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Don't Blame Corporate Media !

...well, not entirely.
Don't blame the US corporate media (entirely) for not reporting the
truth. They're NOT in the journalism business.

They're selling a product, and if their sales pitch stinks,
don't buy it!

This is the important part:
Make the US corporate media IRRELEVANT!

YOU MUST convince your brother, sister, parents, granparents, cousins,
your boss, co-worker, the bus driver, the garbage man - the average
American that there ARE other places to find more un-biased and accurate
sources that tell the truth, that don't sugar coat the news, nor tow
the party line. CONVINCE THEM that their future, and their children's
future is at stake.

Perhaps, only after finding out the truth,
average Americans will be so GD pissed off, that they'll rise
up, and kick the dirty bastards out of office.

The people HAVE the power. We've always had it.
We ALL need to get off our duffs and USE IT!

I hope to again see
the grandmothers,
the college professors,
the college students <they may be beyond redemption-so shameful>,
the secretary,
the 7-11 clerk,
the blue collar masses,

get soooooooo angy that they bombard the Congress,
and the Senate with un-wavering, overwhelming ANGER.

The career politicians are deathly afraid of negative
public opinion from the middle class.
They'll be trembling in their finely tailored suits,
and perhaps act in the public interest (or get the hell outta Dodge).
Is that right? 18.May.2005 22:04


I understand what your point is "let them neglect the truth and pursue their greed".

Well, I'm afraid I WILL blame them for dumbing down the American public that trusts them. I will scream it from the mountain tops that the media is destroying this country because not everyone has a computer and the desire to look for alternative news sources. And look what this neo-con bunch of greedy blood sucking scum have done with the knowledge that the majority of the people will stay "ignorant of the real truth as long as we can control the main stream media"!

This is a very horrible time in our country, and I blame them VERY, VERY MUCH!!!

addendum to above (sorta) 18.May.2005 22:04


Each time I visit Indymedia, I get a flash back to
the infamous Bush rallies before the election.
He preached only to those who already believed in BushCorp.

I see us, here at Indymedia preaching to ourselves.
We're ALREADY convinced. The messages here so
desperately must be passed-on to the non-believers.

Place you energies there, too. Not just here at Indymedia.

I'm Done.

Hand it to them 19.May.2005 00:22

George Bender

During the Vietnam war we stood outside of supermarkets and handed flyers to people, mostly copies of good articles from the "underground" press. You have to take your message directly to people, not expect them to tune into your "media."

Set up a battery powered TV-VCR in Pioneer Courthouse Square and play a good political video continuously. People cannot resist looking at a TV set. You will probably have to pay something to set up your table. Or do it in front of a friendly store somewhere else, any public place.

Tabling anywhere is a good way to talk to people. Neighborhood festivals are good for tabling or passing out flyers. Helps if you wear a T-shirt or sign that tells people what you're about. They're more likely to talk to you. Collect email addresses if you can for further contact. Make yourselves visible. The American left is mostly invisible.