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Officer involved shooting on Burnside

It's May again, time for the annual killing of an unarmed person of color at the hands of Portland police. Could this be it? I'm not sure, as details are still sketchy at this moment. But it seems that a short time ago, police officers on 4th and West Burnside opened fire on a man who, according to at least one witness, "ran toward an officer and struggled with him." No word of any weapon.
If you are able to get to the scene and speak to witnesses, it would be a good time to do so. Because, as we know from past experiences with the PPB, no matter what actually happened, it will be only a matter of time before we "learn" from the corporate media that the victim "had drugs on him," and that he posed some sort of threat to officers. The best thing we can do to protect each other from the abuses of Portland police officers is to watch each others' backs. Copwatching on a citywide scale, especially in areas where poor people and people of color live, as they seem to be particular targets. In a case like this, where it's too late to prevent the use of lethal force, the very least we can do is to find out what really happened before it's all covered up and diffused through secret grand juries and backroom bargains.

It may be that officers had no choice this time. Maybe. But forgive me if I'm skeptical. I would prefer to know what really happened from imcistas than to hear the same tired line from the corporate police state.
I used to work in the bank tower 19.May.2005 08:20


and every single day I saw drug deals go down. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the suspect was said to have had drugs on them and/or in their body system. Prostitution and drug deals are highly prevalent on that Corner (entry to China Town, unfortunately)

huh? 19.May.2005 08:34

not quite awake

"drugs on them and/or in their body system"?? Meaning what? That it's open season on anyone using or carrying drugs?

I still work right next to the bank tower 19.May.2005 08:57

And i call bs on the implication above

Yes, drugs are prevalent on many streets in America. So what? I submit to you that you probably did not see "drug deals go down every single day," because I rarely see an actual deal, and I work with that population. What you likely saw was poor and homeless people who looked scary to you. The rest was probably your imagination.

That's not to say there aren't drugs there, it's only to ask that you check yourself. Because the fact is, drugs are bought, sold, and consumed on virtually every street in America. But most people are not aware of it, or do not see it as a problem, because many of the dealers, buyers, and consumers are middle class white people loading up in the privacy of their homes or the homes of their friends. Poor and homeless people, and brown people, tend to scare middle class white americans a lot more than actual drug dealing. They just don't realize it. Classism and racism aren't quite as acceptable as demonizing drug addicts, so we choose to see *other* people as druggies.

As for the poor man who was shot this morning, frankly I don't care whether he was on drugs or not, I find it very sad that the police felt it necessary to shoot him. And if the preliminary reports that I'm hearing are correct (that the man did not appear to pose an imminent threat to officers, that three officers fired multiple rounds at him, that the man was mentally ill), then someone should lose their job this time. Not that I'm holding my breath. If the officers who shot Kendra James were never punished, who ever will be? If the pigs who murdered Jahar Perez only seconds after pulling him over for a "routine" traffic stop were never punished, who ever will be? If the pigs who gunned down Jose Mejia Poot in a MENTAL HOSPITAL were never punished, then who ever will be? It's open season in this city. It will only stop when we make it stop.

guns and tasers oh my 19.May.2005 09:07


is this most recent murder just an attempt to ease the mind of portlanders who will now most likely be shot first with a taser?  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/05/317652.shtml <-- Portland Police Officers Required to Carry Tasers Starting June 1st

Tasers 19.May.2005 09:25


Actually, it is good to bring up tasers, now that you mention it. The fact is, Portland police officers already have access to tasers. But you see, the taser is not used in an incident like this. This is a perfect example of how cops perceive the value of tasers. Tasers are for torturing unarmed political demonstrators, and for intimidating people who insult officers. But they are never actually used "instead" of guns. When an officer wants to shoot someone, he shoots them. Now, he simply has an extra weapon that he can use when he could not legally use a gun. THAT is what tasers are for.

Jahar Perez, for example, was only tazed *after* he was shot. And for a full three minutes, no less. It only took them 24 seconds to shoot Mr. Perez, after pulling the unarmed African American motorist over in a routine traffic stop. But after, and only after, they had unloaded their guns into him, they proceeded to taze him. What could they have been thinking? Who knows. But one thing is clear: Tasers do not reduce violence. If they did, this man would not have been killed this morning.

What I'm Hearing 19.May.2005 09:32

new details

I'm hearing different things from different sources. The actual shooting appears to be at 5th and Burnside. While the corporate media says that someone claims to have seen the victim run toward cops, other actual witnesses are saying otherwise. I have heard that the man was far enough away from the police that he was not a threat. He seemed to be mentally ill to at least one person. I have not heard anything about a weapon from anywhere except the corporate media, where one station is reporting that a knife was found near the scene, and that the man had been carrying the knife. No word on what kind of knife. (A pocket knife?)

If you saw this incident, or if you have a police scanner and can monitor what is going on there, please post what you know. Let's put this puzzle together before the inevitable corporate media character assassinations of the victim begin, if they haven't already.

Names of the Officers? 19.May.2005 11:13


Does anyone have the names of the officers who killed the man on Burnside?

Spoke to lots of witnesses 19.May.2005 11:58

Riot Act

Been a long time since I've seen people this angry. here's hoping that Potter earns our respect with a forceful response. Foxworth should be gone. I did have a chance to give the police chief a few words of advice...

Anyhow, consensus story is that it was an older black man, who had a knife in his pants or shirt but was not brandishing it. Ran at an office, may have moved his hand towards his pocket. The office he ran at shot him, and so did two other officers in the vicinity. Five shots, three officers.

And then, after he was down and dead, they cuffed him.

Later on, as citizens milled about, many residents of the nearby hotels, there were a lot of angry words yelled at the officers. One man who was apparently particularly angry (lots of f-bombs), was tackled by an officer, three others joined him (one may have drawn a weapon), and four other officers got behind that mob. This was around 10 AM.

Don't be fooled, people. The cops are trying to make this a police state. If Potter doesn't make a big statement soon, we should hold him accountable on the streets.

"Your agonizer, Mr. Chekov." 19.May.2005 12:10

Bearded Spock

Tazers do have their place. If it's not to reduce the need for guns, it may as well be in some imperial alternate universe.

You can't put a stop to police brutality unless you put a stop to the police. 19.May.2005 12:24


On the corprate news this morning, they had a woman who witnessed the shooting. She said that the man had a knife and had slashed it through the air a couple of times, but he was "pretty far away from the cops" and that after he he moved the knife around a little. Three cops opened fire on him. She said that they shot him 6 times, and after that they pulled out there shot guns and surrounded him. Howerver he was already dead. How long will we sit by as the cop continually harrass and kill the poor of this city. Someone above talked of cop watch, this is a great thing to do. when ever you see a cop talking to another person, walk up to the situation and ask the person that is being hassled if they are ok. The cop will then, most likley, ask you what you are doing. Tell him/her that you are doing a cop watch to make sure that they (the cop) does not violate any of the rights of the person. In my experience the cop will let the person go and turn his attention on you. Thats Great thats what you want. After lissening to the cop for a while (just enough time for the poor person to get away) tell the cop you are through talking and leave. There has to be some kind of response to this murder. Does anyone have any ideas.

cleaning up dodge 19.May.2005 13:03


Drug deals seen going down in that area? Well what else should any reasonable person expect to see? By now, Burnside/Old Town should be well known as the decayed ghetto of society's rejects....the place to which, for decades, Portland has herded those without money or means to provide a dignified existence for themselves. Drugs are one logical, if not well advised option people exercise to counter pain arising from such a plight. Obviously, many of the Burnside/Old Town residents that those with means take exception to, do not have cozy offices, apartments, condominiums, clubs and restaurants where they may conduct their drug transactions.

Drug deals do take place in the open all over the city. They're not that hard to note, although clearly, it's done with a certain sleight of hand....two people together, an exchange of hands, brief meetings with many different people, often in the very same location over extended periods of time.

Take walks around dowtown, continuing through Burnside/Old Town. Done with some frequency, a person will start to see the regulars that make up the street population. Many of those regulars have problems; they behave crazily, are dirty and smelly, or seem as though they might be violent, even if in reality, they rarely are violent to anyone but themselves. What else would a reasonable person expect the situation to be? There are no jobs or money for these people. They can not provide for themselves. Society does not want to provide for them, and its doubtful that enough jail or mental institution beds to house them can ever be provided to satisfy the fears and offended sensibilities of those with sufficient means to indulge in the kind of calous indifference that plays so well in high profile media.

The police know the regulars. Particularly if the victim had been hanging out for some time, the police had some knowledge of this person, yet the only way they can think of bringing him down is by shooting him dead. Will the victim turn out to have been some kind indomitable superhuman or cyborg, justifiying the use of lethal weapons?

In the absense of that possibility it's odd there was not at least an attempt to use tazers. Or, you'd think they could have netted him, lassooed him, hit him with a tranquilizer dart, boxed him in with their plastic riot sheilds, or blasted him with a fire hose, but instead...bang-bang-you're dead, is the procedure implemented.

Carrying a knife is a simple reality of survival for many regulars in Burnside/Old Town...an instrument of intimidation rather than actual bloodshed in all but the most extreme circumstances.

What is the future of this situation likely to be? Read the reader response to news and articles WilWeek has written about Our Peaceful Place. An apparent Old Town resident/businessperson, undoubtedly attracted to the areas' relativley modest rents can no longer tolerate the offensive behavior of those responsible for the modest rents in the first place. This is a typical attitude of those of relatively modest means entranced by visions of grander things. Except their day is coming too, and before long they will also be displaced by others with more money and means. In the meantime, Our Peaceful Place will have to herd its people off to a less conspicuous location representing less profit potential to those with means and ability. Move em up, head em out.

Unnecessary use of deadly force 19.May.2005 13:10

angry that another person is dead at the hands of the PPB

So an old black man has a knife and a bunch of cops are on the other side of the street or a few feet away. Three cops shoot the man. None of the cops are hurt - not even a scratch. The man dies.

Sorry, doesn't make sense. Why is shooting someone the proper response to a knife? IT ISN'T.

This city better wake up and chenge the deadly force policy. Most cities do not consider officer deadly force appropriate when an individual has a knife and no one is in danger. Time to get this police department out of the 1950's and into the modern era.

It is not okay for officers to shoot unarmed people.
It is not okay for officers to shoot a person with a knife who isn't even close to them.

This is bullshit! The officers need to be indicted and face a trial. If acquitted we go from there. But for now, this killing needs to go to a jury to decide if the three cops acted properly in using deadly force. Even NYC tries a cop or two once in a while. The same needs to happen here.

On copwatching in Old Town 19.May.2005 13:17

Unofficial copwatcher from way back

In both Old town, where this murder occurred, and in N Portland, the police do not like copwatchers. I doubt if they like them anywhere, but they're particularly belligerent here. I have generally had the police respond thusly: If I appraoch at all, or in any way try to talk to the "suspect" or the officer, the officers tell me to leave. If I do not, and I never do, they threaten to arrest me. In several cases down in Old Town, I have had officers (often Officer Meyers) begin to lead the "suspect" away, usually around a corner, and tell me that if I follow, I will be arrested.

My suggestion is that, if you have a video camera, keep it on you ALL the time. ANY time you see the police stopped and dealing with anyone, and PARTICULARLY if it's a person of color or a person who appears to be homeless, stay there and start filming. I don't care what else you're on your way to, this is more important. Do not leave. Even if the "suspect" tells you to -- and I have had two people tell me not to worry, and/or not to film the situation. Here's how I usually choose to handle that. I lower the camera, and tell them I won't film unless the officer gets violent, and then stand my ground. People who are being harassed by police don't know what you're using the videotape for, and they are sometimes afraid that you're going to put it on the corporate media or something. So respect their desire not to be filmed if they don't want to be, but if the cop gets violent with them, get that camera back up.

There are two ways to do this kind of copwatching, and only you can choose what you feel most comfortable with. One is to be very visible in what you are doing. Letting the cop know he or she is on camera can save a life. They are much more careful about what they're doing when they know there are credible witnesses around. The only problem with this method is that it's riskier for you. They might threaten or harass you, they might actually arrest you and confiscate (steal) your camera. They're known for this. You will eventually get it back, and the charges will in all probability be dropped, but it can take some time.

The other method is to be discreet. This is safer for you, and could get better footage of police brutality, but it does little to protect the "suspect" at the time. Using a good zoom on even a cheap camera can be very effective, but it's even better to get close enough to hear what's happening. You can be very creative about this.

I have used both methods, and I would love it if everyone in the city had a camera they could use. But even if you don't, never walk by without stopping when a cop has someone. Stand and bear witness, because we must stand together in the face of this powerfully armed foe.

In a fascist police state 19.May.2005 13:44


In a fascist police state any perceived misbehavior, misconduct, or political incorrectness (wrong mate, wrong dress, wrong religion, wrong race) is reason for maximum force response. Folks, that's the nature of a police state - there is no such thing as an appropriate level of force. Force in a police state always gets applied at the maximum possible level. A police state functions first and formost to intimidate the people, only secondly to provide justice. Read about Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, or Imperial Rome - all first class police states.

Unofficial copwatcher from way back makes good points 19.May.2005 14:02

doubtful portlanders will act

The citizens of Portland need to respond to the ongoing police murders and use of excessive force. Thusfar they haven't. There's a lot of talk and indignation. Rightfully so. But there must be action also including an active copwatching effort.

NOTE: Recent court decisions make copwatching even safer. Police officers cannot tell you to disperse just because they don't want you there. The provision of the disorderly conduct statute giving police authority to order disperse was found to be unconstitutional. The provision of the interfering with a police officer statute that criminalized refusing to obey a police officer's order was also found to be unconstitutional.

If you do not physically interfere with a police officer you are committing no crime. Of course they don't want people to witness their criminal activity and assault on the poor and homeless. Too fucking bad. You have a first amendment right to watch the police. Besides that we have an obligation to look out for each other. No law or fascist officer can remove that obligation.

Hopefully Portlanders will respond to this systemic police brutality scourge and patrol the streets. We'll see.

the beat goes on 20.May.2005 00:00


A few more details about the killing on KPTV's 10pm news. The victim: a 48 year old Washington ex-con. Video of one eyewitness reporting that the victim at one point had his arm around an officer's neck, yet other eyewitnesses reports contradict this....so hopefully a legit investigation will clarify what actually happened. Also reported is that a crack pipe was found near the victim.

So far, it seems likely that this person would have had mental issues arising from numerous sources explaining his behavior. This is the nexus to possibly the most important question "Are the police adequately trained to respond to situations where the person of concern has mental issues?" After a series of spectacularly disastrous killings over recent years, the answer to that question should be a resoundingly clear "No" in the minds of responsible officials.

The flaw in officer preparedness to deal with this most recent example of an emergency situation requiring extremely keen discretion and judgement originates at the very root of the process involved in bringing a person to the point to where they are able to be the kind of sufficiently diverse, perceptive and resourceful personnel neccessary to effectively and sensitively deal with the contemporary urban public.

It begins with the selection process and continues through training, where currently it appears recruits are initiated into an officer/suspect philosophy that is adverse in its most fundamental form. The approach of an officer to a suspect in Portland is swift, abrupt, crude, and unequivocal...."Drop your weapon!!" In the absence of flat compliance to such an order, the idea that less lethal options other than shots from a gun do not seem to be included as part of a recruits training to become a Porland Police officer. That's why the Portland Police Department continues to have on its force, psychotic officers of which Jason Sery was an example.

Currently, it seems a suspect, confronted by an officer, is at risk for their lives if they are not prepared to mentally function with the kind of clarity and agility that is so typically absent amongst residents of a beleagured population such as the regulars of Burnside/Old Town. Of course, as we have seen by now, Portland residents as suspects in need of a particular officer approach other than that of the standard Portland Police Officer procedure are increasingly found in all parts of the city.

Judging so far by just KPTV's 10pm news, and the main edition of Thursday's 0, I have an uneasy feeling that this killing will not be widely lamented. To the influx of yuppies in the towers and condominiums of Burnside/Old Town, this victim likely represents the elimination of another offensive, unwanted junkie...a black one to boot, no surprize there....and I imagine ghostly echoes of "good riddance" rang out when the news of his death bounced across the screens of big screen tv's and pc monitors.

A new mentality is in order where the Portland Police Department and it's recruitment and training policy is concerned. In this ever increasing density of population enveloping us, the frequency with which all of us encounter people having serious mental difficulties will most likely increase. To kill each one of those individuals having such difficulties every time the police have occassion to confront them will wear on the public morale. A kind of uncontrolled paranoia could begin to undermine the general public's well being.

It's ridiculous to let the situation go that far. Hundred's of thousand's of dollars underlying blood, sweat and human spirit come to be invested in each Portland Police Officer over the course of a career. We have a right to expect those resources will be intelligently invested in the preparation of officers hip and sufficiently equipped to serve in these times.

PPB™ Gang Tactics 20.May.2005 00:36


A couple of observations...

The multiple shootings from more than one weapon would appear to change the nature of the "incident". That is, might it make any charges (civil or criminal) harder to stick on any one police gang member? Even if bullet tests are done ("in house" of course), the results are probably arguable exculpatory--being found impossible as to which bullet actually caused death, since it would be unknown which bullet hit a vital part first, etc. Further, consider the multiple shooting of Amadou Diallo (4 weapons, 41 shots, 19 hits). Is there reason to see this as a tactic within police gang methods, that when one shoots they all shoot, bluring and smearing the culpability of any one gang member? Gang brothers protecting each other from being singled out.

Another thought is: when confronted by a potentially deadly hand held weapon (a stick, a bat, a sword, a knife, a straight razor, etc.), dependent for its affect on proximity, and manual strength, speed and agility of the wielder, what decrees that upon "fearing for one's life" police gang tactics seem to leave no alternative but to preemtively execute the alledged miscreant? For instance, can not the police agent avoid the attack by getting out of range? Dodging? Finding cover? This isn't to suggest that those "protecting and serving" get back in their cars or on their horses and fully retreat, but that they might withdraw from immediate contact and exposure from the manual threat while still fully engaged on scene with the incident. Maybe even let it go to a "standoff", which would set the stage allowing for the emotions of the "suspect" to cycle to another level, even permitting a non-violent talk through to an arrest rather than an execution. If this can't be done, then I submit that the police gang tactic is one that holds the appearance of absolute authority of the police gang to be paramount over the life of anyone encountered. The criteria then must be to never "back down", else appear weak and "loose respect". When management of police tactics are driven by gang demands, then the rules of engagement easily fall to a straight ahead license to kill with impunity when resistance of any kind is encountered. And certainly when that resistance is exercised from the "lower" regions of the feedlot.

i'm a cop 20.May.2005 03:12

in portland, no less

Hawkeye, I would ask you to consider this: if more than one officer at the scene fires their weapon, it may be that they all perceived the same threat to their lives or to the lives of another person and thus reacted in the same way. It may not be a "PPB (tm) Gang Tactic."

Further, the rest of your post appears to offer some constructive criticism, I think. I can't tell exactly what your point is--either you want to help us do our job better or you're making fun of us. Could you repost your comments with a little bit more clarity (ie, either do one or the other, but not both). Thanks.

killing ? 20.May.2005 10:10

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

aren't the cops trained in hand-tohand ? their are technics to deweaponize an opponent. or does it boil down to ignorance, the easy-way or willingness to murder ? any one who has the least interest in their job will try to learn how to be more effective at it. from what i've seen most cops just do it to enjoy the power-trip. heil bush.

folk's, we all know how Vera would handle this one... 20.May.2005 12:45


now is how is Potter going to handle it??????

Is he going to back down to Robert King and King's puppet, Chief Foxworth?????

OR...is he going to kick asses and get to the TRUTH of the matter & do JUSTICE for all?

do you feel safe in Portland? 20.May.2005 13:45


In regards to "(title): i'm a cop (author): in portland no less". In this person's comment, I can't help but notice the nonchalance in the way they explain how officers might have justified blowing a man away. And that's a big part of the problem right there. It seems alarmingly clear that to this person and their colleagues, it's no big deal. They've got the guns...why risk straining a muscle or getting a scratch trying to corral the guy so as to prevent him from hurting others?

They looked at that guy on Burnside and said to themselves "it's just an old crazy junkie...we know exactly what he's not going to do....no one's gonna care...this one's an easy call....just shoot him so we can go do something else."

It really just seems like they don't give a good god damn. Doesn't sound like mr. i'm a cop is gonna be losing any sleep over this old black dead junkie.




During the organizing of the January 20th anti-inauguration protest in Portland, Mayor Potter was approached by the representatives from the J20 organizing group. The representatives had a problem... we needed to get 3 permits from the city for the protest. We needed a park permit... a noise permit and a march permit. In the city of Portland one needs to give city officials a standard minimum of 4 months in order to insure the processing of such a request. We only had a month ½ to make this miracle happen. So we approached the one person in the city who had the power to make this occur. We approached Mr. Potter and told him of how we were planning a peaceful, non-violent gathering in order to stand up for our 1st amendment. We stressed with repetition that we had a desire to make this remain non-violent from all sides. We stated, "This gathering is going to take place whether we want it to or not... we have concern that if police continue to violently attack these peaceful people, that they will not continue to remain peaceful people...
Do you want to be the new mayor who helped the people of this city to express their viewpoints peacefully... or do you want to be the new mayor who caused riots to break out due to police brutality?" All of our permits were granted... and Mr. Potter took all the credit by speaking of how he believed that something needed to change about how police were treating people at protests. Due to us getting these permits... the police showed up in yellow jackets and bicycle helmets... rather than in Full Riot Warfare Gear. The activists that were present remained non-violent as usual as they listened to speakers give outlets of how they could individually begin to make a difference. There was pamphlet information available to reinforce these outlets... and we played music and danced in the streets to our victory over the tyranny coming from the police in our local area. No one was reported to have been pepper-sprayed, hit with batons, or shot at with rubber bullets. We went through the heart of the enemy... and diminished the fear in their hearts by speaking the truth of where we were coming from. After the protest... everyone cheered with hope at the difference between what occurred during this protest as apposed to the protests in the past. At this point Mr. Potter took all the credit for this shift of change as politicians are taught to do. Unfortunately, now the truth is being told. If Mr. Potter gave the "OK" to require all officers to carry tasers... and... that these will be used in order to be more effective for crowd control during protests... Then I say to Mr. Potter that underneath all of that nice political smile... telling people what they want to hear so that you can have their vote... THAT ALL OF THESE YEARS HAVE NOT MADE YOU ANY WISER THAN EVERY ADRENALINE SEEKING COP THAT JUST GOT OUT OF THE ACADEMY!

It is one thing to replace firearms with non-lethals during regular patrol... I can see some good in this. The gentleman who was just shot to death by three officers may still be alive if this had already occurred. However, I see nothing about the guns going away. I do see words written about how these will be more effective than pepper-spray during protests. Regardless of the pain and suffering that pepper-spray causes... it has never been effective... it simply hurts defenseless, peaceful, loving, kind people who want to make a positive change in the world WITHOUT hurting others. These activists are not bringing weapons to the protests... they simply want their voices heard AND the simple rights that our constitution has told us that we all have since the day we were born. When the police attack people with weapons... this is what causes people to be fearful and to think more about bringing weapons to these gatherings for self-defense. So do we want people to get more violent and chaotic... or do we want to protect people from violence? Mr. Potter... you cannot have it both ways. Furthermore, if we the people are doing all that we can to communicate with you and to work with you so that nobody has to get hurt... if we are sacrificing all that we have and risking our names with you just so that the police and the activists can reach some sort of common ground... Then why would we need more effective weapons at this point in time. It seems more logical to me that due to the efforts of the people... things are getting less violent... there is less fear... and less weapons needed by everyone. Unless of course the average adrenaline seeking cop simply wants to send 50,000 volts through everyone who disagrees with what they say... then when they are passed out they can easily arrest them... and then make up any story they want to and claim that we do not remember what we did due to the shock that we went through. Well Mr. Potter I am calling you out... I know that salvation is possible in everyone... you showed us for a brief moment that you still have a beating heart inside of you too... so will you now live up to what you have stated and continue to make a positive difference for the people of this City... or will you continue to be nothing more than what you were straight out of the academy... an adrenaline seeking cop... ?

Help us make some sort of sense out of this... Replace the guns with the tasers during regular patrol. If this is not possible, then get rid of them both. Furthermore, there has never been a need for weapons at the protests in Portland... these people just want to spread LOVE like everyone else. Mr. Potter once again... this power to make a difference is in your hands. If you remain hypocritical... then I say to all the KINGS and QUEENS of SELF-SACRIFICE from the J20 group that we left some unfinished business. This is OUR CALLING... we cannot sit back and let this happen or all of our efforts will have diminished. IT IS TIME! RISEUP BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

My LOVE to you ALL!

Names of the officers who fired the shots at 5th and Burnside 20.May.2005 20:16


Mark D. Friedman - named in a pending police misconduct suit - in another instance a few months ago shot a man in the chest with a beanbag shotgun (the man was supposedly wielding a knife)

Kai I. Ho - refused to arrest or even cite driver of pickup truck who tried to run down a member of the peace encampment

Darrell W. Shaw

shocking that this hasn't been posted yet 21.May.2005 16:02


For those who want to do more than issue rhetoric, here are three places to channel your efforts:

Rose City Copwatch

Portland Copwatch

Alliance for Police and Community Accountability

They could all three really use you I'd bet if you have Web skills, since all three sites appear hideously out of date. Why is there so little participation in these organizations when there are so many outraged poeple? Quit complaining and get off your butts.

please do a records search on "Kai I. Ho" 21.May.2005 22:02

what's going on?

and you'll be surprised what you find on him! This guy should NOT be a policeman!

has anyone else noticed that we haven't 23.May.2005 18:10


seen Robert King's face all over the TV on this one...what's happening with him?

you asked about King? 25.May.2005 15:15


too much King on TV was getting to be bad PR for the cops union!
So...they yanked his TV contract and told him to shut up or ship out!