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shooting and death on W Burnside

Incident on W Burnside this morning, first hand account of what I saw and my conversation with another person on the corner.
Biking to work this morning on the Burnside Bridge, going east to west towards downtown, I noticed the lights from the police cars and tape blocking off the traffic on Burnside going in both directions. Most cars heading downtown noticed the slowed traffic and started turning north bound on Second Ave. I decided to keep biking up and see what has created this roadblock.

At the corner of Fourth and Burnside, I stopped on the sidewalk with my bike, noticed that most of the cop cars, vans and various official looking vehicles were stopped right at the gas station. I still could not figure out why the roadblock was created, so I decided to ask the two men on the same corner as me if they knew what was going on.

"....there was a shooting....another black man was shot and killed by a cop...."

He looked pained to have to tell me that, he was older and black.

"...you know they kill your people too...."

I know.

We talked on the corner for a bit. We touched on police, land, slavery, and various other issues in our racist american history. We also discover that we both used to live in NYC.

"...the guy they killed, he hung out around here..."

They were friends or aquaintences or just another familiar face around town trying to get by everyday.

We exchanged names, shook hands and I continued up Fourth Ave to work.
Details 19.May.2005 08:59

Riot Act

According to the corporate media, the man had a knife and was shot at by not one, not two, but THREE officers. Can you believe this shit is still happening?

Get down there NOW. Time to take back our city.

Thank you for posting this. 19.May.2005 09:10

Indy Fan

It is important for us to piece together the details on this before the corporate media helps cover up whatever really happened, as they do every time. You said you exchanged contact info with the person who witnessed this? If so, and if he actually saw the shooting itself, could you please contact him and do an interview? We need to know what really happened. For example, the corp media is already "justifying" the police attack by mentioning that a knife was found near the man's body. What kind of knife? Was it a hunting knife? a butcher knife? Or, more likely, was it a little pocket knife? Was it even open? Maybe a butter knife? I don't know, but I'm not believing a thing they say after what happens in this city every spring. This is just getting unbelievable.

Another Witness 19.May.2005 14:53

That would be me

My room mate works at the Jupiter Hotel. He was on his way home, and said the man took five bullets. I'll ask him if he knows any more details, but he works graveyard and was so upset he went straight to bed.

thank you for posting this! 19.May.2005 18:15


I heard about this incident while i was downtown today waiting for the bus. I talked to a woman who supposedly saw the whole thing. She said the police shot the young man seven times and that he had no knife, only a plastic spoon. i do not know how accurate this is, but i definately would not be surprised. this has to fucking stop!!!

Take the high ground... 19.May.2005 20:19


Before we start using divisive language like "pigs", I suggest we take the high ground and demand answers in a civilized fashion. Remember, a lot of people actually believe what they are fed on mainstream media and by coming across as radical, we help create that myth. Demonstrate. Call City Hall until the lines are jammed. Call the police until the lines are jammed.

Give the people a 100% transparent investigation. If it truly is a justified shooting, the facts will speak for themselves and our acceptance will give the Police no reason to hide the facts. If it truly is not, let it be seen and let the officers involved face the consequences, as well as their leadership.

By the way, for all the banter Potter adopted about "training" and "accountability" in the mayoral election, does anybody have any evidence that he's made definite moves to implement any of these changes? The way he was talking in the election, you would have thought it would have been a much higher priority for him than the Burnside Bridgehead.

while out to dinner tonight, I heard some disturbing news 19.May.2005 22:15


about this tragic killing...I heard that Scott McCollister was one of the cops
in the group of initial responders to the scene, and while he was not the cop
who did the killing, he was one of the one's on the scene. I don't know if this
is true or not, and at this time, I doubt the PPB will release any details so we
can ascertain the truth. They have time to get their story straight, and if it's
true he was there, then let's be honest>>>something awful fishy about it all, as
this guy has much experience in getting stories straight, and if it turns out he
was involved in this horrible incident in any way, we ought to raise hell! Let
us keep a sharp eye on this matter and see how it develops...



for if so, it's time for him to go! the man is much hated & stupid as it is. bye 2 him!

knife and gas 20.May.2005 09:13

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

if it was by a gas station, did their cameras show anything ? i think the cameras in cop cars should show all four directions.

Officers who fired at the man with a knife 20.May.2005 20:12


Mark D. Friedman - named in a pending police misconduct suit - in another instance a few months ago he fired a beanbag shotgun at a man's chest (the man also was supposedly wielding a knife)

Kai I. Ho - the officer who refused to arrest or even cite the pickup truck driver who attempted to run down a member of the peace encampment

Darrell W. Shaw



may or may not be of importance, but one of the guy's has a wife that's doing the nasty
behind his back when he's at work. he is in denial, or so it seems, but surely knows,
for all his neighbor's know and gossip about it endlessly. i'm afraid to name him, as i
not sure it right to do so here. never know, as they could trace it back and send one
of their goons to make trouble in the neighborhood. his wife playing around on him has
made him nasty personality and it might affect his work performance. will get with the
lawyer on this when family retains same and call for "interested parties" is made to step forward with "information". a lot of us here will do so, but want protection first
as these people are nasty! they kill people you know!

To NOISY NEIGHBOR 21.May.2005 13:39

Noisy citizen

please just say which officer you're talking about. It's importand to share your information. one or more of these officer may have harmed other portlanders. Besides we need to know which officers are particularly dangerous due to family problems or other reasons.