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9.11 investigation

9/11 Truth champion, Michael RUPPERT, speaks in Portland on JUNE 2nd

Michael Ruppert, author of best-seller CROSSING THE RUBICON, will speak in Portland 7:30 pm Thursday evening June 2nd at the Northwest Neighborhood Community Center at 1819 NW Everett Street. His topic is
the "9/11 and the politics of PEAK OIL". He will also reinforce previous research regarding CIA dependence on money from opium, cocaine and "unofficial" trade in armaments, and the prospects for ongoing Election Fraud in America.
Mike Ruppert, June 2nd : JPG rendering of PDF file tailored to IMCpdx standards
Mike Ruppert, June 2nd : JPG rendering of PDF file tailored to IMCpdx standards
TEXT of poster includes:
Michael Ruppert speaks on "9/11 and the politics of Peak Oil" --
with a report from the May 2005 “Association for the Study of Peak Oil” conference in Lisbon, Portugal (www.peakoil.net) --
best-selling author of Crossing the Rubicon: The decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil --
sponsored by KBOO 90.7-fm and Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance --
“This is a detective story that gets to the innermost core of the 9/11 attacks. It places 9/11 at the center of a desperate new America, created by specific, named individuals in preparation for Peak Oil: an economic crisis like nothing the world has ever seen.
“The attacks of September 11th, 2001 were accomplished through an amazing orchestration of logistics and personnel. Crossing the Rubicon discovers and identifies the key suspects and persons of interest - finding some of them in the highest echelons of American government - by showing how they acted in concert to guarantee that the attacks occurred and produced the desired result.”
-- Michael Ruppert, www.fromthewilderness.com
Thursday, June 2 - 7:30 pm --
Northwest Neighborhood Cultural Center 1819 NW Everett Street, Portland www.septembereleventh.org/portland/index.php --
$10 admission at the door
PDF of poster downloadable from:

homepage: homepage: http://burningbush.fastmail.fm/ruppert-june2005-portland.pdf

Ruppert? who's that? he already quit looking for 9-11 truth as he said, beware! 18.May.2005 19:04


Don't pay Ruppert for anything.

He's already quit the 9-11 movement he said, while speaking at the University of Washington only several months ago.

That he is being dusted back off--to take the role of what he was--the self-proclaimed dictator of 9-11 truth--speaks volumes to me. And what did Ruppert do as 9-11 dictator?

He put a lid on all this unmanaged non-elite useful unrest. Here are some of the real crucial issues he totally avoided. I assume that he wants to guide 9-11 back toward his peak oil story, guide it away from WTC7 and the Christo-Zionist financial terrorists around, guide it away from the Mossad "dancing Israelis" filming 9-11, guide it back away from the whole lack of a Pentagon Boeing 757, guide it away from the internal demolitions evidence at the WTC1, WTC2, WTC7 (ADMITTED ON PUBLIC TELEVISION BY THE BUILDING OWNER).

Everything I mentioned above are crucial issues, crucial nails in the Bush Administration's coffin. However, Ruppert "didn't go there."

These were the real issues that Ruppert has studiously avoided. They were the issues that were the real center.

I for one want to see Ruppert keep his promise to us--as he said himself--since he has in his mind "quit the 9-11 truth movement". However, 9-11 truth has quite progressed after he left instead of stopped, into areas that really do challenge his whole peak oil mantra and get really messy fast by brining in Israeli Mossad complicity, the internal demolitions of the WTC7 admitted on the PBS special by its owner, the lack of a Boeing at the Pentagon. These were topics where Ruppert spent more time actually threatening lawsuits aginast people! The figment of peak oil is another one of his ideas he wants to sell. And from his last talk (linked below), all he had to sell was "look out! here come something! fear fear fear!" His whole "elephant walk talk" (see below) seemed like psyops and was not really constructive at all.

Why Ruppert are you coming back? Where are you going to find your credibility?

I certanly won't give him any. Though I loved his book and his exposures, that he has been very reticent and dictatorial as well as repressive in his search for 9-11 truth is all the image I wish to keep in my mind as really what Ruppert is about.

Was he called back once the 9-11 movememt got 'too unmanagable' outside the comfortable parameters of his book which totally avoided the above issues? Is he losing money after he proclaimed himself "not interested anymore" in 9-11?



repost 09.12.2004 10:39
This is referenced in a story posted a little earlier (not by me) and I hope this helps the reader see what's going on. Seems to be a question of who is intentionally muddying the waters and who is seeking the truth.


ctp 09.12.2004 05:44
Mike Ruppert accuses 24 9/11 researchers as UFO-Icke-"flakes"
Spy vs. Spy?


Title: Popularization of "Peak Oil" comes from Club of Rome!; Ruppert's heroes disown oil stance
Author: Dave McGowan
Date: 2005.03.14 08:01
Description: MICHAEL RUPPERT: TAKE FOOT, INSERT IN MOUTH: "...curiously enough [Michael Ruppert even recommends for great information...] the Center for an Informed America [McGowans own website]. Huh? Who knew that this site provided reliable information? I guess Ruppert's been too busy with other things to update his links page, since we all know that this website stopped being a "source for reason and reliable information" the minute that I opted not to toe the 'Peak' line. But here I digress. [One of Ruppert's heros: Prouty] "The point here is that Prouty was, as near as I can tell, something of a hero to Mr. Ruppert. And the funny thing about that is that Prouty was, as it turns out, a vocal supporter of the notion that oil is abiotic in origin. According to the late Colonel, "petroleum is not a 'Fossil' fuel with a surface or near surface origin. It was made to be thought a 'Fossil' fuel by the Nineteenth [sic] oil producers to create the concept that it was of limited supply and therefore extremely valuable. This fits with the 'Depletion' allowance philosophical scam." Prouty also wrote that the notion that petroleum is a 'fossil fuel' came "Right out of the Rockefeller bible." ( http://www.prouty.org/oil.html) RUPPERT CITES 'ROCKFELLER BIBLE' PHRASES ACCORDING TO OWN HEROES. "Who would have ever guessed that if the guy that Ruppert claims as a mentor were alive today, his would be the loudest voice raised to denounce what Ruppert is selling as a Rockefeller-scripted scam?" "...we have been deliberately lied to for decades about the source and availability of the substance that is the very life-force of modern industrial society."

newswire article coverage global 21.Jan.2005 15:21
9.11 investigation
Analysis of Ruppert's recent split personality on 9-11: "just forget about it, move on."
author: Kirwan, and others
In his event at the University of Washington, Mike Ruppert casually dismisses - as "no longer of any value," the whole of the argument for prosecuting those responsible for nine-eleven.

think 18.May.2005 23:46


Please take this man's word with a grain of salt. He really does run the risk of being a disinformation expert.

PAY??? 19.May.2005 12:34


Whaddya mean "Don't pay this man anything"? It doesn't say anywhere that he's charging admission. It appears you're just trying to discourage people from going there at all. Even David Griffin acknowledges his contributions. Is he all there? I dunno, but I'm gonna find out for myself without being influenced by your manias.

read it 19.May.2005 16:34

don't ignore it

"$10 admission at the door."

stones 19.May.2005 16:40


Got me! But $10 sounds like a good deal. I could always shell out $400 for Stones Tix instead.

Ruppert still hooking up with neocon affiliates 20.May.2005 16:06


Below you will see, that permatopia (host of Ruppert's new event) is yet another
front group of the Apollo Alliance by President Bracken Hendricks, who is very close to James Woolsey
and other neocon freaks like Meyrav Wurmser and Daniel Pipes...

"...The Eugene event is sponsored by Permatopia, a new
effort to promote sustainable solutions to the crises of Peak Oil and
climate change...."

Created On:08-Apr-2005 16:37:35 UTC
Expiration Date:08-Apr-2006 16:37:35 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Direct Information PVT Ltd.
Registrant ID:DI_1334090
Registrant Name:Daniel Sapon-Borson
Registrant Email: daniel.sapon-borson@ctsg.com

Daniel Sapon-Borson

Raised in the surreal opulence of Beverly Hills, CA,
Daniel took his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC
Davis and founded his own video production company in
Los Angeles, producing point-of-sale marketing videos
for real estate developers. Even though this work
took him to exotic places such as Delhi, India;
Kathmandu, Nepal; and Naperville, Ohio, Daniel left
this artistic, entrepreneurial life and escaped
Southern California for Washington, DC. There, he
survived the Bush I Administration working for
non-profit organizations researching and writing
reports and lobbying Congress on a variety of energy
issues. After attaining his Master's degree in Energy
Policy and Management from the University of
Pennsylvania, he and his life-partner Judy moved to
Portland, OR, where, as a policy analyst, he developed
spreadsheet applications for an environmental
consulting firm specializing in global climate change
issues. Building on this technical experience, Daniel
spent the next seven years as a software consultant in
Portland, honing his skills developing web-based
applications for some of the largest corporations in

He brings his expert knowledge of ASP, VB,
.NET, and SQL Server to CTSG in Eugene. When not
coding, he spends "quality time" with Judy and their
two adorable sons and feeding his addiction to reading
works of political analysis (especially if it relates
to energy policy). Contact Daniel here.

Carol/Trevelyan Strategy Group


...division of Kintera,

(Company Name: Kintera, Inc.

Address: 9605 Scranton Road, Suite 240
San Diego, California 92121 )

...We have over 200 clients, including large national
organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense
Council (NRDC), and Amnesty International USA and
local and state-wide groups such as the Planned
Parenthood Affiliates of California (PPAC) and the
Alliance for Virginia Students.

Staff Bios > Dan Carol

Carol started the firm after serving as Research
Director for the Democratic National Committee during
the 1992 presidential cycle..

...Carol currently serves on the board of Progressive
Majority, Groundspring/Tides, and the Apollo Alliance


The Apollo Alliance for Good Jobs and Clean Energy

The Apollo Alliance is a broad coalition within the
labor, environmental, business, urban, and faith
communities in support of good jobs and energy
independence. It has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO and
23 international labor unions as well as a majority of
national environmental organizations. The Alliance is
developing public education campaigns and
communications strategies to link allies and build a
new national constituency for a bold, broad based, and
immediate program of public policy to achieve energy

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy inspired Americans
to pursue a goal that seemed beyond our reach: to land
a man on the moon within the decade. Eight years
later, Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong set foot on
the lunar surface - proof we can succeed when we apply
our expertise, innovation and can-do spirit to a
single national endeavor.

Now America has an Apollo Project for the 21st
century. Our challenge is to achieve energy
independence in one generation. This new Apollo
Project, a ten-point plan for energy independence,
will bring our country together to rethink and reshape
our energy future, to create a stronger economy, a
safer world and cleaner environment. The plan calls
for diversifying our energy sources, making America
less dependent on imported oil and making energy less
polluting. It will invest in new technology and expand
markets for American durable goods. And, it will
increase construction of high performance energy
efficient buildings and drive new spending on
transportation and public infrastructure.

The new Apollo Project will pay huge dividends:
Millions of high value added jobs, lower utility
bills, increased productivity and competitiveness,
cleaner air and water, and improved public health. It
will produce substantial energy cost savings across
the economy, and dramatically reduce our oil imports.

Apollo will go beyond reducing our dependence on oil.
It will also rejuvenate America's economy.

The Apollo Alliance is a joint project of the
Institute for America's Future and the Center on
Wisconsin Strategy. The Apollo Alliance is a 501-c3

Founding Board Members
Apollo Alliance National Steering Committee
Board of Advisors
Labor Unions
Environmental Organizations
Economic, Social Justice, Faith-Based, and Regional
Business Partners and Endorsers
Founding Organizations
Founding Board Members:

Senator Maria Cantwell, MS Congress (D-WA)
President Leo W. Gerard, The United Steel
Workers of America
Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., US Congress
Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club

Pope has served on the Boards of the California League
of Conservation Voters, Public Voice, National Clean
Air Coalition, California Common Cause, Public
Interest Economics, Inc., and Zero Population Growth


....Like the Apollo Alliance, the Energy Future
Coalition deftly couched its proposals in the
hot-button issues of today's political climate. The
idea for the Energy Future Coalition was hatched soon
after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, by Timothy Wirth,
former Democratic senator from Colorado and president
of the United Nations Foundation, and some colleagues
over a dinner discussion about the vast implications
of the tragedy and the related energy issues.

They gathered support from a long list of notables;
members of their advisory board and steering committee
include R. James Woolsey, former CIA director, Roxanne
J. Decyk, senior vice president of Shell Oil, Chansoo
Joung, managing director of Goldman Sachs, Howard
(Bud) Ris, president of the Union of Concerned
Scientists, and Maggie Fox, deputy executive director
of the Sierra Club.

Both Bracken Hendricks and James Woolsey are also with
the neocon supported initiative

Gary L. Bauer
President, American Values

Frank Gaffney
Center for Security Policy

Bracken Hendricks
Apollo Alliance

Daniel Pipes
Middle East Forum

Professor Richard E. Smalley
1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Admiral James D. Watkins
Former U.S. Secretary of Energy

Hon. R. James Woolsey
Former director of the CIA
Co-Chairman, Committee on the Present Danger

Meyrav Wurmser
Hudson Institute

The mention of Ruppert really kicks up dust 24.May.2005 11:08

glen, the guy who POSTED tthe Ruppert poster . . . theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com

. . . on which all the above comments hang, has arranged for free admission for "me" who posted the first dismissive comment above, provided you can satisfy the organizers that "me" is in fact you; that is ... oh you know what I mean.
There will be a lively Question and Answer time (questions from actual paying audience members, not in any way prearranged). We encourage "me" and (general public) others who believe that Mike Ruppert may not be what he seems, to attend and voice your doubts in detail--in organized fashion ONE AT A TIME like others posing questions. I too would like to get this cleared up to the extent we can in two hours on one evening at the beginning of June.
The Ruppert remark made last January to the effect that "I'm not interested in the events of 9-11 or continued research on 9-11 or building in public awareness of massive defectS in the 9-11 OFFICIAL STORY ETC" were taken wildly out of context. I understand that his point was given the horrors and scale of treachery of 9-11, we can expect another--and larger--event of similar kind from the same players as 9-11. The nineteen OFFICIAL perps represent not only fiction but the bleakest gallows comedy.
I think that if we want to continue this thread by portland.indymedia that we may want to post a new item on newswire to attach it to.