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This Friday, film "THE CORPORATION" at PSU

Why is it so hard to fight Wal-Mart? Why does our new media keep broadcasting distorted and/or biased "news"? Why couldn't somebody, anybody, just count every single vote at our elections?
The answer is here...in the unfortunate birth of "corporate personhood" and its unrestrained growth into a gigantic monster.
The highly acclaimed documentary film "the Corporation," directed by Michael Achbar, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan, will give you an excellent over-view of why, when, where and how we came into this position, sharing "human rights" with not only our fellow humans, but with artificial legal entity named corporations.

Come join us this friday to see the film, and stay for a short discussion.

When: May 20, Friday at 6:30pm
Where: PSU, Neuberger Hall, Room 008 (basement level)
Who: Open to public--the number of seating is LIMITED, however; so please arrive early!
How much?: This is a free event; however, your generous donation ($5 suggested) will be much appreciated and will be used to bring more films and workshops in the near future.

event hosted by End Corporate Personhood
We are a Portland-based group--part of a national movemen--dedicated to ending coporate personhood and returning democracy to We the People.

homepage: homepage: http://www.ecpOregon.org

excellent movie 19.May.2005 02:31


I strongly recommend everyone see this movie.. bring friends, enemies and relatives!