity. Five shots, three officers.

And then, after he was down and dead, they cuffed him.

Later on, as citizens milled about, many residents of the nearby hotels, there were a lot of angry words yelled at the officers. One man who was apparently particularly angry (lots of f-bombs), was tackled by an officer, three others joined him (one may have drawn a weapon), and four other officers got behind that mob. This was around 10 AM.

Don't be fooled, people. The cops are trying to make this a police state. If Potter doesn't make a big statement soon, we should hold him accountable on the streets.

No chokehold reported 19.May.2005 12:17

Riot Act

I want to add that none of the first- or secondhand accounts that I heard (10-15) said anything about a chokehold. In fact, those that did comment about proximity all said that there was some distance between the man and the officers, and that he was standing by himself.

The media would have you believe this was a made for TV, knife on the throat assault. That's not at all what happened. A man had a confrontation with a Portland officer and is now DEAD.

This scares me, because it could be me. And I believe I'm sane. What if, when I'd yelled at Foxworth, he yelled back, or asked an officer to check me out? Could I have been shot too?

Could you have been shot?




I'm out there fighting the battle.

what's odd about this whole tale is... 19.May.2005 12:25

citizen of Portland

just the other day PoPo's Chief Foxworth had his butt on the mat after being tazed
and it shown on TV as their latest PR Puff Piece that KGW-TV ran for them, in an
attempt to give us citizen's the "message"...tasers are harmless,, but effective...
see how our very own Chief takes it and while he momentarily grimaces, in the end
he's up and running...tasers are good for YOU!

OK...all well and fine, so WHY didn't the PoPigs use a taser this morning on this
man? Was there a hint of RACISM involved as the man was apparently an African-
American and all the PoPigs involved were white boys...the same as the "usual" cop
killing a citizen in Portland has been in my memory.

Under Vera Katz, we--the citizens--had little recourse in putting a stop to this
racist behavior, but we've got a new Mayor now, who's enjoying an uncommonly high
popularity rating. Surely, he wish to keep it way...so let's pile the pressure on
him while he's venerable and can't dig in his heels and let Robert King dictate to
him policy and his comments...let's get to him before Robert King does, shall we?

This should be a lesson 19.May.2005 13:49

Seattle WTO

The main stream media wholely, completely, and without reserve supports a fascist police state. No matter what, in the eyes of main stream media, the state can do no wrong. STATE is the idol before which prostrates the whoring main stream media. Do not expect to hear the truth from those who have no truth in them.

Wonderful Reporting 19.May.2005 13:57

a reader

This is what indy is all about!

Guns and Tasers and Racism 19.May.2005 14:09


The reason a gun was used rather than a taser is because this is what guns are for. Guns are to kill people when the cops know they can get away with it. They are for unarmed people of color in the dark of the night or even in the chill light of day. They are for poor people, and homeless people, and anyone else that the good citizens, home on their couches, can be persuaded "had it coming." Any time the words "I feared for my life" can even remotely be uttered from a police officer's lips at the grand jury, a gun will be the weapon of choice. Even when the victim is an unarmed man still strapped in his seatbelt, confined behind the closed door of his car. Even when the victim is confined in a lockdown ward of a mental hospital. Even when the victim is an unarmed, 90 lb young mother trying to drive away. And yes, even when the victim is a confused old man wandering the streets of Old Town. That is what guns are for.

Tasers, on the other hand, are for intimidation and control in situations where guns would not ordinarily be allowed. Tasers, like pepperspray, tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, and all the other bizarre "less lethal weapons" coming out of the police state these days, are about escalating violence, not preventing it. They are NEVER used "instead" of guns. They are used in addition to them. They are used on people who would ordinarily have been considered off limits to their assaults. They are used in situations where even the most callous among us would not see a legal or reasonable excuse for using a gun. Less lethal weapons are used against obviously unarmed political demonstrators, for example, when their voices get too loud. They are, and have been, used against unarmed little old ladies, against children, even against babies. In at least one case, they are even used against dead people.

Just like guns, less-lethal weapons are also used disproportionately more often on people of color than white people, and more often on poor and working class people than on wealthy or middle class people. And just like guns, when they are deployed against people, the victims are generally characterized as people who "had it coming." Maybe they were too uppity, or too noisy, or too demanding. Maybe they didn't jump when the cop said jump. Maybe they sassed the pig a little. Yeh, they had it coming, huh. Unlike guns, though, the public is often expected to feel all warm and fuzzy about the use of less lethal weapons. Isn't it nice, we are told, that the police "only" electrocuted the person? That they "only" blasted toxic gas into their lungs and eyes. Isn't it nice that the intense pain "only" lasted for five or ten minutes, that it "only" caused suffering and pain rather than death? Isn't it nice that the person was "merely" blinded temporarily, or shocked into unconsciousness, or bludgeoned and bruised? I mean, they might have been killed if not for the compassionate use of less lethal weapons. What's a little agony, a little cop-induced urinary incontinence, a little breathing difficulty, compared with a bullet? But people forget that the bullet could not legally have been used in that situation at all.

Amnesty International, as well as other human rights orgnizations, has condemned the use of less lethal weapons on the grounds that they are devices of torture. Even JAMA, the very conservative Journal of the American Medical Association, has come out firmly against the use of less lethal weapons on the grounds that they injure people, they kill people, and they are used without discretion. Tasers, pepperspray, rubber bullets, and bean bag rounds have all killed people. Often, those people were already in police custody, and had never been charged with a violent crime. There have been cases of officers tazing people because they did not like the person's "attitude." In at least one case, an officer tased a person to get a urine sample from him after he refused to provide one. In our city, I believe the youngest person to be assaulted by less lethal weapons was only 10 months old. And the oldest was in her 90s. Both of these victims were unarmed, by the way.

Officers are very light on the trigger finger of a taser -- even more so than on the trigger of a gun -- because they think it's no big deal. THAT is what less lethal weapons are for. They are used to make violence more "acceptable" to the public. They are used to hide through words what is really happening. Because the weapon is "only" a taser, or a poison gas, or a rubber bullet, or whatever, it must be less violent than the "alternative," which is presumed to be lethal force. Pay attention, though. Any time you hear a report that a taser was used, chances are, the "alternative" was to do nothing. Because generally, people who are attacked with so-called less lethal weapons, did not commit any crime.

So while we are reeling from the shock of yet another police homicide of a person of color, let us speak out against the use of all forms of coercion and force against the people of this city. And let's question the assertion that tasers are an "alternative" to guns, because if that were the case, why were they not deployed instead of guns this morning? We know why. Now, we must demand accountability.

reaction 19.May.2005 14:58


this is incredibly disgusting and atrocious!

Where's the meeting? 19.May.2005 19:06

organizing minds want to know...

Does anyone know of a meeting to plan a response to this? I think with this much outrage in the community, we should at least show up at the site, same time, same place tomorrow.

Right fucking on 19.May.2005 20:22


Catwoman, that is what I've been trying to say. They use "less lethal weapons" in the street, without provotion. They use guns when there are no cameras around. They can get away with shooting innocent bystandards when no one is around, but when people are present they supply themselves with "less lethal weapons" They are here for our safety, bull FUCKING shit. You think that they are here for our safety watch day x or miami model. We are in a society in which officials can do whatever the fuck they want to do to us and get away with it. What happened to Justice? This man did not do anything, and why was it that 3 police officers shot him repeatedly? Was the officers life in danger? No. If I could kill someone my life was in danger, in protests, or whenever, I would be claimed a mass murderer. Why is it that cops automatically get that authority when they take that job? Killing innocent people, if any cop is reading this I would like to say SHAME ON YOU! Shame on you for not doing anything to stop this. Shame on you for following this sick and twisted way of "protecting the peace." If you really want to "protect the peace" then fight the war on the decisions made by the government that opress poor people to sell drugs and kill people. Fight the war on the decisions made by the government that reduce funding to education, mental health, and charities. We see in other countries there are less crimes because the government actually tries to make life livable for these people. I wish our government was like that, for the people. Almost every single decision made in office is made to profit the rich. They are the ones that give them the most money. Justice shall be served, we will never forget this.

peAcE~ Ben


the questioner

were any of the ppb cops involved members of the brotherhood of the strong????????

Cop names 20.May.2005 20:27


Mark D. Friedman - named in pending police misconduct lawsuit - shot man in the chest with beanbag shotgun (supposedly man was wielding a knife)

Kai I. Ho - refused to arrest or even cite pickup truck driver who tried to rundown a member of the peace encampment

Darrell W. Shaw

I heard that "Darrell W. Shaw" was a member of the 20.May.2005 22:11

sick 'n' tired of it

same church in Beaverton that Jason Sery is high muck is now...figures don't it?

What's that old rhyme?.....peas in a pod.

People! When are we going to have enough of this murdering madness and rise up?

When are you going to demand that it stop, or we take matter's in hand to stop it?

if memory serves me correctly, this Shaw fellow 21.May.2005 20:34

from the memory hole

was previously working for Multnomah Sheriff as a Deputy under Nolte at the jail in 2000

He was a "corrections officer" or rather a "jailer" involved in a "mysterious" death

The prisoner died under suspect circumstances.

All the men involved were quitely let go, and all were in Brotherhood of the Strong

Not sure if this is same guy, but sure fits the profile

This bears some investigation into the deep memory hole

Will check back later after I've taken a run down into it...others can do same too