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Bellingham Grassroots & Independent Media Conference this Saturday!

Please help us spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested
of this Saturday's Bellingham Grassroots & Independent Media
Conference sponsored by the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center taking
place Saturday, May 21 from 8:30 a.m . to 6:30 p.m. at the Garden St.
Family Center (1231 N. Garden) in Bellingham. The conference is
absolutely free. The website is www.whatcompjc.org/mediaconf
The goals of the conference are to:

*Celebrate the Growing Local and Regional Culture of Independent Media

*Mobilize Support for Grassroots-Powered Media Reform

*Build Awareness of Innovative Radio, Video and Web-Based Media Projects

Featured at the conference:

Keynote Speakers: Patrick Reinsborough of smartMeme, formerly of the
Rainforest Action Network on "Winning the Battle of the Story,
Creating a Culture of Change, Bert Sacks on "Sanctions, War,
Occupation, and Other Failures of the Media", w/ filmmaker James
Longley who has spent the last two years in Iraq filming his new film
"Iraq in Fragments."

Panel discussions on the indymedia movement, making community radio,
documentary film, & video, public access TV & Blogging

Workshops on building online community media networks, the demonizing
of Arabs in the media & popular culture, media reform & more

Skills trainings on newswriting, Do-it -yourself radio journalism,
navigating the web/radio interface

In conjunction with the conference are two events:

Friday, May 20, 2:30 5:00 p.m . Fairhaven College Auditorium.
"ACTIVISM THAT WINS!: Story Telling and Strategies for Social Change"
A Workshop with Patrick Reinsborough of smartMeme Project. Patrick
Reinsborough (www.smartmeme.com) will share strategies for applying
the power of stories to social change. Reinsborough is dynamic a
grassroots organizer, campaigner, and media strategist who spent four
year as the organizing director of the Rainforest Action Network where
he mobilized thousands of people to confront
corporations who destroy the environment and violate human rights The
smartMeme project is a collective of organizers, trainers and media
activists who help grassroots groups magnify their impact by linking
traditional movement building activities with cutting-edge media
campaigning. Sponsored by the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center and A.S.P
Social Issues. Free! Info:
 norwesty@gmail.com or 510-4833

Friday, May 20, 5p.m.- 10 p.m. Free Films on War and Peace Kick-off
the Bellingham Grassroots & Independent Media Conference and the
Cascaid Peace Conference An evening of local and independent films
will kick off two conferences held in Bellingham. Two free screenings
at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. of the new film "Voices in Wartime" will be
followed by a discussion with the film's producer, Andy Himes. "Voices
in Wartime" is a feature-length documentary that delves into the
experience of war through powerful images and the words of poets
unknown and world-famous ( www.voicesinwartime.org). Other films that
will be shown include "Off to War" (5 p.m.) about the deployment of
the Arkansas National Guard to Iraq, and "We Interrupt this Empire"
followed by a discussion with Patrick Reinsborough of smartMeme
project, and "Testimonies of Fallujah" by Dahr Jamail (9 p.m.), and
more. Visit  http://www.wwucascaid.org
for additional information.

homepage: homepage: http://www.whatcompjc.org/mediaconf

Peace buildng is not war hating 21.May.2005 01:56

owl@steadi.org owl@steadi.org

War us a serious disease of our society. Hating it will not bring justice.
The roots of peace are deep in all people but must be cultivated to become effective. Mahatma GAndhi demonstrated ways of building peaceful communities in the cracks of a war torn society and called it his "constructive program" One of the fundamentals is an understanding that humans have as strong in-born urges to live in peace and neighborly sharing communities as they do the urge to violently fight. We have become victims of a global system that worships money and power rather then compassion and multicultural appreciation. We must learn that progress comes only by working to improve the welbeing of everyone in our community, not getting ahead individually.
Peace comes through better sharing and less acquisitiveness, more sincere listening, less preaching.

Thanks for lending your ear to a long time peace activist.