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How to fight Wal-Mart (and other communty actions)

Democracy for Oregon is holding a Summit this weekend that will train you how to fight Wal-Mart, raise money for your efforts, organize behind your cause, and more.
Are you fighting a Wal-Mart in your area? Trying hard to keep another big-box out, such as Home Depot? Or just working on other progressive actions? Democracy for Oregon can help!

Citizen activists will come together at Portland State University's Cramer Hall on Saturday, May 21 at the first annual Progressive Leadership Summit, sponsored by Democracy for Oregon (DFO).

Keynote speakers include Congressman Earl Blumenauer and State Representative (D-Dist.5) Peter Buckley, along with nationally syndicated radio host Thom Hartmann and Democracy for America (DFA) Chairman Jim Dean, brother of Gov. Howard Dean.

Educational workshops will be conducted by local political leaders such as the Bus Project's Jefferson Smith and DNC Committeewoman Jenny Greenleaf and include topics such as:

Taking on Wal-Mart: Using Corporate Campaigns and Grassroots Political Pressure to Preserve our Local Communities
Message & The Movement: New Frames and New Stuff for a New Era
Fab Fundraising: How Oregon Grassroots Activists Raised half a million in 6 Months (and You Can Too!)
Fighting Back Against the Rightwing Noise Machine
Effective Grassroots Organizing: Start Your Summer of Action '05

There will also be a panel in front of the full group:

The Great Emancipator: Can Technology Free Us from the Corporate Media?

The Summit is designed to bring together, educate and strengthen the influence of progressive grassroots leadership within their local communities. Participants are coming from as far away as Dallas, Grants Pass, and Ashland.

The DFO Progressive Leadership Summit is organized in conjunction with co-sponsors the Portland State University (PSU) College Democrats, the PSU Greens, and the PSU Progressive Student Union.

WHO: Democracy for Oregon Progressive Leadership Summit
WHEN: Saturday, May 21, 9 am - 4 pm
WHERE: Portland State University, Cramer Hall
MORE INFO:  http://www.dfosummit.com

With Wal-Mart trying harder and harder to build Supercenters across the state, training such as this is critical for organizations fighting against the company building in their community.

homepage: homepage: http://www.dfosummit.com